Iran launches knuckle-dragger campaign of antisemitism

This is quite stunning. Even for them.

Blatant anti-Semitism: New wave of anti-Jewish hatred by Iranian regime

The Iranian regime has started a widespread campaign to portray the Saudi royal family as Jewish and at the same time, calling Jews filthy anti-Islamic conspirators responsible for all the Middle Eastern crisis and blood shedding. This campaign is well illustrated in a speech by panahian, the most renowned preacher close to the Supreme Leader and tied to revolutionary guards during a state organized rally in defense of Yemeni rebels. He declared: “For the last hundred years, the Jews in the region have been committing atrocities and killing Muslims. We blame anti-Islam Jews and Zionists for the plight of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain, and Yemen. We also blame the rich Jews and evil Zionists for all the troubles faced by people in Europe and America. Once we save the region from the evil oppression of the anti-Islam Jews, then we will have also saved the people of Europe and America from the oppression of the Zionists.”


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  1. We lost you over here in the southern hemisphere this morning.

    “Connection timed out”.

    Hope it was nothing sinister.

      • If your site goes down what would be a good secondary location for you to tell us what’s going on?

        Your twitter page maybe?

        • I would check Gates of Vienna, , Jihad Watch and a few others.

          If this site goes down I will try and tweet out a plan B if needed but so far the attacks have all been thwarted except yesterday’s which was allowed to continue for a lot of the day, I suspect in order to gather general information about it that will help all sites be more secure. I wouldn’t expect another one like that for now however.

          But yes, if needs be, check my twitter feed so long as they allow me to have one. Soon, there will be a Diaspora node, a sort of Facebook alternative, that should be working as well.

        • It is very scary, combine this video with the report in the 3/5/16 readers posts about Russia not extending a treaty giving Turkey control of some land near Armenia with the video in this post.

          Russia has things set up so Turkey is the aggressor so NATO won’t be called in unless Western Europe and Obama want them to be. Now Iran has issued a declaration of war against Saudi so they will come in on Russias side until they think Saudi and the Sunnis are defeated then they will find some way to stab Putin in the back.

            • Sorry about the home work Yucki but this one is very important. Iran is working to bring about the fulfillment of their end times prophecies. That means we have to pay attention to their prophecies, not believe in them but pay attention to what they are predicting, then we will know what Iran is going to do next.

              • Thank-you, Richard.
                I’d seen those articles, but I’m careless skimming such material. This despite my great respect for Clarion, et al.

                My shortcoming is that because I give no credence to the Mahdi predictions, I project my skepticism onto those who profess belief. The ayatollahs are enemies whose intelligence is formidable, so I figure they’re manipulating the herd by means of this device while their ultimate intentions are in line with what I consider rational behavior.

                I’m wrong, of course. My idea of rational is tightly constrained. Hard science and math. History documented convincingly. Stones and bones and carbon-dating.

                Everything in the Bible happened: we just don’t have the links to the layers. Can’t decipher the metalanguage or compute the gematria.

                The Divine is truth we’re not ready to understand. We’d louse it up like we did before. We ate the one fruit explicitly forbidden to us. We unlocked the atom and made a bomb with the energy released.

                That’s my figment, acknowledged with humility as just that. Life and the world remain a divine miracle of a beneficent intelligence.

                To me the Mahdi gestalt is monstrous pride. So bound up with malevolence it’s repellent to contemplate. Maybe that’s why I avoid peaking into those twisted ragheads. I’ll depend on others, like you and Clarion, to factor their evil schemes into the logistics we must use to defeat them.

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