Evidence of leftist totalitarianism and contempt for the law abiding becoming the dominant modus operandi in the West.

  1. The Netherlands:

Growing resentment against the influx of migrants and refugees in the Dutch town of Kaatsheuvel. Some of the demonstrators received a visit from the police, and were questioned about posts they had made on social networks. RT talked with the British anti-migration activist Robin Tilbrook.

2. The man in France who defended his home and family against a violent rampaging mob of leftists and illegals by brandishing a gun is to be prosecuted for it.
This article is in French. And its left leaning and sympathetic to the attackers. But the fact is, the man was arrested and will be prosecuted for showing a shotgun to a mob who were clearly violent and threatening his home and family.

3. Meanwhile in Calais, a security guard was arrested for opening fire on ‘migrants’

Police arrested a security guard in Calais tonight after he opened fire on two illegal immigrants trying to get into England.

The immigrants were hit in the back and arms by a high powered air rifle as they waited with around 300 other men.

They had been staying at the camps bulldozed by the French authorities.

The shooting happened close to where the makeshift camps were recently cleared by the French authrorities

The police are worried that the shooting might be a vigilante taking the law into his own hands.

‘A group of Eritrean and Sudanese migrants were walking close to the port when the firing started,’ said a police source.

4. And then, as already reported, a young girl who was in the process of being raped, used pepper spray to get away, has been charged and possibly convicted and fined. the rapist has not been caught. So clearly it was not he who complained.

I am sure there are hundreds of examples of the state attacking the victim and not worrying too too much about the perps. Clearly, the victims represent far to large a threat to the political order, especially of the European Union and Germany who gains the most from it. But this cannot be tolerated. Rule of law must be brought back and civilization restored.




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6 Replies to “Evidence of leftist totalitarianism and contempt for the law abiding becoming the dominant modus operandi in the West.”

  1. 2016 will be a crazy year. How far will Europe go to replace its population and destroy its citizens? Could the day come that someone knocks on my door and tells me I am prohibited from posting opinions disparaging Islam and immigration? I guess it can happen but we do have the 1st amendment. We have that and the only way to take it away is to load the SC with progressives that would agree to circumscribe it. But I never thought ‘hate speech’ laws could grow as expansive as they have.

  2. “Hate speech laws” and anti-militia laws are brought to you by continuous agitation by the Anti-Defamation League, which in keeping with their anti-American character also agitates for ever more gun control. Their well-funded ally in all of this is the infamous Southern Poverty Law Center.

    Joining them is the newly formed George Soros organization: “Bend the Arc : A Jewish Partnership for Justice.” ( http://www.bendthearc.us/ ) Bet we will be hearing a lot more from them as they expend those Soros gold bars.

  3. “Rule of law must be brought back and civilization restored.”

    This IS the rule of law. Laws designed to subjugate the population. The laws of the elites need to be thrown down. Then civilization can be restored.

  4. Civilization must be restored but I am not sure how long that will take, Lt. Col Peters is talking about a generational struggle in the Middle East and this same time period is how long it will take to restore civilization. One of the first things that must be restored in the natural right/law allowing self defense and the right to own the tools that can be used in self defense.

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