Global Warming kills 14 at Christmas party in San Bernardino: Links 1 on Dec. 3 – 2015

1. Stunning lack of info in this recent MSM report on San Bernardino

(The above link is from last night)

(No descriptions from what must have been many eye witnesses. No description of the weapons used, as if they had AK47s its almost as good as if they are named ‘mohamed’ in terms of motive. No names given for the 2 people captured and no description although the adjective ‘white’ now means anything from Latin American to Arab. Really this article is an exercise in using up letters without revealing anything that might be useful)

2. Odd video of many still cars where the one was caught and fired upon

3. Farook’s father, who was not named, told the New York Daily News his son was Muslim and “very religious.” He who would leave work to pray and then go back, his father said.

4. EXCLUSIVE: Father of San Bernardino shooting suspect Syed Farook says son worked as health tech inspecting restaurants, hotels

(At this point more is known. Clearly it was an islamic terrorist attack)

5. An interesting bit of video

6. Police chief

7. In true post-modern fashion, genius remains definable as those who are our ambassadors to the obvious.

(Ladies and Gentleman, Ted Cruz. The only worthy candidate for the next president of the USA)

8. VA State Senator speaks plainly about Turkey and its alliance with the Islamic State

(Even if he can’t name the Islamic State. But at least he doesn’t say ‘ISIL’. Watch this video above to see how Turkey uses NATO to destroy NATO objectives)

9. Muslims scream war-cry after a Moroccan masquerading as a ‘refugee’ self electrocutes on the Macedonian border trying to invade Europe

10. San Bernardino killers were strapped with GoPro cameras during massacre, police say

11. “If you cant see that this is an act of terror you are a moron” Rudy Giuliani

Thank you M., Johnny U., Wrath of Khan, and GC for the title to this post

Johnny U brings us the following:

-on dec 17th there will be another EU conference whereby migrants will be forced on countries. If Hungary is to take a small number it will be for a limited period of time after which the migrants will be sent back to their country of origin.
-it is not possible to live with Muslims
-Hungary will not allow family reunification
-privately sponsored immigrants will not be eligible for government help. They will not be allowed to work

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  1. This is going to be a very bloody Christmas time and things will remain bloody for quite a while, the left is reacting as we all knew they would, they are calling for more gun control to disarm the victims.

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