“France must become a more secular state” – Pope Francis Links 1 on March 2 – 2016

1. “France must become a more secular state,” said Pope Francis

(France has actual laws for state secularism called Laicite’ which the French have broken in spirit and letter for Islam and Islam only at every level for the past few years. What the Pope really means is, less Christian)

“France must become a more secular state,” said surprisingly Pope Francis, in an interview with Catholic French left, reported Wednesday by the weekly La Vie.

“Your secularism is incomplete. France must become a more secular country” because its secularism “sometimes results too much Enlightenment philosophy, for which religions were a subculture. and France has not managed to overcome this legacy, “ruled Jorge Bergoglio.

the pontiff received Tuesday for half past one delegation roses Fish movement Christian-based political affiliated to the Socialist Party (PS). The interview was reported in the weekly La Vie by the managing editor, Jean-Pierre Denis.

The concept of secularism introduced into the French democracy is “healthy”, insisted the pope, because “today, a state must be secular”. But “a healthy secularism has an opening to all forms of transcendence, according to the different religious and philosophical traditions. The search for transcendence is not only a fact, but a law.”

(More papal excreta here where he actually tries to turn an Islamic invasion into a benefit for Europe by exchange of culture)

2. Merkel MUST GO! Chants and boos

While official state polls show Merkel “rising in popularity” due to her “humanitarian no-limit policy on immigration”, once again the reality on the street looks very different. As Angela Merkel gets out of her bulletproof car in Stralsund to discuss the postponing of the relief of economic sanctions against Russia on wednesday, hundreds of people on the street shout “Merkel must go” and boo her, only held back in their anger by heavy security.

Just 2 days ago while interviewed on German State Television Merkel again reinforced her belief in an “open borders” policy and stated that she will refuse to put any limit on illegal immigration whatsoever as long as she is in office. When asked what she wishes for the future, she answered “as many [foreign] people in Germany as possible”.
Angela Merkel has no children and served in the Communist Youth in the GDR. Her party lost over 10% of its voter-base within months as she believes Germany should abolish its borders and advertise with propaganda (sic!) for young African and Arab males to come to the country to fix the declining German population. (Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqIdg…)

(If state media shows her popularity growing, then Germany is not just Totalitarian in its control of truth about Islam on social media but also deceiving the people with disinformation about popular sentiment on her policies)

3.  Refugees do minor self injury to try and claim rights they do not have for crimes they did commit.

4. Ed Snowdon tweets:

5. Greece: Riot police deployed to Idomeni border

6. Knife fight in the Jungle: Terrifying moment migrant is stabbed by blade-wielding attacker as Calais governor reveals British anarchists are fuelling violence in the camp 

This the terrifying moment a migrant was stabbed by a blade-wielding attacker as French authorities continued their attempt to clear the Calais Jungle.

A man in an orange hooded top could be seen lunging at a migrant with a kitchen knife as tensions boiled over in the slum in northern France today.

Onlookers try to intervene and drag the frightened victim away before the attacker himself is stripped of the blade and walks away from the scene.

Riot squad officers returned to the migrant camp for a third successive day of clearing the camp of makeshift homes.

It comes after the town’s Prefect blamed British anarchists for manipulating a ‘hardcore’ of 150 migrants into causing violence in the sprawling encampment.

7. Canada joins Turkey in taking journalists to court who criticize the instruments of state or ’cause mischief in the land’.

8. Pakistan legislature may veto domestic violence law as not compatible with Islam

(Really you need to read this over there for yourself. Especially in the wake of the hanging of the murderer of the governor who wanted to end the death for apostasy law)

9. Original headline quite different 

U.S. Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove told reporters Tuesday that mass migration spurred by the ongoing conflict in Syria and the threat of ISIS in the Middle East was allowing terrorists free entry into Europe.

He warned that the mass influx of migrants is allowing ISIS to spread “like a cancer, taking advantage of paths of least resistance and threatening European nations, and our own, with terrorist attacks.”

10. Italy more exposed to terror risk, says intelligence report

(ANSA) – Rome, March 2 – Italy “appears increasingly more exposed” to the threat of jihadist terrorism, even though no specific terror plans have been detected, the country’s intelligence services said in their annual report to parliament on Wednesday. The report said there were numerous references in extremist Islamist propaganda to Italy being an enemy for its relations with the United States and Israel and its commitment to fighting terrorism. It said that the greatest potential threats were linked to the Catholic Church’s Jubilee of Mercy and to the potential activation of new generations of aspiring jihadists joining ISIS campaigns. Italy’s intelligence services also said Wednesday that there is a high risk of Europe suffering another major terrorist attack by Islamist extremists like those staged in Paris in November. “The risk of new actions on European territory is considered high,

11. Egyptian member of Parliament expelled for meeting with an Israeli diplomat

In a stormy session, Egypt’s ?parliament ?revoked the parliamentary membership of ?MP and high-profile TV anchor Tawfik Okasha.

A report by a seven-member investigative ?committee accused Okasha of violating the ?principle of the separation of powers and disrupting ?Egypt’s deep-rooted parliamentary rules and ?precedents when he recently took the unilateral decision of ?meeting with Israel’s ambassador.?

Hassan Bassiouny, a former judge who led the ?committee, told the assembly that the seven ?members of the committee recommended that ?Okasha be banned from attending one nine-month ?legislative session after they found him guilty ?of showing disrespect to parliamentary rules and ?acting against the sovereignty of state institutions.

??”The committee, which was formed on Sunday ?and questioned Okasha on ?Tuesday, decided that he was not able ?to defend himself or show that he received prior ?approval from any sovereign state authority ?before he held his meeting with the ambassador ?of a foreign country (the ambassador of Israel),” the report said.?

12. Loretta Lynch, the US attorney General who replaced Eric Holder, has a difficult time controlling the narrative at a sort of town hall meeting.

Thank you M., TL., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Gates of Vienna, and many more who sent in a lot of important materials. There is more coming as soon as translations are in and editing gets done.

White guilt and inconvenient facts

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6 Replies to ““France must become a more secular state” – Pope Francis Links 1 on March 2 – 2016”

  1. 1. “France must become a more secular state,” said Pope Francis

    One has to ask the rather cliché question; Is the pope catholic?? Or is the pope just another south american socialist/communist/marxist with no real interest in Christianity? The questions must be ask because France is rapidly clasping into a 3rd world cesspool due to the invading hoards of muslims. What business does he have anyway sticking his nose in another country’s business. He did it when he visited The USA and now he want to run France too. He must not have studied any history or he would know the devastation muslims bring when they invade. Maybe he will welcome them to the Vatican. Yes ISALAMAPHOBIC, it is a survival technique.

  2. 1. “France must become a more secular state,” said Pope Francis

    Isn’t it interesting that so many of the world’s top leaders and media sources appear to be working for the other side? All major media with the exception of Fox News and leaders Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, our own Justin Trudeau, Pope Francis, along with most of the rest of them, with the exception of a few Eastern European mavericks, appear hell-bent on facilitating an Islamic takeover of the West, no matter how the indigenous populations may feel about it.

    Westerners appear completely ignorant of the fact that Muslim warriors are experts at psychological and covert warfare – much more so than we are. And somehow the media has made it into a “fact” that there is simply no such thing as a “conspiracy”, other than something crazy thought up by a nut-bar in a tinfoil helmet or a Republican. They could be working in a building with a ten-foot-high flashing neon sign on the roof that says, “Islamic Conspiracy”, and still, no one but Robert Spencer and Stephen Coughlin would even notice.

    Did Prince alWaleed bin Talal have something to do with the selection of this latest pope? Would Muhammad and his pal Allah be smiling down from Paradise if the Muslims had managed to slip an agent into the God damned Vatican or the White House or the German Chancellery? I know it’s completely crazy, but it sure is what it looks like, isn’t it? Like, why does Thomas Mulcair gush so openly at the Muslims? Why is Justin Trudeau so utterly oblivious to any danger posed by radical Islam after all the thousands and thousands of terrorist attacks that have happened since 9/11? Are we supposed to buy that he’s that stupid? And why is the head of the Catholic church more concerned with the well-being of a bunch of Muslim migrants than he is with the genocide that is currently being waged against the world’s Christians by the followers of Muhammad? How the hell do you explain that? And how do you explain that the only thing that gets the US President really angry is not the death of Americans at Muslim hands, but the words of white-skinned Republicans who go to church on Sunday?

    I don’t know if it’s true or not, but do know that if I were a top Jihadi planner deep within the Muslim Brotherhood brain center at the Alizar University of Cairo, I would be most pleased to have a Pope or a President or a Chancellor in my pocket. I would consider any of those developments to be huge victories in the fight for Allah’s supremacy over the Kaffirs and I would use all my money and all my power to make it happen…

  3. Christine Tasin -L’islamo-collabo qui sert de pape aux catholiques a encore frappé !

    Ecoeurant. Ce pape est écoeurant. Pire que Hollande, parce qu’il est pape et qu’il connaît, forcément, l’histoire et la vie des chrétiens d’orient. Sa traîtrise est sans limite.

    Alors affirmer tranquillement que, effectivement « l’Europe subit une invasion arabe » (il ne disait pas cela il y a peu à Lampedusa, où il relativisait… ) que l’on ne pouvait nier « c’est un fait social », il a osé relativiser, oubliant délibérément la nature inassimilable de l’islam, sa violence et sa barbarie :

    « Combien d’invasions l’Europe a connu tout au long de son histoire ! Elle a toujours su se surmonter elle-même, aller de l’avant pour se trouver ensuite comme agrandie par l’échange entre les cultures. »

    Ce collabo continue son travail de sape, en bon larbin des forces mondialistes et islamiques, celles qui l’ont mis en place, après avoir obligé Benoît XVI à démissionner puisqu’il n’allait pas dans le sens du vent.

    Mais tout cela ne suffisait pas, voici que le dhimmi volontaire se mêle de la laïcité à la française, à laquelle bien évidemment il ne connaît rien, comme il ne connaît rien à la transcendance ni à la notion d’Etat.

    Cet imbécile complet fait naturellement semblant de croire que l’islam serait une religion et qu’il y aurait une quelconque transcendance dans ce livre de « soumission » qui ordonne l’obéissance aveugle et réserve le respect et la récompense à ceux qui tuent, sauvagement de préférence.

    D’ailleurs de quoi se mêle cet inculte ? Heureusement que les Lumières sont passées par chez nous, nous ouvrant les yeux sur les superstitions et les interdits stupides mis en scène avec verve et humour par Voltaire, notamment dans Candide ! Il y a mille fois plus d’ouverture à l’autre et de laïcité dans Candide que dans l’oeuvre entière de ce pape de pacotille qui trahit non seulement l’histoire mais ses propres ouailles. En effet, les chrétiens, depuis longtemps ont compris les fondements et les règles de la véritable laïcité, juste partage des tâches et du monde d’ici-bas entre l’homme et la loi « ce qui revient à César » et le reste, le choix de la croyance ou de la non croyance, étant du domaine de ce qui revient à Dieu.

    En dévoyant aujourd’hui la conception chrétienne même de la laïcité, le pape trahit le christianisme pour l’islam qui, effectivement, refuse de séparer ce qui revient à Dieu et ce qui revient à César. Il est prêt à tout pour imposer l’islam au monde occidental. Et il y a encore des crétins pour applaudir pendant ses déplacements cet Olibrius qui ne mérite ni le trône de Saint-Pierre ni les divins palais et musées qui l’abritent. Gageons que lorsque les fous d’Allah arriveront pour tout dynamiter il allumera la première mèche.


  4. 9 – Given how the headlines are lying about what is being said and what is happening the sceptical among us can be forgiven for thinking that some one in DC is trying to foment a war between the US and Russia.

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