What was in those Islamic State tunnels? Links 2 on Nov. 25 – 2015

1. Turkish Syrian border

2. Trucks ablaze after strikes on Syria-Turkey border

3. Poll showing 20 percent Muslim ‘sympathy for jihadis’ lands record complaints

A poll published in The Sun newspaper showing 20 percent of British Muslims have “sympathy” with those who leave the United Kingdom to fight in Syria has received a record number of complaints.

The British tabloid ran with the Monday morning headline “1 in 5 British Muslims have sympathy for jihadis, poll reveals.”

The figure stems from a UK company Survation poll showing 5.3 percent of British Muslims have “a lot of sympathy” with young Muslims who go to fight in Syria while 14.5 percent said they had “some sympathy. 

The Sun weathered a massive backlash both on Twitter under the hashtag #1in5Muslims and from other media outlets for the poll’s findings

4. What did the Kurds find in Islamic State tunnels?

(Praise allah and pass the American made ammunition)

5. Belgium’s Foreign Minister Warns of Attack With ‘Heavy Weapons’ and ‘Suicide Bombs’

(Video interview at site which is dull but if you add in all you likely know from sites like this one, information can be extracted via interpolation. My guess is that the threat now in Belgium is aimed at Jewish stores and shopping malls)

Belgium’s foreign minister tells ABC News that the country’s primary concern right now is to find about 10 individuals whom Belgium authorities believe could launch a Paris-like attack with “heavy weapons” and “suicide bombs.”

Foreign Minister Didier Reynders said the “heavy weapons” might be Kalashnikovs or “maybe more than that.”

He also said intelligence seems to indicate that commercial centers and shopping malls are targets — not schools or metros.

“The most important threat is on some shops and some shopping centers…more shopping centers and other kinds of commercial activities,” he said. Schools and subways in Brussels are currently closed but are set to reopen Wednesday.

Reynders said officials have received a tremendous number of tips about suspected attacker and fugitive Salah Abdeslam, who authorities said fled the scene in Paris and returned to his hometown in the Brussels area the morning after the shooting. But Reynders said he is confident Abdeslam will be captured.

6. I think fuel trucks coming from the Islamic State possibly to Turkey have been hit by Russia? Not sure.

(Google translate reads this: “Izaz first moments warplanes to target the Russian freight cars to a garage in the city” Un hunh)

7. Women wearing a burqa will be fined £6,500 in Switzerland after local referendum to bring in the rule

(If the population of religious muslims, aka ‘mustards’, is high enough and concentrated enough the first time a cop tries to write a ticket or force payment for this new act it will result in Switzerland’s first mass car burning, rioting, dead police and burned police stations as that is how muslims everywhere manage to make sure similar laws elsewhere are only to keep the kafir calm while they are being branded and made ready for slaughter)

Women who wear full face veils in public in a Swiss state could be fined up to £6,500 under new rules imposed by the local government.

Females muslims will be banned from wearing the burqa in shops, restaurants or public buildings in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino.

The local government in the southern Swiss state approved the ban after a referendum in September 2013 saw two in three voters backing the move.

According to the Local, the Ticino government had wanted to ban burqas and niqabs as well as masks worn by demonstrators and balaclavas.

However, MPs voted for a law that only applies to veils worn by some Muslim women and makes no exceptions for tourists visiting the area.

The minimum fine is 100 francs (£65) and women can be given a penalty of up to 10,000 francs (£6,500).

8. Poland’s new PM says the country will not accept an EU quota of 4,500 refugees in the wake of the Paris terror attacks

Poland’s new Prime Minister says her country will refuse to take in 4,500 refugees as part of an EU quota blaming the Paris terror attacks.

Beata Szydlo said her government was not prepared to accept the quota system, saying the massacres in the French capital had ‘changed the situation.’

Hundreds of thousands of people have reached Europe as Syrian refugees in recent months, including at least one using a passport found at the scene of one of the Paris attacks.

Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo, who says her country will refuse to take in 4,500 refugees in wake of Paris terror attacks. She spoke without the EU flag flying in the background 

Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo, who says her country will refuse to take in 4,500 refugees in wake of Paris terror attacks. She spoke without the EU flag flying in the background

The man is thought to have travelled into Europe with another, who blew himself up near the Stade de France.

Poland’s previous centre-right pro-EU government backed the deal to take in 4,500 refugees in September.

9. Sam Harris, against his own better judgment, gave an interview to a publication he himself holds in contempt. After agreeing to his terms they then appear to have published his article as they wanted to while utterly ignoring the terms they agreed to, in order to get him to do the interview. Here is a link to the whole thing with the parts Salon edited out, put back in by Mr. Harris from his own notes.

European countries cannot accept so many refugees, the French prime minister has been quoted as saying.

Manuel Valls told journalists if stricter controls were not imposed on the EU’s external borders, then people would say “enough of Europe”.

Europe’s border controls have come under renewed scrutiny since the attacks in Paris on 13 November.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel met Mr Valls and President Francois Hollande in Paris on Wednesday evening.

Many of the hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees who have entered the EU since August have headed through the Western Balkans to Germany, which expects around one million asylum applications this year alone.

11. Anonymous includes Barack Obama and the BBC in its list of targets it is going after as part of an offensive against the Islamic State.

(And frankly, it would take more evidence to prove them wrong at this stage than prove them right I think)

Thank you M., Buck, Wrath of Khan, Gates of Vienna, Oz-Rita and many more and much more to come today.

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6 Replies to “What was in those Islamic State tunnels? Links 2 on Nov. 25 – 2015”

  1. 9. Sam Harris: “These people are part of what Maajid Nawaz has termed the “regressive Left”—pseudo-liberals who are so blinded by identity politics that they reliably take the side of a backward mob over one of its victims. Rather than protect individual women, apostates, intellectuals, cartoonists, novelists, and true liberals from the intolerance of religious imbeciles, they protect these theocrats from criticism.”

    Sam is complaining these Dog-eat-Dog cannibals are not going to switch over to his side. These weak before the strong, strong before the weak outraged vanities are going to let the Lamb simply skip by? Whether dining on dying souls in Islam, minds in Socialism, or bodies with the Preferential – they know they each are slaves of their outward imprint. None has the inspiration of individual choice.

    They attack Sam Harris therefore, because he only offers these hungry something they do not have: reason, the Daily Bread of ‘every word of God’ while they demand Pride, Welfare, and a Prophet to serve.

    A failed religion has to rape, a failed economic system has to plunder, and failed Men have to destroy fatherhood. This world littered with children ‘crying out to be filled’ who grow up themselves to exploit the vulnerable just as they were traumatized, to rend the pursuit of happiness and become Legion – those filled by many voices in their heads not their own.

    Church leaders who traded themselves for an Everlasting Life, will terrorize by the power of the Scare Crow, and indulge in the elixier of their Creation of a strange element – the child who does openly laugh and riddicle, but hushed to not blaspheme the artificial creations of Allah, State or Man. Broken in soul, mind and body. #justprayer. That’s all you have to do.. Just repeat the Non-Pagan Prayer as if it actually were a prayer in itself, a sacred prayer at that, and not just a reference of how to pray: You’re not God, give me wisdom, forgive seven time seventy times, and avoid Idiots.

  2. #1 In these days of twilight I have discovered the sweetest honey, the nervous fearful bleating of ‘Allahu Ackbar’ by ragheads in fear of composting. I suppose I should scold myself for being so cold. But, fuck that.

    • They say it when they’re killing, that’s orgasm. They whimper it when they’re on the other end. It’s confusing.

      Unnerving. The sound of gang rape, shooting a man in a parachute, like that. I mute it fast.

    • The fear that their miserable colourless lives, having been reduced to barter from the day they were born, is all there is. Everything else with freedom and abundance is over on the other side.

      ISIS is The Last Chance Saloon at the End of The Universe. Muslims always go out with a bang.

  3. #9″Given that the Islamic world has not always been what it is today, and has at times been more civilized than the Christian world, ”

    Sam Harris isn’t some one I would look to for information on the history of Islam. He is basically a leftard atheist. Atheists have figured out half the problem then quit following the logic that brought them there.

    • The essence of the issue so succinctly qualified, Bl@ckbird.

      The deception of Moral Relativism never solved anything, except that is to be taken over and controlled by boardrooms of placated vanities who can’t achieve anything.

      This Asperger therefore, had better be wary of the different breeds of humanity that Multiculturalism has brought into the ‘Safe Space of Mecca’ as equals. They can smell his blood. He is not one of them and they cannot deduce logic. Those of Alba (Absent Left Brain Attenuation) who ride around in packs. The era of the individual will soon be outbred and cured.

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