How many cell phones can a couple of terrorists use? Links 2 on Dec. 10 – 2015

1. islamic advocacy group tied to Hamas and un-indicted co-conspirator named in the Holy Land Foundation Trials claims to be the victim of some kind of terrorism.

(It should be easy to determine if it was a real attempt by an outside party or if they did it themselves. If they did it and the investigation proves it, we likely will hear not a thing about it.)

2. Gang ‘forced girl of 11 to have sex with three men a day’: Rotherham care home girls were repeatedly raped by groups of Asian men after being enticed by two women accomplices, court hears

A gang allegedly spent more than ten years targeting and sexualising teenage girls in Rotherham before subjecting them to horrific acts of a degrading and violent nature, a court has heard.

The five Asian men are accused of raping and sexually abusing 12 young girls during the 1980s, some of whom were allegedly raped up to three times per day while under the local authority’s care.

It is alleged that two white women, who are also standing trial, would give the girls shelter and ply them with alcohol before offering them up to the men at a brothel-like house, where one alleged victim claims she saw ‘a politician or MP’.

3. Vienna: Torchlight vigil against religious intolerance and protection for Christians in islamic lands and a call for religious freedoms for non- muslims

4. “I think that he (Bergdahl) needs to be facing life in prison”. Platoon mate of deserter Bergdahl reacts to his recent damage control attempt.

5. A win for reason and fairness at last. Christians win right to have law school in 2 provinces. 

6. Migrant crisis: Greece, Croatia and Italy face EU legal action

The European Commission says it has begun legal action against Greece, Croatia and Italy for failing to correctly register migrants.

It says the three failed to implement the Eurodac Regulation, which involves fingerprinting asylum seekers and registering the data within 72 hours.

The commission said it warned about the shortfalls two months ago.

It has also launched an infringement case against Hungary over its asylum legislation.

Hundreds of thousands of migrants have arrived in Europe in recent months, causing divisions among EU states.

Almost half a million people arrived in Greece between 20 July and 30 November but Greek authorities have only fingerprinted about 121,000 of them, according to the European Commission.

(So the EU is after Hungary for obeying the European laws on immigration and refugees, and after Greece for disobeying them. This should give members confidence)

7. Erdogan says Turkish troops not leaving Iraq yet

Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday said it was “out of the question for the moment” that Turkish troops would withdraw from Iraq, after Baghdad accused Ankara of sending them in without permission.

The row has badly soured relations and saw the Turkish ambassador to Iraq summoned on Saturday to demand that Turkey immediately withdraw hundreds of troops deployed in recent days in northern Iraq, near the Islamic State-controlled city of Mosul.

Iraq’s foreign ministry said Turkish forces had entered Iraqi territory without the knowledge of Baghdad, which viewed their presence as a “hostile act”.

Speaking at a news conference, Erdogan said the troops were there to train Kurdish peshmerga fighters and not for combat purposes. He reiterated an earlier statement that they had been deployed following an invitation by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi last year.

(The video above is worth watching as is with the auto-translate English subtitles. Its a lot funnier than anything Adam Sandler has done for years. And who the hell is Larry Fishburn? Sent video out to Turkish speaker to see if its worth the trouble of titling seriously)



8. A muslim school in Toronto is ordered closed by a still-not-quite sharia Ontario

(Below is a screen cap of an Arabic webpage translated by Google in Chrome)

Google ChromeScreenSnapz002

(There is a little more at the link. Gist of it is above however)

9. Jeremy Corbyn asked judge to bail man snared by police investigating ‘Bank of Terror’ fraud gang

(The leader of the Labour party in England directly asked a judge to allow bail for a person arraigned for running a crime ring to fund islamic terror. Just to be clear)

Jeremy Corbyn pleaded for a suspected member of a £1million fraud gang foiled by anti-terror cops to be freed on bail.

Mohamed Dahir is one of a gang now convicted for scamming ‘frail, vulnerable and isolated’ victims, some as old as 96, out of money by pretending to be police officers.

Funds from the scam on elderly pensioners have been sent to a terror suspect who is now believed to be in Syria, according to the Met’s top anti-terrorism chief.

It emerged today that a letter from Mr Corbyn, Dahir’s constituency MP, was used to keep his freedom since a bail hearing in May.


10. It Just Got MUCH Worse With The Sneaky Muslim Walmart Shoppers In Missouri

Since news first broke of a massive purchase made by Muslims at a Missouri Walmart, the state and country have been on edge waiting for answers about what these men plan to do with their suspicious stock. Now, more of what these Muslims have been busy doing has come out, and it’s getting more terrifying with each emerging detail, especially considering what happened a couple states away in Michigan.

Just 24-hours ago, we reported that two men had been stopped at a Lebanon, Missouri Walmart, after a concerned employee reported that the Middle Eastern foreigners came in just before 4 a.m. and purchased 60 prepaid cellphones with cash. Officers didn’t have enough to detain them for questioning about their intentions, but now, we have learned that this store stop was the last of a series of very concerning events.

Had police known then what we know now, they wouldn’t have gotten away with a massive cache of cellphones in their possession, which is now into the hundreds. Following our initial report, we learned that six hours before the cellphone purchase in Lebanon, the Middle Eastern men were spotted making another sizable purchase of nearly 50 prepaid cellphones at another Missouri Walmart in Macon, and around the same time, a third purchase was made of the same merchandise in Columbia, also at a Walmart. But now, it goes even further than that.

11. Ezra on the accommodations made for the ‘refugees’ picked up in the Middle East and plunked down in Toronto

Thank you M., CB Sashenka, Gates of Vienna, Wrath of Khan and all of you who took this time and effort.

Lots to say, but not today. Here is hoping that tomorrow is a slow news day.


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