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7 Replies to “Mark Styne, ‘we should be embarrassed by Kerry’”

  1. Just a smallish comment: The spelling is “Steyn.” In case you don’t know him too well, he wrote about what we are watching with amazement in Europe over ten years ago. Lights Out. With a follow up in After America.

    • That’s what I get for working half asleep in bed. Thanks for the heads up. Someday I’ll get a staff. His book, ‘America Alone’ is an amazing read and could be argued to be the first significant book of the Counter Jihad. Bruce Bawer’s ‘While Europe Slept’ is at least as good in terms of dealing with the subject, but Steyn’s book is a laugh a minute so it sold very well while raising public awareness.

    • Morgan also said, in connection with her unchallenged remark that that “President Bush was so effective after 9/11,” that Trump’s statements about Muslim immigration are “racist,” though race has nothing to do with Islam. Hiding behind those skirts is kind of lame.

  2. OT — sort of: but I love the blond, Monica Crowley — whom I’ve admired for over a decade (and she’s Alan Colmbs’ sister-in-law; what delicious irony!) — wearing a high neckline dress the skirt of which covers her knees. We need more of that. The strumpet on the “left” side of the table needs to be more modest, that is, if she wishes her opinions to be taken seriously.
    But then, I long for the good old days when women didn’t dress like whores.

  3. If the Republican establishment doesn’t find some way to destroy him Trump will be the next President and a much better one then the pundits say. What they are saying about him is the same thing the pundits said about President Reagan and he was the best President we have had to date. They are so afraid of their own shadows they can’t believe anyone can see the dangers and not be afraid, we the US and the use to be free world need someone who isn’t afraid and who is willing for fight for the freedom of the world.

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