Major rioting by muslims in the Netherlands, changes to freedom of information online taking effect this week and more: Links 3 on Dec. 16 – 2015

1. ISIS BEHEADING PLOT – Jihadis send LETTERS to EU civilians ordering them to convert or die

(Published today)

CRAZED Islamic State (ISIS) jihadis have sent letters to European civilians ordering them to convert to Islam within three days or face being DECAPITATED in their own homes.

Bloodthirsty Daesh Islamists posted notes through the doors of dozens of random neighbours in several cities across Sweden, including the capital Stockholm, threatening to murder “non-believers” in a terrifying campaign of violence.

Sweden is now on lockdown after the chilling letters pledged to behead innocent civilians and then “bomb your rotten corpses afterwards”.

(Pretty sure we published this story from Scandinavian news a day or two ago but here it is again in a UK paper)

2. Germany accuses two Palestinians of planning attack on Israeli embassy

BERLIN: Two young men of Palestinian descent are on trial in Germany for planning to bomb the Israeli embassy in Berlin or other Israeli targets, a criminal court spokesman said Wednesday.

The two men, both aged 21, were arrested in July and appeared in court on Tuesday, where they were charged with planning a violent act.

One of the two holds German citizenship and the other is stateless, the court spokesman said. Islamist propaganda was found on the mobile phone of one, the spokesman said.

The two stuffed a can with gun powder purchased on the black market and sealed it with toothpaste.


3. Syrian militants linked to ISIS blow up al-Nusra fighters in latest example of how rebel factions are using terror tactics against each other

(Category of pornographic torturous horror. This is a good time to remind people that islam uses the terms, ‘compassion’ and ‘mercy’ to mean that allah and his minions do not abuse people to the degree they are capable of all the time)

Chilling pictures have emerged appearing to show Syrian militants linked to ISIS preparing to blow up al-Nusra fighters.

The execution is believed to have been carried out by the Yormouk Martys Brigade after the group’s headquarters in southern Syria was attacked in a suicide bombing last month.

It is the latest example of how rebel factions in the country are using terror tactics against each other.

Images show two men kneeling on the ground facing away from each other with wiring taped around their bodies.

Pictures have emerged appearing to show Syrian militants linked to ISIS blowing up al-Nusra fighters

Pictures have emerged appearing to show Syrian militants linked to ISIS blowing up al-Nusra fighters

Images show two men kneeling on the ground with wiring taped around their bodies. They were accused of being involved in an attack on the Yormouk Martys Brigade

4. Muslims rapidly spin into a clearly pre-arranged damage control mode to make themselves the victims of islamic terror, while simultaneously using the terror for its intended purpose. To subjugate the unbelievers in dar-al-harb, and to force the public to force the government to change foreign policy to reflect what religious muslims want it to be.

5. Vandals plunder and damage Grand Place nativity scene

(Youths again! Clearly we need to launch a war on young people in French countries. Mind you, I have seen people as old as 45 referred to as ‘youths’. When they are muslim vandals or rioters)

Three 20-somethings entered the nativity scene on Brussels’ Grand Place at the weekend, stealing the statue of baby Jesus and causing considerable damage to the other props, reports the Brussels public prosecutor. The three youth were released after questioning, but will at least have to pay for the damage caused, writes Het Laatste Nieuws.

A police patrol noticed the three men around 4.30 on Friday night as they threw an object onto one of the terraces of the Grand Place. Upon closer examination, the agents discovered it was the statue of baby Jesus from the nativity scene.

6. Turkey withholds 27 Russian ships for failing to meet sailing criteria

(Am I the only one that has a deep secret desire to see Russia give Turkey the spanking it so richly deserves? Hopefully one that ends its dream of leading the new Caliphate)

Eight Turkish ships currently docked in Russian ports have been denied the ability to travel since the military jet downing incident on Nov. 24. This has led Turkey to tighten its inspections of Russian ships in response, and has so far withheld 27 Russian ships due to the failure to meet sailing criteria.

According to Turkish daily Habertürk, based on shipping officials in Ankara, the number of Turkish ships held by Russia reached eight this week. Turkey, using the principle of reciprocity, tightened the inspections in Turkish ports in line with the Mediterranean and Black Sea memorandums. So far, 27 ships have been withheld from sailing as they failed to meet the criteria set by these memorandums. Following these incidents, Turkish and Russian authorities contacted each other via email, with the Russian side giving the green light for a meeting to overcome the crisis, although how and when the parties will meet is unclear. The withheld Russian ships were described as old vessels.

7. Austria: Mystery gas smell makes school pupils ill

(Clearly though its not a mystery. By now, some official knows what it was)

The school had to be evacuated on Tuesday afternoon because of a pungent odour in two classrooms which left many children complaining of dizziness, headaches and shortness of breath.

Police spokesman Johann Baumschlager said that it was still a mystery as to why the children fell ill, and that the strange smell seemed to have evaporated quickly.

8. There appear to be major riots taking place in the Netherlands now, connected to muslims. Don’t have the story yet, just videos.

9. A few weeks ago, I did a post advising people start using proxies as all nations are about to go totalitarian in terms of what information you may or may not see. Please read that post again and take it seriously and do it before this comes into effect. Gates of Vienna will be publishing an article soon on how they are already blocking his site from many European ISPs.

10. Italians Ban the Burqa

To hear it from the American mainstream media, only racists support Donald Trump’s uncompromising stance against Islamic terrorism. Everyone else – Republicans, Democrats, Europe, Canada, Russia, Charlie Brown, etc. – thinks we must embrace Islam more tightly than ever when our citizens are slaughtered.

But wouldn’t you know it, not everyone thinks that way.

In the northern Italian region of Lombardy, the governor has passed a new regulation forbidding Muslim women from wearing face-covering veils into public buildings and hospitals.

These laws are already in place, but Italian politicians in Lombardy say the regulation is needed because “thousands of Muslim women go about undisturbed with their faces completely covered by the burqa or the niqab, making it impossible to identify them.”

The new rule will go into effect on the first of the year.

11. An American woman responds to islamic death threats.

12. American Professor Instructs Students That It’s Ok To Rape and Murder Non-Muslims

A Trudopian smile

Meet Abu Ammaar Yasir Kazi. He’s not some crazy Imam in the Middle East. He’s a college professor at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, who was described by New York Times Magazine as “one of the most influential conservative clerics in American Islam.”

In lectures to students at this American college, he blasts those in his class as being filthy and impure. He then steps up his vitriolic diatribes, by tearing into Christians, where he compares them to feces and urine, saying they are the “most evil of evils.” He then instructs his students that they should engage in jihad and fight all unbelievers until they convert to Islam, and that those who refuse to convert, should have their lives and property taken. “Property” which according to Islam, includes taking women as sex slaves. 

Here he is in a clip we subtitled for ease of disgust in 2013 of this US prof.

Thank you ML. M., Richard, Yucki, and many many more, Quite a day and things are changing. Powerful forces seek to force UN resolution 16/18 by the letter and spirit of the law. Which is to say the literal end of the Enlightenment itself. Criticism of an ideology, and worse, a religious, violent, supremacist and regressive one will not be tolerated. Doing so online for the moment will be allowed but no one will be able to see it. Technical tricks will be employed, and may already be being employed, to prevent the dissemination of thought which contradicts the narrative at the source. Then it will get bloody. For the moment, a VPN so long as there are regions which allow you to access such excellent and important sites such as Gates of Vienna, and when there are not, one can only hope the internet will fall apart and some new thing will spring up, or some parallel protocol appears which bypasses government imposed blocks.

Yes, we are not all North Korea or Iran. Not yet. But the direction is getting clearer.


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  1. great stuff here vlad .. am eternally grateful for the repost of the proxie idea.
    mebbe’ you should make this a sticky .. ??

    one hell of a riot in the netherlands .. only a matter of time before we see the leopard II
    nato tank .. got good railroads in europe so mebbe’ we’ll witness a miracle .

    ass kickin’ internet site vlad

  2. Russia has moved to grab major portions of turkey several times but either Western Europe the surrender of Germany or the Communist Revolution ended their conquest. This time if Putin waits for the right moment the US will be too busy and Europe too weak to stop him from taking large portions of Turkey. Who knows he may ask Greeks to move in and retake their historical property.

  3. Your advice is good, things are going to get bad and when they start it will be real bad real fast, if we get lucky Vlad will stay on the line and North America will return to the free nations that are the rallying point of the lovers of freedom. I hope that all of my friends on Vlad survive the coming troubles and remain free to think and say what they want everywhere they want.

    • If you haven’t made plans for when it hits the fan now is the time to start, you don’t have to spend a lot of money but having a plane will let you think things out at leisure and make your survival much easier to achieve.

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