Islam leaves a footprint everywhere it goes that nearly always has a high nitrogen content: Links 1 on Nov. 25 – 2015

1. Hungary detains group heading to capital with explosives, finds bomb lab

Hungarian anti-terrorist police last week detained four people heading to the capital with explosives in their car, and found a bomb-making laboratory set up for a mass killing, the unit’s chief said on Tuesday, declining to rule out a link to Islamist militants.

Security has been tightened for senior officials entitled to “top protection”, the Counter Terrorism Centre said in a statement.

The center’s director general, Janos Hajdu, said the suspects had been detained last week as police stepped up investigations that touched on the security of these officials, whom he declined to name.

After the suspects in the car were detained, a subsequent house search revealed a bomb-making laboratory with “explosives and devices that were suitable for killing people to the utmost extent”, Hajdu told the state television channel M1.

He said police had also caught two other people with submachine guns, ammunition and silencers in their car, and that it was not clear whether the two groups were connected.

Asked whether the suspects had jihadist links, he said: “Let me reply to that in the next few days.”

2. Suppressed Truth: Waves of Refugees, Trafficking in Weapons and Children

The border guards on the Austrian side are sympathetic and let the “refugees” with children through first. Sometimes, according to reports, after the “refugees” cross the border, they drop the children somewhere and go on their way.

The truth is, the children are not theirs at all. It is presently being investigated whether such abandoned children have been abducted for this purpose along the route through the Balkans. The observations described here are of actual incidents from recent days.

3. Thugs hurling stones, cars set on fire and refugee children aged five escorted to school by POLICE: Inside the once tranquil Swedish village where residents are at war with migrants housed at emergency centre

A tranquil Swedish village has been torn apart by bitter tensions after the arrival of 20 refugee families, MailOnline can reveal.

Tärnsjö, 150km north of Stockholm, has become a hotbed of resentment where migrant children as young as five need a police escort to get to school.

Residents and newcomers have exchanged insults, thrown rocks and set fire to cars, leaving many on both sides scared to leave the safety of their homes.

Terrified: Children like these have been caught up in tensions between locals and migrants in Tärnsjö, where stones have been thrown and cars set alight - as well as insults hurled at children on their way to school
(Well. That’s working out well, ism’t it?)
4. Obama’s Former CIA Director Morell: Obama Didn’t Hit ISIS’s Oil Because Of Environmental Damage
(I would argue the environmental aspect was an excuse not to attack not a reason. It didn’t seem to be a problem in Libya whatsoever)

5. Dir. Defense agency 2012 – 2014 at member CENTCOM on Obama intel briefings on Islamic State

(Even this guy pushes the ‘hijacked version of islam’ meme like it was true)

6. UN refugee chief says Japan should accept more refugees

(They can have ours)

TOKYO – Japan should be doing more to help with the global catastrophe of asylum seekers, the head of the UN refugee body said Wednesday.

Antonio Guterres, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, told reporters in Tokyo that he was discussing the problem with Japanese officials and “would like the Japanese government to push its actions … to increase the number of people resettled in Japan, and especially now to look into the humanitarian admissions of Syrians.”

Japan is a major donor of humanitarian aid but accepts very few refugees each year, and the country’s reluctance to allow in more is raising controversy given the crises festering in Europe and elsewhere.

7. No warnings from Turkish jets before attack

8. Member of Sweden’s Green Party cries when immigration policy was tightened

(Perhaps she should go live in the KSA or Afghanistan for a while to get a better sense of the joy she should be feeling)

9. Here is a better than average compilation video explaining the simple obvious facts about islam and its teachings.

(It really is noteworthy that we live in a time now where truth is rare and heretical even though it is now easier by orders of magnitude to get information than ever before in Human History)

10. Greek Macedonian border

11. Sergei Lavrov notes some of the odd anomalies in how the destruction of its aircraft was handled and the death of its pilot.

12. Dutch citizens welcome decidedly not-wanted Islamic invaders with a meal of rare pork

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Buck, Gates of Vienna, TL., and many more. More to come most certainly.

For a small laugh, someone pulled down an Islamic State propaganda page on the dark web and replaced it with an add for Viagra. The interesting thing is that its a near perfect copy of the opening scenes of Homeland Season 5.

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2 Replies to “Islam leaves a footprint everywhere it goes that nearly always has a high nitrogen content: Links 1 on Nov. 25 – 2015”

  1. 11/ Maybe for the best.
    Time for Turkmen to pay down some massive karmic debt. Their outsize participation – unbridled bloodlust – in the Armenian genocide is well overdue for its reckoning.

    Turkey has extensive economic ties with Russia and both stand to lose. Ripple effects have already started.

    e.g. Lavrov said Russians may no longer be safe in Turkey. That immediately shuts off Russian tourism to Turkey, or about 12% of Turkey’s annual tourist revenue.

    Poor Russkis! Just as cold darkness closes in, cheap winter getaways are becoming scarce. No more Egypt, no more Turkey.

    • Not bad. Reuters gets news a day after we do. My Russki’s son in Kiev emailed him that his upcoming Christmas trip to Turkey was cancelled.

      Russia seeks economic revenge against Turkey over jet

      Russia threatened economic retaliation against Turkey on Thursday and said it was still awaiting a reasonable explanation for the shooting down of its warplane, but Turkey dismissed the threats as “emotional” and “unfitting”.
      Turkey’s action infuriated Russia, but Moscow’s response has been carefully calibrated. There is little sign it wants a military escalation, or to jeopardize its main objective in the region: to rally international support for its view on how the conflict in Syria should be resolved.

      But it clearly wants to punish Turkey economically.

      The head of Russia’s tourism agency, Rostourism, said cooperation with Turkey would “obviously” be halted. At least two large Russian tour operators had already said they would stop selling packages to Turkey after Russian officials advised holidaymakers against traveling to its resorts.

      Russians are second only to Germans in terms of the numbers visiting Turkey, bringing in an estimated $4 billion a year in tourism revenues, which Turkey needs to help fund its gaping current account deficit.
      Medvedev meanwhile said Russia may impose restrictions on food imports within days, having already increased checks of Turkish agriculture products, its first public move to curb trade.

      Moscow banned most Western food imports in 2014 when Western countries imposed sanctions on Russia over its role in the Ukraine crisis, leading to supply disruptions as retailers had to find new suppliers and galloping inflation.
      The row has also put a brake on new wheat deals between Russia, one of the world’s largest wheat exporters, and Turkey, the largest buyer of Russian wheat.

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