UK declares Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group, Turkey still supports IS and 9 men named Ahmed? Links 1 on Dec. 24 – 2015

1. British Muslim family stopped from flying to U.S.

The Daily Mail offers a considerably better explanation than CNN

A British Muslim father whose planned Disneyland trip was ruined when he and his family were barred from boarding a flight to the U.S. has now been forced to distance himself from a Facebook account claiming links to Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

Mohammad Tariq Mahmood, 41, his brother and their children, aged between eight and 19, said they were stopped at the departure gate at Gatwick airport and told their visas to the US had been revoked.

He claimed the family were barred from flying ‘because they are Muslim’.

However, it has since emerged that a Facebook page claiming links to radical Islamist groups was set up by someone who has lived at the family’s postal address, according to ITV News.

The account, which includes information suggesting it may have been published as a joke, was in the name of Hamza Hussain – a first name shared by Mr Mahmood’s 18-year-old son. It reportedly lists the job titles ‘supervisor at Taliban and leader at al-Qaeda’.

When asked about the account, Mr Mahmood believed hackers may have been to blame, adding: ‘That could be anything, maybe a mistake.’

He said: ‘It is not my son’s Facebook page. It has a similar name, but not the same as my son’s.

‘The page is also linked to our home address and that could be coincidence. I don’t know why it is linked there. The name is not even the same. The authorities must have linked it simply because of the name Hamza.’

(Same name and same address. Thats quite a coincidence)

2. Australia: Victorian woman charged over comments about Islam on Facebook

A Victorian woman has been charged with serious religious vilification after posting comments about Islam on Facebook.

The Swan Hill woman, 38, was charged on 15 December for a post on 27 November which police alleged would encourage others to commit harm to Muslims.

The woman used Facebook to defend herself saying she had made the comment on the Stop the Mosque in Bendigo page and said “all mosques should be burnt down with the doors locked at prayer time”.

“Probably not the best thing to write but that’s my opinion, others commented after my post agreeing with it and unbeknown to myself it got a lot of likes, that is where their incitement charge is coming from,” she wrote.

(I would advise making all comments about the ideology, dogma, scripture, history and actions which the former encourage or demand such as jihad and sharia law and avoid suggestions like the woman made above no matter how one feels about it. Going to court to defend oneself on a charge of criticizing ideas and their sponsored actions is far more defensible than advocating pulling a full Martin Luther on a Synagogue, as a historical example)

3. Leftist Who Tried to Cover Up Iran Bombing Admits It On Tape

The murder of prosecutor Alberto Nisman temporarily reawakened interest in Iran’s bombing of a Jewish community center which killed 85 people. The most explosive part of the murder lay in Nisman’s allegations against his own government.

President Christina Fernandez de Kirchner immediately declared that Nisman committed suicide but reversed herself Thursday, in the face of evidence to the contrary, as well as nationwide anger at Nisman’s death.

Nisman’s investigation focused on the 1994 bombing of the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association (AIMA).

His report accused President Kirchner of “deciding, negotiating and arranging the impunity of the Iranian fugitives in the AMIA case.” She and Foreign Minister Hector Timerman allegedly “took the criminal decision of inventing Iran’s innocence to satisfy commercial, political and geopolitical interests of the Argentine republic.”

4. Swedish cruise ship to house 1,260 refugees

The agency revealed on Wednesday that a passenger ship owned by Gothenburg firm Accumul8or Invest AB has agreed to make available beds and cabins for up to 1,260 people.

“It’s a bit unusual,” Migrationsverket press spokesperson Willis Åberg told regional tabloid GT.

“It’s nothing we’re used to. It’s new for Sweden and it’s also new for the shipping industry.”

It has not yet been announced in which port the vessel will be moored, although large harbours previously mentioned are Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Oskarshamn, Uddevalla and Gävle.

(I wonder what the Swedish taxpayer is unknowingly paying for that)

5. Geldermalsen refugee centre plan dropped in wake of riots

(Whadaya know! Rioting works for our side too!)

Plans to build a temporary refugee centre for 1,500 people on an industrial estate in Geldermalsen have been dropped, mayor Miranda de Vries said on Wednesday. At least 14 people were arrested earlier this month when a mob of anti-refugee protestors tried to storm the town hall where the plans were being discussed. Nevertheless, Geldermalsen will still do its duty, De Vries told broadcaster Nos, without giving further details. This will be done in dialogue with locals, she said. The speed and scale of the previous plan was an error of judgement and did not deal properly with the concerns of the town’s population, the mayor said She also thanked the police and security guards for the way they ‘protected local democracy’. The riots, which led police to fire warning shots into the air, ‘wounded both society and democracy’, she said.

(I would have thought that destroying your own culture and replacing the population with foreign hostiles and betraying the wishes of those who elected you and pay you was more damaging to democracy than howling at a city council forcing you to pay to support for a regiment of enemies. I guess i’m just an idiot i suppose.

Well, Putin was right.

On Monday the Armenian news site Asbarez reported:

A commander of the Iraqi volunteer forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) revealed that a mobile phone found with one of the killed ISIL ringleaders proved the Turkish spy agency’s support for the terrorist group.

“The mobile phone was found with one of the killed ISIL leaders in the Northern parts of Salahuddin province two days ago,” Jabbar al-Ma’mouri told Soumeriya news on Monday.

He said that the mobile set and history files contain messages from the Turkish intelligence agency which show that Ankara supports the ISIL terrorist group through providing security at the points of entry used by ISIL militants from Turkey to Iraq.

“The mobile phone also contains other important information which cannot be disclosed now, and it has been delivered to the specialized security groups for further scrutiny,” Ma’mouri said.

7. Syria: Russian air forces annihilate ISIS oil tankers in Aleppo province

(going where I wonder? Google translate Arabic title for clue)

8. Radical Islamic convert is arrested in France on suspicion of plotting a suicide bomb attack after she bought a fake pregnancy belly ‘to hide explosives’

A radical Islamic convert has been arrested in France on suspicion of plotting a suicide bomb attack amid claims she bought a fake pregnancy belly to hide explosives.

The unnamed 23-year-old was detained by officers in Montpellier, southern France, on Monday and is in custody with her partner, 35.

Police searched her home and found a fake belly covered in silver foil and investigators believe she may have wanted to use it to conceal an explosive device. […]

But detectives are said to have found ISIS propaganda documents at her home.

According to Le Parisien officers said there was evidence the pair had watched videos of atrocities carried out by ISIS while sources said some of the material was ‘extremely disturbing’.

France remains on high alert more than a month after ISIS terrorists went on the rampage around Paris, carrying out a gun massacre in the Bataclan theatre, shooting revellers in bars and restaurants and targeting the Stade de France with suicide bombers.

(Quite a twist on the tin foil hat)

9. More on the ‘family’ that was stopped on the way to the USA

This lovely big British family aren’t exactly conventional. They are two brothers – and 9 children… between 8 and 19 years old.

I’m sorry? Two brothers and nine children. All called Mahmood.

When was the last time two grown men, took nine ‘kids’ abroad on their own?

And since when was a 19 year old a child?

I was stopped on the way back the UK with my husband and three kids because we have the wrong surnames. And needed two marriage certificates and three birth certificates to make it through.

If I had been playing my usual game of ‘spot the terrorist’ at the airport, (beard -5 points, rucksack – 10 points, sandals – 5 points – be honest, you’ve all done it) I’d have been feeling a little anxious.

Without any way of knowing the truth, this is what I’d have been asking myself; where were the mothers of these 9 children? Was it just that the women’s place was in the home? Were they too female to fly? Or were they not needed for this family’s final destination?

So if Homeland Security were suspicious about the fact there were no mothers in the group, who can entirely blame them?

And then there’s their address in Waltham Forest, a known hotbed of extremism

Anjem Choudary –

Britain’s loudest extremist hate speaker – came from Waltham Forest.

10. Breaking from the U.S., the U.K. Condemns the Muslim Brotherhood, Calling It a Terrorist Group

Following an intensive 18-month governmental study, the United Kingdom issued a startling indictment of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). It described the organization as fiercely anti-democratic, openly supportive of terrorism, dedicated to establishing an Islamist government, and opposed to the rule of law, individual liberty, and equality. We use the word “startling” not because this is news but because, in such a politically correct world, it took guts for a world leader to acknowledge the obvious about a movement that purports to represent more than a billion people. If anyone at all — in particular our own president, former secretary of state, and high priesthood of political correctness, the New York Times — had simply bothered to read the Brotherhood’s own words, they would have inescapably reached the same conclusion.

(If the UK acts on this and officially declares ikhwan a terrorist group and acts accordingly, this is a tectonic level event and orders of magnitude more important to the fight than bombing the islamic state)
11. Amnesty’s report on Russian ops in Syria groundless, written ‘remotely’ – MoD

12. Russia rearms Kyrgyzstan as security deteriorates in Afghanistan

Russia has stepped up rearming the armed forces of Kyrgyzstan amid concerns that the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan could affect the Central Asian countries.

According to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu the step by Moscow has been taken in a bid to counter the threats posed by the emergent Islamic State terror group in Afghanistan.

“From our side, we are doing everything possible in order to complete the plan for rearming the Kyrgyz Armed Forces so that they can counter threats that are coming [out of Afghanistan],” Shoigu quoted by the State-run RIA news agency said.

Russia is also having a military airbase in Kant near the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek.

The remarks by Shoigu comes as the security situation in Afghanistan has rapidly deteriorated during the recent months as the Taliban-led insurgency has been rampant.

There are also concerns that the loyalists of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group has stepped up efforts to further expand the group’s foothold in country.

In latest efforts to recruit more loyalists, the terror group launched an FM radio which can be heard in parts of eastern Nangarhar province, including the provincial capital city of Jalalabad.


Thank you M., Richard, Maria J., Yucki, Wrath of Khan, and all.

To all who visit this site, it is always worth reading the comments under the daily links post. There is always a lot more information than what makes it to the posts.


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14 Replies to “UK declares Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group, Turkey still supports IS and 9 men named Ahmed? Links 1 on Dec. 24 – 2015”

  1. 2. “The woman used Facebook to defend herself saying she had made the comment on the Stop the Mosque in Bendigo page and said “all mosques should be burnt down with the doors locked at prayer time”.”

    Between Sharia and the Human Rights Act there is no ability for their minds to separate sentiment from fact. The ability to close one eye and see how great and freer the world would be without Islam.

    Then to open the other eye and get on with life, because like leaving milk out to go sour, Islam is just an opportunist cult that has thrives on the weakness of the Western State-schooled Socialists of buying themselves out of debt and having pity-sex with the world to invite them in.

    • You have to watch what you say publicly and you really need to know who you are talking to before you speak your mind privately. That is how much freedom has been stripped from us in the past 7 years, it the left has its way more will be taken in the very near future.

  2. 10. ““Aspects of the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology and activities . . . run counter to British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, equality and the mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs,” Prime Minister David Cameron said in a statement. Compare this to the description of the Muslim Brotherhood by James Clapper, America’s and the world’s top intelligence official, the director of National Intelligence. The MB was “largely secular,” Clapper said just a few years ago, and it “has eschewed violence.””

    “Within minutes of the release of the U.K. report, the Obama administration condemned it in an e-mail to the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT), citing the MB’s stated commitment to nonviolence and arguing that pushing back against the organization would lead to the radicalization of some of its followers.”

    The voice of every smutty wimp: You won’t like me when I’m angry- I’ll pick up a gun or hate crime legislation.

    • I don’t know if Cameron officially “declared” the MB to be a terrorist organization, but he pulled no punches in his comments on the report. I thought he was quite plainly describing them a “terrorist organization”, myself.

      It’s going to be interesting to watch this play out considering the current US administration’s loving relationship with that self-same Muslim Brotherhood. Huma Abedin comes from an upper-class pro-Brotherhood family and has had unfettered access to the most top-secret documents imaginable in her capacity as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s personal assistant and chief-of-staff.

      Things might just blow up nastily for our Hillary. Not necessarily, but possibly. Between Benghazi and the video and Huma and lying about what she said to the parents and the email server and other stuff, it all has the potential to conflagrate into quite the bonfire. I’d like that…

      Like, does the average American actually know that Hilary’s answer to why they didn’t try to rescue the people at the Benghazi embassy was that they wouldn’t have gotten there in time so they didn’t even try, despite the fact that they had no way of knowing how long the attack would last. I’d like to see what would happen if the average person actually grocked that reality. I’d love to see them snap their necks around and say, “Say, what?”.

      • Unless Her Majesty’s Government put the Muslim Brotherhood on the proscribed list, they are not “a terrorist group”, and that is that.

        Cameron can use ‘a form of words’ all he likes to describe them in order to appease and appeal to others, but their actions will not reflect those words unless it’s official.

        Business as usual.

  3. #2

    The main objection I personally have to the religion of Islam is the undeniable fact that their holy book specifically calls for the murder of Christians, Jews, and anybody else who is not a Muslim. As far as advocating violence against people who call themselves “Muslim”, that really would be exactly the same as being the Taliban or ISIS, wouldn’t it… It’s violence and prejudice that I’m objecting to in the first place, after all. My war is with ideas, not the guy named “Mo” whom I buy milk from at the corner store. He’s usually a pretty good guy, actually.

    So it is worth observing that getting carried away and calling for violence against any person or group of people who actually exist – unlike the Moabites, the Canaanites, the Amalekites and the Philistines – is just plain illegal in Canada. You cannot and should not say, “Kill Bill” in Canada, or anywhere else as far as I know…

  4. Yes rioting works for our side as well, a fact the left doesn’t want us to know. If the Europeans had rioted before this mess wouldn’t have gotten to this sad state.

    6 – Evidence like this is nice to find but the first thing you do is look for patterns of behavior and for breaks in that pattern. The pattern for Turkey has been support of ISIS with the analysis that Edrogen is trying to recreate the Ottoman Empire.

    12 – This action says that Putin is getting scared of what is happening in that region, it is a slight exaggeration to say that that region is the soft underbelly of Russia, but only a slight one. That region is the one that is the most dangerous for Russia at this time and Putin wouldn’t be arming it without a lot of evidence that ISIS planing something in that region. My best guess is that they are planning on infiltrating large numbers of fighters (like in Europe and the US) to start civil wars that think they can win.

    • When I contemplate the looming Muslim demographic problem facing Russia I get a very dark feeling. Are the Russian People really going to be decent chaps about it and just hand their beloved homeland over to their ancient enemy at the inevitable moment they become the majority?

      • No they won’t, they will fight tooth and nail to prevent an Islamic take over of Mother Russia, and because of this their leaders are probably happy that so many bio weapons were reported missing during the 90s. I don’t know how many of the reports were true and how many were attempts (usually successful attempts) to get more money from the west to secure the weapons. True or not they give plausible deniability to the Russian leaders when they decide that turning real nasty germs and viruses loose makes more sense then using nukes.

    • We all have that problem, we are all facing the problem of how to handle a new Islamic conquest, The first thing we all have to do is recognize that we have a problem and that hiding our heads in the sand isn’t going to work, while I don’t want any kind of final solution committed anywhere in the world that idea will occur to many people and given the Moslems record for ethnic and religious cleansing of lands they conquer it is going to be very hard for the western nations to resist the temptation to react in kind. Reacting in kind may well save our nations and our freedom but it will destroy our civilization.

    • Makes my hair stand on end - which is scary itself because I have long hair.

      This from the Washington Post:

      As Russia deepens its involvement in Syria, it risks more than a military quagmire. Its intervention exacerbates a growing domestic threat, one that could destabilize the whole country. A new brand of radical Islam is rising in Russia, fueled by Russian fighters eager to perpetrate acts of terror at home.

      Forget the “quagmire” – remember the source.

      Despite Putin’s scorched-earth campaign he didn’t kill off fundamentalist teachings in Chechnya, he only spread them through central Russia itself.

      “They’re propagated by Russian imams trained in the Middle East and are finding new audiences among the country’s native Muslims, as well as Central Asian migrants in Moscow. Even some younger and seemingly long-assimilated believers are becoming radicalized. Like their counterparts across Europe, they’re turning to Internet videos and social-media messages aimed at arousing anger at Western “crusaders.

      This is a real danger for Russia. The country has become a new front in the war against militant Islam, a battle that Europe’s largest Muslim country is largely unprepared to fight.”

      […] “Today, an estimated 20 million Muslims (including 6.5 million migrants from Azerbaijan and Central Asia) live in Russia, up from 14.5 million in 2002. While the vast majority of these men and women are peaceful, a small but growing number follow the fundamentalist teachings of Salafism and Wahhabism, ultra-conservative movements within Sunni Islam. In many cases, these ideas are spread by Russian-born imams (numbering in the tens of thousands) who trained in the Middle East.”

      blah, blah ~~ you've got your Tartars, your Bashkirs.

      “[T]here are other forces at work, too. Russia hosts millions of guest workers, most of them from Muslim Central Asia. An estimated 2 1/2 to 5 million Uzbeks, 1 million Tajiks and 1 million Kyrgyz reside in Russia today, up from 360,000 migrants in 2002. There are an estimated 1.5 to 2 million Muslims in Moscow alone, making Russia’s capital the largest Muslim city in Europe.

      “These men live in the shadows, often without work permits. They are culturally and ethnically marginalized, and often subject to abuse, extortion and occasional racist violence. According to one recent poll, 40% of Russians have a negative opinion of Islam.

      “In the face of this, some understandably turn to the faith of their grandparents as a means to sustain dignity. As a result, some Tajiks, Kyrgyz and Uzbeks who would not have known the way to the nearest mosque in Dushanbe, Bishkek or Tashkent have become zealous Muslims in Moscow. At least some fall under the influence of radical clerics.”

      ~~ don't ya just love the Post's "understandably turn to the faith of their grandparents" - i.e. hair-trigger, primitive animal, goes feral on ya, any provocation ~~
      “Putin has further multiplied the risks of terrorism by casting his lot against Sunnis in Syria, though the overwhelming majority of Russian Muslims are Sunnis. Already, 55 Saudi Wahhabi clerics have called for a jihad against Russia for its military intervention in Syria.”

  5. #1/ Whenever there is a jihadist attack, the media bend into pretzel shapes to emphasize that the attacks have nothing to do with Islam. However, whenever there is an incident in which Mohammedans are sanctioned for whatever reason, the media are quick to play the Islamophobia card.

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