Ten very worthy links on Islam and leftism in the West today: Links 2 on Dec. 6 – 2015

1. Very good interview with psychologist, Nicolai Sennels

2. Austria: ( Minister of integration) Kurz calls for Islamic school closures

(Most nations have a minister of multiculturalism, which of course must mean destruction of local and indigenous culture. Austria’s integration ministry is what we all need yesterday)

The minister commissioned a study of Islamic kindergartens and associated educational groups in Austria, and was shocked by the findings.

The report, prepared by Professor Ednan Aslan at the Institute for Islamic Studies at the University of Vienna, made for disturbing reading.

According to a report in the Kurier newspaper, the report suggests that many Muslim parents in Austria are seeking to establish a parallel world, which isolates their children from any non-Islamic influences during their formative years.

“Many parents want to create a one hundred percent Islamic environment for their children,” said Aslan.

This was usually motivated by a key question asked by the parents: “How do we protect our children from the majority society, before moral decay begins?”

3. Ex-Muslim: Sharia Law that Kills Women is Practiced in Germany

Clearly this woman is an Islamophobe. She’s afraid of being killed by Muslims because of the truths she speaks. Never mind that she’s a former Muslim, the Muslim Brotherhood and its useful Western idiots have been declaring even Muslims who speak critically of Islamists, Islamophobes for years.

A Pakistani-Austrian author who converted from Islam to Catholicism has said that Muslims who refuse to integrate should not be able to live in Europe, and that Sharia law is being openly practised in Austria and Germany.

In an interview with the Kronen Zeitung newspaper Sabatina James (not her real name) said that the teachings of the prophet Muhammad encourage violence. “He called for women to be beaten and for adulteresses to be stoned, for apostates to be executed… if all this violence has nothing to do with Islam, then Mohammed has nothing to do with Islam.”

4. Removing crosses from Christian buildings for migrants not as popular as one might think in Norway.

5. A youtuber tracks social media’s US sock and meat puppets reaction to the San Bernardino jihad attack.

6. Catholic San Bernardino Victim Fled Islamic Extremism in Iran

(This story is much more than a mere bit of irony. It means that the US is no longer a place where the 1st amendment guarantees freedom of belief and conscience)

7. ISIS army of scientists set to wage chemical and biological war on West: Experts warn weapons of mass destruction ‘have been carried undetected’ into European Union

(I wonder if this could be connected to the “steel cylinders” that many news stories reported that various Arab muslims sneaking into the US across the Mexican Border had on their persons)

ISIS has recruited experts with chemistry, physics and computer science degrees to wage war with weapons of mass destruction against the West, a shocking European Parliament report has claimed.

The terror organisation, according to the briefing document, ‘may be planning to try to use internationally banned weapons of mass destruction in future attacks’.

The document, which was compiled in the aftermath of the deadly attacks on Paris claimed that ISIS has already smuggled WMD material into Europe.

British police forces have already been training to deal with a potential chemical or biological warfare attack

Police even have access to Geiger counters, pictured, to help detect any nuclear or radiological material
(In fact so many Iranians were registered in Western universities in courses that would access the knowledge required for this, that at one stage US universities were refusing to admit them to certain programs. This policy was determined to be not PC and reversed however)

8. After paris Attacks, French government response is to clamp down on free access to information

(The article claims that the French want to clamp down on the Tor network, ironically created by the US navy to help people in totalitarian states bypass government controls to access the world’s information. France’s actions show how terrorism works to create totalitarianism win or lose for the cause, as if our response is to create a thought crimes state to prevent another kind of one indefinitely, then whats the difference. The answer is to not let the terrorists and supporters in to our nations, and use existing laws to rid our nations of those that preach jihad and close down institutions that teach it as a thing to do. This would be nearly all mosques of course. This document had better be clear about what constitutes a ‘state of emergency’ because thanks to French policies already in effect for decades now, a state of emergency is likely to be the new normal)

After the recent Paris terror attacks, the French government is proposing to forbid and block the use of the Tor anonymity network, according to an internal document from the Ministry of Interior seen by French newspaper Le Monde.

That document lays out two proposed pieces of legislation, one around the state of emergency, and the other concerning counter-terrorism.

In the former, the French government is considering to “Forbid free and shared wi-fi connections” during a state of emergency. This comes from a police opinion included in the document: the reason being that it is apparently difficult to track individuals who use public wi-fi networks.

9. WikiLeaks: Turkey Planned Su-24 Downing Six Weeks Before the Incident?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan planned to shoot down a Russian warplane engaged in Moscow’s anti-Daesh campaign in Syria six weeks prior to the Su-24 incident, a famous Turkish whistleblower apparently said on Twitter.

Erdogan is worried about the outcome of the upcoming elections and is contemplating bringing down a Russian aircraft, the anonymous Twitter user, who goes by the name of Fuat Avni, posted on October 11.

10. Jewish Leader Asks For PM Orbán’s Help To Protect Community From Islamist Terror

(Whatever else one may think of this, it does the heart good to see that Jewish people in Hungary are able to perceive and even name the threat. Something a large number of American Jewish people seem unable or unwilling to do)

The Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities (Mazsihisz), Hungary’s largest Jewish faith organisation, has appealed to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán for support and the implementation of further security measures over “the appearance of radical Islam in Europe”.

“Although we closely cooperate with the competent domestic authorities, we are urging further security measures and have directly turned to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán over their implementation”, Mazsihisz leader András Heisler told the daily newspaper Magyar Id?k. These are necessary due to recent terrorist attacks, he said. “We cannot allow extremists to break the thriving that characterises the Jewish community in Hungary and especially Budapest that has been branded by many as a Renaissance”, Mr. Heisler stressed.

Thank you Liberty DK., NS., M., Richard, Maia J., Buck, Yucki, Xanthippa, and all. More to come it grieves me to say. Apologies to anyone I forgot to list. Events move faster than my organizational abilities can track)

Gates of Vienna posted the compilation of baffled clips thrown together the other day to illustrate the way US authorities and media do the ‘nothing to do with islam’ dance in a way that is so frantic it is no longer distinguishable from parody.

And courtesy of Gates of Vienna, is an interesting newspaper clipping. Perhaps some of her more bearded coworkers should be looked into.

pic of bernardino she bitch

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  1. If they have bio weapons in Europe they have them in North America, the big questions are which berms and viruses do they have and how much has been smuggled into both continents? Both questions will be answered soon,with the report given to the EU parliament public they will use them rather then risk losing them to police and intelligence actions.

  2. http://www.michaelyon-online.com/u-s-and-others-working-with-nazis-dealing-in-stolen-art.htm
    U.S. and Others Working with Nazis Dealing in Stolen Art
    In a nutshell: Valuable art was stolen in the Netherlands. The art was found by intelligence agencies in Ukraine. Spies determined that Oleh Tyahnybok has some of the work.

    Oleg Tyahnybok can be seen below doing the Nazi salute (wrong hand), and also shaking hands with Biden.Tyahnybok and the rest of his party are Nazis. We are doing business with them. That we are doing business with them is not new, but that they also deal in stolen art is the story here.Some others who are photographed dealing with the Nazi thieves include: German minister of foreign affairs Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird, John Kerry, Joe Biden, John McCain, and Hillary Clinton.
    I do not know if this was reported this hour, but here goes: Some of the artwork is damaged because the thieves rolled the paintings and caused much damage. The cost of restoration + ransom is not worth it.

    There is much more to the story.

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