Jingoism and military actions ratchet up the torque across much of Eurasia: Links 2 on Nov. 27 – 2015

1. Nov. 26 2015 Turkish fighter jets violate Greek national air space

(This is the second time in the past week we have covered a story on formations of Turkish military jets violating Greek airspace. By Turkish logic they all should be shot down)


A formation of six Turkish fighter jets violated Greek national air space in the northeastern Aegean Thursday, Greek defense officials said.

The Turkish jets entered into Greece’s national air space on one occasion, the defense officials said, adding that two of the aircraft were armed and that one dogfight occurred. In all cases the Turkish jets were chased off by Greek aircraft.

2. Sixth person charged in Belgium over Paris attacks: prosecutor

Brussels (AFP) – A Belgian judge on Friday charged a sixth suspect with terrorism offences in connection with the Paris attacks, prosecutors said, as the country pushes on with its investigation into links to the November 13 atrocities.

“Yesterday a person has been arrested in Brussels for interrogation. The investigating judge has remanded him in custody and charged him with terrorist murders and participation in the activities of a terrorist organisation,” the federal prosecutor said in a statement.

3. Erdogan pounds his chest at the Russians

4. Syrian-Turkmen who shot Russian aircraft and pilots in the air are Turkish nationalist (And actually just a Turk)

(I think I’ll end this post here to let the weight of the last 2 videos sink in)


Thank you Xanthippa, M., Buck and many more and much more to come shortly. Its a buyers market on bad news I am sorry to say.

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One Reply to “Jingoism and military actions ratchet up the torque across much of Eurasia: Links 2 on Nov. 27 – 2015”

  1. So there’s Erdogan insisting that the whole world agrees that Turkey was entirely right to shoot down the Russian jet. What nonsense! Since when do you shoot down a jet for entering your airspace for 17 seconds, let alone machine gunning the pilots as they fall to earth, then not even apologising? Think back to the Cold War and all the thousands of times borders were breached. Nobody does that. It’s an outrage that Obama gave legitimacy to Erdogan’s lies by saying, “Serves you right”, to the Russians. When have you ever heard of anybody shooting down a jet for 17 seconds, especially when there is no implied danger from the offending plane? It’s supposed to be a big fun macho flyboy game, folks, not instant murder…

    Will NATO immediately jump to brother Turkey’s defense if they provoke the Russians into a fight, ’cause that’s what appears to be coming around the corner? Would they be that friggin’ stupid? Are we all going to pitch in and help Mr. Erdogan rebuilt the Ottoman Empire as we start fumbling for our muskets and shooting each other in the dark? Are we really that dumb?

    And of course, all additional millions of refugees will be rushed immediately to some unsuspecting Western country because they deserve to suffer after having had it so good for so many years.

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