Climate kooks and islam. The murder of reason: Links 1 on Nov. 30 – 2015

1. ‘Far left wing extremists’ (actually not all of them are but some for sure) held a demonstration encouraging Canada to implement a carbon tax to help defeat ‘anthropogenic global warming’. Of course one suspects what they really want is another vector with which to attack and deconstruct Western classical civilization; what the far left wing extremists call, ‘capitalism’. This is a couple of minutes of the footage sent to us by Victor Laszlo this morning from the protest.

I think the first point made in the video may take a little thought as it is so deeply engrained in the culture., The stunning double standard of the left where their use of racist stereotypes is acceptable and noble while even the projected use by non-far left wing extremists is racist and must be shut down, even if totally imaginary, may require some thought. But I tried to make the point as well as possible at the start of the video anwyay.

The main thing is, this demo was 100% an appeal to emotion, even using religion as copiously as possible and not one scientific argument was made whatsoever.

2. Syrian refugee coordinator in Montreal to make $1,800 a day to welcome the newcomers to Canada

Michel Dorais was one of Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre’s top employees when he served as immigration minister. Now, he’ll head up the efforts to welcome thousands of Syrian refugees, at a rate of $1,800 per day.

Peter McCabe / Canadian Press

Peter McCabe / Canadian PressMontreal Mayor Denis Coderre speaks to the press on September 14, 2015.

Dorais, deputy minister of immigration and citizenship from 1998 to 2004, was appointed to be the city’s official co-ordinator for the effort to welcome Syrian refugees Wednesday. The appointment was made during the closed-door portion of the executive committee meeting, but the details of the hiring were made public to councillors shortly afterwards.

Coderre served as immigration minister as part of the Liberal government from 2002 to 2003.

3. Refugees beg to leave ‘inhuman’ Malmö shelter

Refugees sheltering in Malmö’s 2013 Eurovision venue are begging to leave, with one describing it as a “prison” with “inhuman conditions”, while Swedish nurses working there have been pulled out because of the health risks.

Basim Salim, 40, who has fled Iraq with his three daughters, told Sweden’s Aftonbladet newspaper that conditions at the Malmömässan conference hall had become “completely inhuman”.
“Please help us here. We have been here for three nights and can not take any more,” he said. “Some people have been here for five nights. This is not a good place for children, it really isn’t. Everyone here is angry and wants to get out. It is like a prison.”
A policeman from Stockholm sent to help keep order at the hall wrote on Facebook that he himself had had trouble breathing inside the centre, where nearly 1,000 refugees have been crammed over the past two weeks.
“It stings and itches in your eyes and nose,” the policeman wrote on Facebook, according to Expressen newspaper. “The health services have withdrawn the two nurses they had there because it is not a suitable workplace.”
The policeman wrote that children, many of them with high fevers, were forced to sleep on pieces of cardboard deposited on the concrete floors.
“All those poor children. I was stepping over children’s legs and arms, all sticking out under the sheets where they lay cheek by jowl in a row, sleeping on bits of cardboard laid out on the concrete floors,” he wrote.
(An abuse of the word ‘forced’ indeed)

Israel has said it is suspending contact with EU officials involved in peace efforts with the Palestinians.

The move follows the bloc’s decision to label goods from Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “ordered suspension of diplomatic contacts with the institutions of the European Union on this issue”, a foreign ministry statement said.

The EU says the settlements are illegal, but Israel disputes this.

Mr Netanyahu, who is also the foreign minister, told the ministry to carry out “a reassessment of the involvement of EU bodies in everything that is connected to the diplomatic process with the Palestinians”, the statement said.

Just over two weeks ago the European Commission issued new guidelines for the labelling of some products made in Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian and Syrian land.

5. French police fire teargas to disperse climate protest

6. Jericho: Russian missiles kill 40 and injure a dozen

7. RT clip on an Iraqi politician explaining how the Turks buy massive amounts of Islamic State oil and treat their wounded in Turkish hospitals.

8. An interview with 2 Syrians in France

9. ‘Klimate-Change’ Kooks Suffer New Setback: Ancient Tropical Forest Found in Norway

And while we are on climate, an oldie but a goodie, the first serious video debunking man caused climate catastrophe, The Great Global Warming Swindle. (The cloud mystery is still the best though)

Thank you Xanthippas, Victor Laszlo, M., Wrath of Khan, PP and many more. 

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  1. 5). French police shut down demo. Superb irony in that the gullible warmists are running smack into prohibition of their particular demonstrations by who? The State, as a result of current martial law imposed because of Islamists. You can’t make this stuff up.

  2. #1 Looney Climate change protesters

    So, here it is, folks. The cat is out of the bag, the mask has lowered, and the other shoe is dropping as we type. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s my pleasure to introduce to you the incredible, the lovely, and the talented, “U.N. Green Climate Fund”. Ain’t she a beauty? That’s what it’s all about folks, and that’s what it has been about for all these years. A fund so big you can’t even see to the top. Never mind billions, we’re talking trillions. And there will be literally thousands of little corrupt U.N. Jimmy Hoffas and Jackie Pressers, all eagerly scheming and plotting myriad ways of diverting that money into their own bulging offshore bank accounts.

    I can’t believe that our so-called “modern” civilization is actually allowing itself to be swindled by the umpteenth end-of-the-world scam, for which there is absolutely no scientific evidence whatsoever, other than guys like Bill Nye trying to make you feel stupid if you dare to ask a question. According to Al Gore we should all be boiling to death and drowning at the same time by now, and we most definitely are not. It’s bullshit, folks. One-hundred-percent malarky perpetrated by a handful of Bernie Madoffs, and anyone who believes it must turn in their “critical thinker badge” immediately…

    Oh, yeah. And you know those impoverished North Africans who spend their days scouring the desert for little bits of wood to cook their Unicef food packages with? Well you can bet that not one penny of the U.N. Green Climate Fund will ever find its way into their pockets – if they can even afford pockets. Nope, it will all go to clever little Maurice Strongs from all over the world – people who know how to “work the system”. A veritable international cornucopia of evil thieving little U.N. criminals. It’ll make the corruption of UNRWA look like a penny-ante sideshow…

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