The degree to which our cultures have been subverted and neutered is staggering. Canada and the US are about to undergo massive change: Links 2 on Nov. 22 – 2015

1. Hannity with Ted Cruz on Obama’s policies and the ‘refugee’ proposals

(I think the number of ‘syrians’ trying to sneak into the US via Mexico now is in the low 20s)

2. Islamic State appoints ‘regional leader’ in Bangladesh; threatens more attacks

Dhaka: Islamic State terror group has appointed a ‘regional leader’ in Bangladesh and threatened more attacks on the “crusaders and their allies” wherever they may be found.

“The soldiers of the Khilafah in Bengal pledged their allegiance to the Khalifah Ibrahim (Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi), unified their ranks, nominated a regional leader, gathered behind him and dissolved their former factions,” the outfit said in an article in its latest online magazine ‘Dabiq’.

3. Trump reminds us of the news reports of huge numbers of muslims who cheered as the WTC came down. In fact I also remember that but that aspect of the story got crushed fast.

(There is also no video of OJ Simpson driving down the highways of LA in a slow moving white Bronco with a gun to his own head as he screamed, “I killed my wife” on the internet but that also happened and it was on every TV set in the Western World)

4. Subtitled IS threat video to Israel made in Oct. 2015

5. Iranians who claim to be refugees, are sewing their mouths shut or taping their mounts shut with thread inside the tape to look like they sewed it shut to protest countries not breaking their own laws to let them in and support them

(On what basis are these men refugees I wonder)

6. Chinese police use a FLAMETHROWER on ‘Muslim terror suspects’ after grenades and tear gas fail to lure them from cave

Chinese forces used a flamethrower to force more than 10 ‘terrorists’ from a cave in the western Xinjiang region in the hunt for what Beijing has called foreign-led extremists.

China said security forces had recently killed 28 members of a group that carried out a deadly attack at a coal mine in Aksu in September.

In its account, which could not be independently verified, the official People’s Liberation Army Daily said armed police had tracked the attackers into the mountains ‘like eagles discovering their prey’.

On the hunt: Armed officers spent 56 days hunting a group Beijing says were 'Muslim terrorists'. This image is from September as they hone in on their targets

On the hunt: Armed officers spent 56 days hunting a group Beijing says were ‘Muslim terrorists’. This image is from September as they hone in on their targets

(I would be reluctant to eat anywhere in Xinjiang for a while)

Soldiers and military personnel at a Kingston, Ont. base are being asked to clear their barracks to make room for an early wave of Syrian refugees arriving in just over a week, CTV News has learned.

Multiple residences at CFB Kingston are being cleared for Nov. 30 to house the refugees, according to an internal memo obtained by CTV News.

The orders will also affect some officer cadets attending the Royal Military College, many of whom are nearing exams.

(Go to the link and watch 2 videos punctuated by commercials on this to get an idea of how the Liberals are handling this issue. There is no way they can vet 1000 non documented people a day. Who is selecting them as ‘refugees’?)

RelatedUp to 900 Syrian refugees a day to land in Toronto, Montreal: document

As many as 900 Syrian refugees could land each day in Toronto and Montreal starting as early as Dec. 1, according to a government document obtained by CTV News.

“Operation Syrian Refugees” shows the majority of the Syrians will come from camps in Lebanon, Jordan and perhaps Turkey.

The refugees will fly out of Amman, Jordan, beginning as early as Dec. 1, at rate of up to 900 per day or 6,300 per week.

8. Jewish group in Germany urges limit to refugee influx

(Is there any way that these German Jewish people can come to Canada and the US and lecture Jewish groups here that are determined to enforce cultural Marxism uber alles and threaten the existence of the diaspora as a whole in the Americas?)


The Central Council of Jews in Germany called Monday for a limit to the migrant influx because of problems with integrating the mainly Muslim newcomers, earning a quick rebuke from a pro-refugee charity.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government has opened the doors to asylum seekers fleeing conflict in Syria, and arrivals from the war-torn country and other trouble spots are expected to reach one million this year.

“Sooner or later we won’t have a choice but to set an upper limit,” the council’s president Josef Schuster told Die Welt daily.

“Many of the refugees are fleeing the terror of the Islamic State and want to live in peace and freedom, but at the same time they come from cultures where hatred of Jews and intolerance are an integral part.

“Don’t just think about the Jews, think about the equality between men and women, or dealing with homosexuals,” he added.

(Good luck playing the gay card. Homosexuals and women are more loyal to Marx than to their own well being by any measure)

9. Thornhill high school evacuated following bomb threat

Westmount collegiate in Thornhill, Ontario was evacuated Monday morning, November 23, as a precaution following a possible threat. The neighborouhods surrounding the school are known as predominantly Jewish.

Police condoned off the school complex and conducted a thorough search inside its premises. Police and CTV helicopters were hovering the sky and two fire trucks were deployed in the area.

Update: Around noon after almost three hours, the Police determined that the school is safe, wrapped up its operations and the students started returning to the school.

In recent years several incidents of spray-painted anti-Semitic graffiti were reported in Vaughan. On October 31, 2015, unknown individual(s) spray-painted on Saturday () the word “Jews” on a sign placed by the Parks and Forestry Department of the City of Vaughan, Ontario at Concord/ Thornhill Regional Park located at 299 Racco Parkway.

10. Obama out of touch with the nature of the threat

11. Prince Charles is selling a pudding and kool aid combo package at a deep discount

(May the lord bless and keep QE2 alive and healthy for as long as possible)

Prince Charles has said that he thinks the Syrian civil war was started partly due to a drought in the region six years ago, which he blames on climate change.



13.  Muslim migrant combines anger and sorrow for the cameras while warning others to shut up lest they blow his act.

14. A Swedish organization makes a ‘Not Welcome to Sweden’ add in English to discourage the migrant hordes. (Facebook video)

Thank you Dan F., M., Nicolai Sennels, CB Sashenka, Gates of Vienna, M., and all. Its already a busy day even if just a hang over from yesterday. But today brings its own new set of horrors and revelations.

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10 Replies to “The degree to which our cultures have been subverted and neutered is staggering. Canada and the US are about to undergo massive change: Links 2 on Nov. 22 – 2015”

  1. Well — it’s not only our culture which has been subverted (to give a wide berth to Islam); it is our very own government.
    I’m too exhausted at present to expend any more energy in stating for the upteenth time that our government has chosen to be Sharia-compliant.
    Our leaders are traitors to every LEGAL foundation of our American nation.
    Yet the American people look the other way, as if such denial will win for them peace and prosperity. They WANT to believe the pernicious, malicious, lying media — so that they may enjoy Monday night football.
    These MEN will be sorry for their neglect of their primary duty: to protect and defend their families.
    When their four-year-old daughters are raped by savages, maybe then they will wake up.

  2. Sewing their mouths shut!!! A lunatic stunt like should disqualify them from being considered for entry into Western Civilization. If they had tried this at Ellis Island a hundred+ years ago, they would have been sent back to …. wherever they came from.

  3. “Homosexuals and women are more loyal to Marx than to their own well being by any measure”

    What utter rubbish.

    Who was the 1st European counter-jihad martyr? Pim Fortuyn,a gay man.

    Who was the only mainstream islam commentator in the UK who said people should listen to and talk to EDL? Douglas Murray, a gay man.

    Who was the only UKIP candidate deselected weeks before the last UK General Election, for speaking the truth about islam? A gay man.

    Who runs Sharia Watch? A gay woman.

    Who wrote the book on the grooming gangs? A gay man.

    Just because some of the prominent Leftists who support islamistion are gay, does not mean that they represent the views of gay men and women by any means. To claim they do is simply prejudice against homosexuals.

    • Than you for the comment.

      Perhaps I should have said ‘official gay groups and official feminist channels’. I think that is a fair statement. Phyllis Chesler has written extensively on the phenomenon in terms of feminist groups as has Christina Hoff Sommers. In fact it would be more accurate still to say that organizations initially created to represent homosexuals and women’s interests have been so thoroughly penetrated and subverted by cultural Marxists that they operate in those interests even at the expense of their original charters. I think this is also fair and highly defensible as ‘queers for Palestine’ illustrates. To the credit of your argument I believe they were disallowed to march in the most recent Toronto gay pride event.

      Even so, thanks to the same process that has co-opted most university aged young adults, via identity politics, those who belong to the groups see their hand in politically correct poker and get the game and tend to play.

      The exceptions as you name them neither smash the rule nor prove it. Thankfully there are always exceptions. Jewish people for instance appear to be split around 50 50 with respect to their views on islam as a threat to themselves and civilization as a whole. Interestingly the split on Hitler must have been similar given the fact that he managed to exterminate half the world’s Jewish population in a few years. The ones who truly understood the threat likely made an effort to get out of the way or fight.

      The half of Jews on board with the Islamic transformation of the world or who refuse to accept the reality of it are the ones being held out to the public as the example of how ‘jews think’. Likewise, the fact that gay publications and organizations seem to hate Israel and conservatives and anyone who opposes the deconstruction and redefinition of marriage far more than a religion of over a billion who would rape little boys while killing adult gay people for being gay.

      I agree with your comment over all though. Some of the most important voices most definitely are from the feminist, gay and Jewish camps. Perhaps noticed exactly for that reason. We can’t know for sure for another 50 years when the statistical noise dies down.

  4. 3)

    Trump Reads Article He Says Vindicates Memory of People Celebrating WTC (nbcnews, video, Nov 24, 2015)

    “Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says that once word got out about his recollection of people in New Jersey celebrating the fall of the World Trade Center Towers, that he got hundreds of phone calls supporting his memory. Then Mr. Trump reads an article from the Sept 18th, 2001, Washington Post, which he says vindicates his memories.”

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