More escalation between Shiias and Sunnis in more nations.

1. Saudi Arabia cuts diplomatic relations with Iran

Saudi Arabia has announced it is severing diplomatic ties with Iran following Saturday’s attack on its embassy in Tehran during protests.

Adel al-Jubeir, the Saudi foreign minister, made the announcement on Sunday while the foreign ministry announced that it would ask the Iranian diplomatic mission to leave the kingdom within 48 hours.

The Saudi foreign ministry also announced that the staff of its diplomatic mission had been evacuated and were on their way back to the kingdom. Reports said the plane carrying the Saudi staff have landed in Dubai, United Arab Emirtes.

At a press conference in Riyadh, Jubeir said that during Saturday’s protests in Tehran, the Saudi diplomatic representative there asked for help from the Iranian foreign ministry, but the requests were disregarded three times.

2. India: Thousands-strong candle-lit rally condemns Saudi execution of top Shia cleric

3. Turkey: Scuffles erupt at Istanbul protest against Sheikh Nimr’s execution

T U R K E Y : Scuffles erupt at Istanbul protest against Sheikh Nimr’s execution </strong>
Scuffles erupted as hundreds of activists rallied in Istanbul on Sunday to decry the execution of the Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr by the Saudi Arabian authorities.
The activists carried placards with pictures of the cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr while chanting various slogans. The rally ended up in front of the Saudi Arabian consulate which was guarded by a large police force.
Sheikh Nimr, a leading Shia cleric, was amongst 47 people executed on Saturday at the hands of the Saudi government after being convicted for “terrorism” offenses. He was a vocal critic of Saudi Arabia, and was one of seven people accused of orchestrating anti-government protests that erupted in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province in 2011. The 47 executed people included a Chadian national and an Egyptian with the remainder being Saudis. Saudi Arabia executed over 150 people in total during the year of 2015.

4. Here is a FB link with a video that is certainly hard core rioting somewhere, seemingly about the Saudi execution of the Shiia cleric

Google translation of caption of video reads:

Revolution began in Saudi Arabia
And their tanks burn

(The Iranians have been waiting a long time for this I suspect)

5. CNN Saudi Arabia severs ties with Iran as Mideast protests rage

(Video at site)

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