Islam. It’s a blast all the way from Moscow to LA: Links 3 on Dec. 7 – 2015

1. Johnny U point formed the following from live Hungarian TV:

German plane made emergency landing at Budapest airport because of telephoned bomb threat. Was en route to Egypt.

975000 Muslims in Germany up to now

3000 arriving per day

Finland and Sweden closing public schools because of knifings committed by Muslims. Trying to deploy more police to watch social media to watch for terrorist conversations.

In Finland they are wishing they had a politician like Victor Orban

President of Finland told the refugees that in their homes they can do what they want but in public must follow Fnnish laws.

(Bet no one hears even one of these stories on the CBC)

2. Trump calls for ‘complete shutdown’ on Muslims entering U.S.

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says he is calling for a “complete and total shutdown” on Muslims entering the United States. Trump says in a statement released by his campaign Monday that his proposal comes in response to the level of hatred among “large segments of the Muslim population” toward Americans. […]

3. Toronto bans Christian festival; allows to turn Dundas Square & Queens’ Park into a temporary mosque

The City of Toronto has refused to grant a Christian organisation Voices of the Nations (VON) a permit to use Yonge-Dandas Square for their annual music festival next year stating that praising Jesus in their song’s lyrics contravenes with the city policy against “proselytizing.”

Yonge-Dundas Square is a public square situated at the southeast corner of the intersection of Yonge Street and Dundas Street East in Downtown Toronto and is the first public square in Canada that’s maintained through a public-private partnership. Being a prominent landmark in Toronto and one of the city’s prime tourist attractions, Yonge-Dundas Square is often referred to as “Toronto’s Times Square” and has hosted numerous public events, performances and art displays since its completion in 2002.

Meanwhile April 1 2015 Toronto:

(And why would they tell him to do his religious devotion in a public place? Why is that necessary if its truly an act of religious devotion? Please go to the linked article where there are several more videos. Clearly muslims proselytize in Toronto without a permit and whenever they damn well want to. No problem for them. But once a year for a Christian Gospel group? No way.)

4. Australia: Pig’s head in toilet near a prayer room in a public university

(Why is there a prayer room at a university? Is there a university for secular subjects in mosques?)

5. Caretaker Finds Severed Pig’s Head Outside Philly Mosque

A gruesome discovery outside a North Philadelphia mosque has sparked a police investigation. A caretaker at the Al Aqsa Islamic Society told police he found the bloody, severed head of a pig outside the mosque around 6 a.m. Monday when he showed up to set up for morning prayer services.

Surveillance video at the building, which is located on 1501 Germantown Avenue, shows a person inside a red pickup truck driving past the mosque and throwing an object out of the vehicle’s window Sunday night, according to investigators. Police are investigating the incident and are speaking to witnesses.

(Pig’s heads. For more than just soup!)

The Russian capital was placed on lockdown after the home-made bomb exploded at the busy public transport stop, injuring three women.

Pictures emerged on social media showing smashed glass lying in the street as emergency services scrambled to the bus stop, in central Moscow, to treat the wounded.

Police sources told Russian news agency TASS that an “unknown home-made explosive device” had been used in the attack.

7. Donald Trump’s full statement on banning muslims

8. CAIR, an un-indicted coconspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Trials, broadcast a response aired by CNN

(Notice how CAIR and similar groups always disable comments? There is no discussion with them. It is their way or you get the last haircut you will ever need right down to the neck. Maybe not today, but that is what sharia law calls for. Its also interesting that he doesn’t mention how islamic nations handle immigration. Which is to say they don’t generally allow it at all, and non-muslims who are actually necessary to a muslim state lives in a kind of internment camp where they can’t contaminate the muslim population with the filth of their ‘unbelief’

9. Pamela Geller responds to Trump:

10. ISIS Leader Nominated for TIME’s ‘Person of the Year’

Every year, a few names on TIME’s ‘Person of the Year’ list are bound to raise some eyebrows. The “Today Show” anchors unveiled TIME’s shortlist for 2015 live on Monday morning. Among the list were Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Travis Kalanick, the CEO of Uber, and Caitlyn Jenner. That last name isn’t the most controversial one of the list, however. 

The TIME editors unveiled their nominees in alphabetical order. Here’s their first choice:

Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, who as leader of ISIS has inspired followers to both fight in his self-declared caliphate of Iraq and Syria, and also stage attacks in countries like Tunisia and France.


Thank you Johnny U., M., Gates of Vienna, And everyone I lost track of. More to come still. Interesting times indeed.

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  1. The Imams of Islam are marching the entire Umma directly into the open mouth of a very large crocodile, and Donald Trump’s suggestion – that all Muslims be banned entirely from entering the United States – might well serve to underscore that fact to the moderate Muslims of the world. Maybe the big airlines and cruise lines should follow suit and start refusing to carry Muslims due to unacceptable risk. What if a couple more countries followed America’s lead? Perhaps then, since it’s only a such a tiny percentage of Muslims who support terrorism, they will pull together and arrest that tiny percentage before the entire planet becomes off-limits to Believers. And if that tiny percentage turns out to be bigger than we’ve been told, then we’ve done the right thing and bully for us…

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