Major Media Misinformation made maliciously to serve islamic ends. Links 2 on Nov. 30 – 2015

1. Mystery planes destroys Turkish convoy of weapons on way for Islamic State

(Above title best read out loud in Russian accent)

A Turkish convoy, which according to some reports was transporting weapons to terrorist organizations, has been hit by apparent airstrikes in northwestern Syria.

(I H H  =  sponsors of the Gaza Flotilla)

2. Russian SU 34s now equipped with air-to-air missiles.

3. Donald Trump: “There is something nasty coming out of (islam) there”

(I find the contempt MSNBC has for the truth and the mocking way in which they react to being asked t report it quite disturbing. It is a well known fact that on left leaning networks, MSNBC, CBC, BBC they grotesquely and, it must be knowingly, underestimate the mumber of people at events they dislike in order to minimize it while exaggerating the number of people at events they do like to grow its importance. The CTV and CBC for example will report a pro-life event at Parliament hill with thousands in attendance as a few hundred. Not an easy mistake to make and vice versa)

4. Russian raids repeatedly hit Syrian Turkmen areas, Moscow’s data shows

Russian air strikes in northwest Syria have heavily targeted ethnic Turkmen areas, according to a Reuters data analysis that helps explain rising tensions between Moscow and Ankara in the weeks before Turkey shot down a Russian warplane.

Tuesday’s incident marked the biggest clash between a NATO member and Russia in half a century, and has drawn threats of economic retaliation from the Kremlin. Turkey says the plane strayed into its airspace, which Moscow denies.

Long before that, Turkey had condemned Russia’s bombing of towns and villages in the north of Syria’s western Latakia province, areas it says belong to Syrian Turkmen, who are Syrians of Turkish descent.

(It was the Turkish sponsored ‘Turkmen’ who shot down the Russian heli and also killed a number of Russian pilots)

5. Paris attack suspect likely escaped to Syria

6. Pope ends visit to Central African Republic

7. Turkey will not apologize for downing of Russian jet

(The Greeks should take this as a queue. Next time the Turks overfly Greek airspace they should knock them down and claim they didn’t know who it was and then not apologize. Sauce for the hen is sauce for the gobbler)

8. A magnificent example of the narrative in action. Check out the Euronews footage below of some of the exact same footage in item 6. Notice how the mute the voices of the muslim girls chanting “takbir! Allah hu Ackbar!” a direct challenge and provocation to the pope, while claiming in voice over that there was no penetration by muslim ‘extremists’. Really amazing example of MSM media spin doctoring.

Thank you M., Kathy, Wrath of Khan and many more. There will be a great deal more material today. And that is based just on what I am aware of now)

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2 Replies to “Major Media Misinformation made maliciously to serve islamic ends. Links 2 on Nov. 30 – 2015”

  1. #3/ I don’t particularly like Donald Trump. To me he comes across as a blustering, bloviating bully. But by golly he’s telling the truth like nobody else on the issue of jihad. Still, the steaming pile of condescension emanating from the MSNBC panel is all-too-effective in persuading those who can’t get past Trump’s irritating personality quirks to actually listen to his message. Yet for all the dust thrown into the air by the panelists, Trump stays on point and directly and quickly corrects these hacks for misstating his position and words. At least the issue of jihad is being given the attention it deserves.

    • Donald Trump is a big-assed New York Construction boss who has been dealing with equally big-assed New York types since he was 18-years-old, including the very big-assed New York Mafia. He’s definitely not a polite Canadian. But, you know what? Do you remember watching George W Bush get torn to pieces, non-stop, for the entire duration of his presidency and beyond, and how stoically George “did the right thing” and didn’t rise to the attackers, like a good, honest, well-brought-up boy? Well, crass as he may be, I quite enjoy it when Trump stands up and starts yelling at some “journalist” who gets too lippy. I like it when he says, “I’m a good friend of your boss, and he says you’re an over-rated pain-in-the-ass who he’s this close to firing.” I like the fact that the cowardly snipers get some return fire every now and again. I also like the fact that he is a billionaire and could literally buy the bloody network and have the guy fired if he really wanted to. There can be consequences for dissing The Donald…

      Like, wouldn’t it be great if Sarah Palin had just beaten the crap out of Katie Couric instead of letting herself be annihilated by the cunning little rodent. I could see in her eyes that the thought definitely crossed her Alaska-moose-hunter mind…

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