German JM: “Attacks were planned in advance” and lots more: Links 2 on Jan. 10 – 2016

There have been developments on important aspects of the mass, Europe-wide ‘rape, grope and rob’ events of New Years Eve that are short circuiting our production of materials as what is important has to come before what we are working on. So some things may seem a little out of order over the next few days as we push out newly revealed facts and reasoning that needs to be understood even before more and more conclusive evidence and eye witness accounts of what has taken place get put through the translation process.

To quote Ruth near the end of Monty Python’s Life of Brian, “Something’s actually happening Reg!” and choices will have to be made.

1. New Year violence cases up to 516: Cologne police

Berlin (AFP) – Police said Sunday the number of cases filed over violence during New Year’s festivities in Cologne had reached 516, including 40 percent relating to sexual assault.

2. She was a strong supporter of bringing muslim ‘refugees’ to Sweden…yet this was her fate at the hands of those she supported

(DO NOT look at the photo on that site if you are eating, or have eaten recently)

Supposedly, she was a member of the “We Like Diversity” Facebook page, called herself “multicultural” and a supporter of Third-world immigration into Sweden, the country of her birth. Maybe in those last few moments of life, she changed her mind about a few things, as if it made any difference. On that day, Elin and her african immigrant killer were riding the same tram to the Hisingen neighbourhood in Sweden.

3. Hillary campaign add actually says that you must vote for her in order not to bomb the Islamic State

4. Terrorism Experts: We are Moving Towards a “European 9/11”

Following November’s horrifying terror attack in France, counterterrorism experts fear that Europe will see large-scale terror attacks with high fatalities in the coming year, similar to America’s 9/11, AFP reported.

A counterterrorism official told AFP that compared to what the future might bring, the coordinated November 13 Paris attack which killed 130 was “nothing”.

“We are moving towards a European 9/11: simultaneous attacks on the same day in several countries, several places,” he warned. “A very coordinated thing. We know the terrorists are working on this.”

The official said that the Islamic State, or ISIS, was currently recruiting and training Europeans with the intention of “sending them back to hit their countries of origin.”

5. German Justice Minister: Cologne attacks planned in advance

Minister of Justice Heiko Maas has said he believes the sexual assaults in Cologne were ‘coordinated and prepared’ ahead of time. He also accused xenophobic groups of using the crimes to stir up hatred.



Germany’s Justice Minister Heiko Maas was the latest high-profile politician to speak out about the string of sexual assaults in Cologne on Sunday. In an interview with the popular “Bild am Sonntag” newspaper, Maas voiced his suspicions that the crimes which have the whole country reeling were not the result of an opportunistic mob mentality but a thought-out, planned attack on the city’s women.

“No one can tell me that it wasn’t coordinated and prepared,” the minister said. “My suspicion is that this specific date was picked, and a certain number of people expected. This would again add another dimension [to the crimes].”

The newspaper provided details from official police reports citing the use of social networks by some north African migrant communities to encourage their fellows to join them in the square between the Cologne train station and the cathedral, where the now hundreds of incidents of molestation and pick-pocketing took place.

6. Bob Woodward: Secretary Clinton Wanted To “Subvert The Rules” & “Lives In A Bubble”

Thank you M., Richard, Nash Montana, Kathy, CB Sashenka, Wrath of Khan and all who sent in materials. There is a lot more in the pipe being done. Look for more tonight.

This is why you should never take political advice from women who get less than 2 on ‘’ or stunt doubles for Granny Clampett

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9 Replies to “German JM: “Attacks were planned in advance” and lots more: Links 2 on Jan. 10 – 2016”

  1. Everyone that has supported the open borders policy should be forced to see all of the crime scene photos of her and read the autopsy report. They should be made to feel a very small part of the pain she paid to learn that her delusional world isn’t real.

  2. 4 – I expect that there will be several terror attacks on the scale of 9/11 or larger before Obama is out of office, in Europe, the US, Canada and Australia. The Moslems are so wedded to terror they think that hitting us hard like that will ensure that Hillary will be elected. In reality they will do the opposite but the left has spent so many decades working to prevent us reacting the way rational people would that the wanna be dictators think we will never fight.

  3. So the attacks were planned in advance. What does this mean? Where and who are the central planners? What is the purpose of these attacks? Is it to probe the host society’s reaction or defences? Legal systems and police? How were the directives communicated? Who are the regional leaders? Do such attacks portend greater future attacks? Are the central planners writing down the names of host authorities who react politically correctly or with hostility? If our own authorities are asking similar questions why are some forthcoming with answers but most secretive and cryptic? Which police forces are politically corrupted and why, because clearly there is friction between police forces and political forces from Philly to Cologne. Which of our politicians are for us and which are against us? As someone said where are the feminists? Why aren’t the Gays screaming? Are the hidden hands behind all of this so superior in their knowledge that they know they are tearing apart personal relationships–the fabric of our societies? How long can the unaware or unthinking continue to sleepwalk? We could all go on with questions I think.

    Sorry. I think it’s time for answers.

    • Exactly the questions he should be answering, Johnny.

      Instead he’s getting a pass for the most obvious, superficial response possible. Then – ever alert for opportunity – he chastises about others exploiting the situation.

    • The Baron has been struggling with the comments. He has tough decisions to make. He mentioned the other day that it would be a full time job to appropriately deal with all the ones he gets. But it is true that, shall we say, certain elements of the general population now feel emboldened to speak minds which are less about reflecting on facts on the ground, but trying to direct well deserved vitriol onto an ancient and favored target of their very own.

      This will increase for every day that governments or people do not act in accordance with reality. For each day that appropriate action is not taken against ideological groups who are factually at the core of these problems, the middle will be suppressed and eventually turn to extremists to solve the problem. The cure will be as bad as the disease most likely.

      • The Baron’s responses were splendid. Like a little boy sticking his figure in a dyke to hold back the sea.

        I’m still shocked. I don’t know what to think.

        Having followed GoV for almost a decade, I recognized a few names. These people may as well say the shahada-ha and bag their mothers and sisters.

        Could the counterjihad movement – make it sound grand and organized, which of course it is not – have such rot in its core? It’s even worse than the Nazi calumny used to attack those of us on the farr-rright.

      • Yes, you’re right. We risk becoming fragmented and distracted into settling old scores.
        This is so wrong.
        How prevalent is this thinking? What about the other sets of malcontents I don’t know about?

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