NATO member Turkey shoots down Russian jet

Dear USA:

I get that you are afraid of large scale black rioting if you impeach Obama and remove him from office. But I would ask you to weigh the costs of that against his engineering a military loss to the Islamic State or to Russia or a nuclear exchange. Unthinkable? Ask yourselves if I had said 9 years ago that we would find ourselves where we are today if that was also unthinkable. We know that the ROE in every conflict under Obama against religious muslims either by design or by accident has guaranteed a loss. In Iraq, Afghanistan and now against the IS. The only battles the US won created space for the IS to assimilate such as Libya and in a way, Egypt.

Turkey shooting down a Russian fighter strikes me as a move designed to put major powers in between the Russians and the Islamic State. So the cost of impeachment of Barack Obama may be immeasurably lower than the cost of keeping him in for another year.

From the Independent:

Turkey has shot down a Russian military jet which it says violated its airspace near the Syrian border.

The Russian Defence Ministry and Turkish Presidency, quoted in Russian and Turkish media reports, have both described the plane as Russian, and video posted by the Haberturk TV station appeared to show the jet coming down in flames.

A military official, quoted by Turkey’s Dogan news agency, said the plane was shot down by Turkish F16s, and that the pilot was given prior warning.

Various reports described the plane as coming down in hostile Syrian territory, and the fate of the two pilots on board was unknown.

(Video of take down and more photos at link above)


The photo below is alleged to be of the Russian pilot shot to death by captors as he attempted to maneuver his landing into safe territory













Pilot identified here:



Thank you Tundra Tabloids, WTD., Oz-Rita, Wrath of Khan,  and others who sent in material on this insane story.

There is currently disagreement on where the Russian aircraft was when it was shot down. But one thing is for sure. Whatever muslim filmed it, was delighted by it.

UPDATE: Video showing cluster of delighted religious muslims surrounding body of dead Russian pilot

UPDATE 2 RT live feed on this story

Putin Press conf.

UPDATE 2 Related story on IS shooting down Russian aircraft with SAM

(Where would these dune dwellers get weapons that can defeat Russian counter measures?)


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21 Replies to “NATO member Turkey shoots down Russian jet”

  1. Wrong move…NATO in favor for Daesh…
    What about Paris, monsieur? What about Europe, …WW \|/ ?
    …For some oil?
    …For a bunch of killers?
    …For nothing…

  2. DAILY MAIL – Syrian rebels chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ over body of dead Russian pilot after Turkey shoots down jet for violating its air-space… then chopper searching for co-pilot is blown up by anti-Assad troops

    Turkish army has shot down a Russian Sukhoi Su-24 war plane near its Syrian border, officials confirm
    The Russian jet had violated Turkish air space and ignored ten warnings in five minutes, army says
    Putin called Turkey’s decision to shoot down the plane a ‘stab in the back by the terrorists’ accomplices’
    Russia claims the jet, which crashed in Syria’s Turkomen Mountains, had been in Syrian airspace when it was hit
    In response, Turkish army released flight tracking data showing where the jet violated its airspace
    One pilot dead, the other reportedly captured by Turkmen – ethnic Turks subjected to Russian airstrikes this week

  3. the Blaze – Following Shoot-Down of Russian Jet, Obama Says ‘Turkey Has the Right to Defend Its Territory and Air Space’

    Amid questions over Turkey shooting down a Russian plane, President Barack Obama said much of the problem is Russia’s lack of focus in fighting the Islamic State.

    “Turkey, like every country has the right to defend its territory and air space,” Obama said Tuesday during a joint press conference with French President Francois Hollande. “It’s important right now to make sure Turkey and Russia are talking to each other.”

    But Obama went on to criticize the policy of the Russian government for trying to keep Syrian dictator Bashar Assad in power.

    “It points to an ongoing problem with Russian operations in that they are operating close to a Turkish border and going after Syrian rebels,” Obama said. “If Russia concentrated on ISIL, some of those conflicts are less likely to occur.”

    “Our view from the start, Russia is welcome to be part of this broad-based coalition,” Obama continued. “The problem has been Russia’s focus with propping up Assad rather than ISIL.”

    Hollande said, “We must prevent an escalation,” and that the U.S., France, Turkey and Russia must work together to combat the Islamic State and find a political solution in Syria.

  4. Turkish hypocrisy:

    A formation of Turkish fighter jets violated Greek airspace a total of 20 times on Wednesday before being chased off by Greek aircraft, Kathimerini English reports.

    A total of six Turkish fighter jets flying in formation carried out repeated violations of Greek airspace, according to the newspaper, which is one of the most respected in Greece. The reported violations took place in Greek airspace over the north, central, and southern Aegean Sea

    • Rotten filth, heinous Turk, as if Greece doesn’t have enough problems. Toxic waste poured all over her beautiful islands.

      I hope Tsipras has paid sufficient homage to Uncle Vlad – like King Abdullah of Jordan, Sissi and Bibi. Hollande’s now looking east as well.

      0’s struck a dagger through the heart of NATO.

  5. Turkmen says his forces killed two Russian pilots

    Turkmen commander Alpaslan Celik says the pilots of a Russian war plane downed in Syria were shot dead by his forces as they fell from the sky

  6. Erdogan is financing the “refugees” into Greece and then Europe. Was this action an attempt to draw NATO forces into the Syrian shooting war?

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