Playing catch up: Horrors, news and deflection from the truth. The New Normal: Links 1 on Nov. 18 – 2015

Last night I was AFK for quite a while as I had to go out of town on related work. It was great, but of course all hell broke loose the second the car hit city limits. Thanks to all of you who kept readers up to date on events with comments in the daily links post.

And now, we try and catch up and sort it out.

1. Paris gets attacked again.

France is at war, calls for large anti IS coalition.

(It is interesting that Ruptly titles it Anti IS and not the Obama Patented ISIL)

(The French leader should be apprised that terrorism is a tactic and you cannot wage war on it. Its like waging a war against burning things or wearing camouflage. His war is with islam but the French have not taken enough damage yet to force truth into the narrative)

2. European Union, upset that people are starting to arm themselves in self defense against the European Union policy of letting in millions of muslims who hate Europe, are going to implement restrictions on buying guns for the public showing that they are ready to sacrifice not just the Jews, as I wrote before but now all people and especicially the working poor and their children (who typically live in the areas the governments cede to the muslims

3. Saint Denis wrap up: 2 dead, 7 arrested in massive raid near Paris

3b. Police in St. Denis France chop down Church door where they suspect the mastermind of last week’s attacks may be holed up

4. French police raid that left two jihadis dead ‘prevented terror cell from attacking Charles de Gaulle airport’… but mystery remains over whether they have caught Paris massacre mastermind

A French police raid where a female terrorist blew herself up and another jihadi was killed by a grenade was to stop a new ISIS double terror attack on Paris, security sources claimed today.

More than 100 armed officers stormed a flat in Saint-Denis this morning believing Paris massacres mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud, 27, was inside with six other terrorists – but the French authorities will not say if he was there or if he is dead or alive.

A female terrorist believed to be Abaaoud’s jihadi bride or cousin blew herself up with a suicide vest and another suspect died during the six-hour siege where five people were taken alive and arrested. Two more suspects were held ‘nearby’.

State broadcaster France 2 has claimed the group was a ‘fourth unit’ on top of the three who killed 129 on Friday and were planning simultaneous attacks with AK-47s and bombs on Charles de Gaulle airport and the Quatre Temps shopping centre in the city’s business district, Le Défense.

The Saint-Denis siege started at 4.25am when SWAT teams and special forces surrounded the building after security services hunting for Abaaoud spent days watching flats and tapping phones.

A woman ‘with long blonde hair’ is said to have fired her AK-47 at police before blowing herself up as an assault squad stormed their hideout. A seven-year-old sniffer dog called Diesel sent into the block to look for booby traps was killed in the blast. Another terror suspect was killed by a grenade blast.

The stand-off ended as a bloodied and half-naked suspect was dragged out of the apartment close to the Stade de France at 10.24am.

At least five police were injured in the ferocious gunfight including one shot in the foot seen being carried from the scene. Witnesses told MailOnline their street was ‘turned into a warzone’ after long periods of intense machine gun fire and at least seven large explosions, caused by the suicide bomber and hand grenades. There were no hostages involved.

Scroll down for video 

Mystery suspect: Hooded police officers pull a man arrested in the gun battle through crowds of other officers and soldiers as the Saint-Denis siege ended after six hours

Mystery suspect: Hooded police officers pull a man arrested in the gun battle through crowds of other officers and soldiers as the Saint-Denis siege ended after six hours

(I would say This is significant)

The president of the Czech Republic has said opponents of Islam should not be referred to as extremists at a rally today advocating closing the Republic’s borders to Muslim migrants.

Speaking to a crowd this afternoon that included observers from Germany’s PEGIDA movement and Britain’s Tommy Robinson, president Miloš Zeman was a guest of the Czech political action group ‘Block Against Islam’.

Speaking on stage, the president said nobody else would be able to dictate to the Czech people, and took aim at the mainstream media, which he accused of “massaging” the migrant crisis for their own ends. He took a strong position defending free speech, remarking that everyone had the right to an opinion, but Czechs should never try to silence people with opposite views.

6. Turkish Soccer Fans Chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ During Moment of Silence for Paris Victims

(Gonna be tough for France to preserve the multi culti utopia when this sort of thing keeps happening. Of course their pledge to take another 30,000 muslims with no security check will supress any natural tendencies)

(The thing is, there is no way of knowing that the fans are Turkish cause they don’t check passports at the games. BUt you can know that anyone who screams “allah hu ackbar” at a minute of silence for dead kafirs is almost certainly a muslim. So now we see that even Breitbart, wittingly or unwittingly is a purveyor of the narrative)

7. Terror Suspects Had Planned Attack On Paris Business District

(Breitbart emphasizes the importance of this with a historic size font in the description)

A woman suicide bomber blew herself up and another militant died when police raided the apartment in the St. Denis suburb as part of the investigation into last week’s coordinated bombings and shootings.

“The police forces were looking for terrorists who were preparing another attack on the basis of information from the (local) counter-terrorism services and overseas,” said the source close to the investigation.

“This new team was planning an attack on La Defense.”

The French interior ministry declined to confirm or deny the information.

Officials said police had been hunting Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a Belgian Islamist militant accused of ordering the Nov. 13 attack, but more than eight hours after the launch of the pre-dawn raid it was still unclear if they had found him.

8. TORONTO Canada:

Peel cops shoot suspected suicide bomber

First posted: | Updated:

Green spray paint at the corner of Golden Orchard Dr. and Grand Forks Rd., in Mississauga, marks the spot where a man, 26, was shot by Peel Regional Police early Saturday. (CHRIS DOUCETTE, Toronto Sun)

Hours after the horrific terror attacks in Paris, a stand-off unfolded between police officers and a suspected suicide bomber in a Mississauga neighbourhood, the Toronto Sun has learned.

French officials were still counting their dead when Peel Regional Police officers ended a frightening confrontation by opening fire on the 26-year-old man at Golden Orchard Dr. and Grand Forks Rd. — near Bloor St. and Dixie Rd. — shortly after 2 a.m. Saturday.

In the aftermath of the shooting, police downplayed the incident saying only that the call involved “an emotionally disturbed person.”

But the presence of the service’s Explosive Disposal Unit and heavily armed Tactical officers at the scene suggested a far more serious threat was afoot.

A source, who asked not to be named, revealed to Sun on Monday that the bomb squad responded because the man in question was wearing what appeared to be a suicide vest and holding what looked like a triggering device.


Than you Tundra Tabloids, Buck, M., PP. WhupTdue, and many more and there is considerable horror to come. Some disturbing revelations about treatment of the bodies in the first Paris attack on the 13th seems imminent for example. More later.

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  1. “A woman ‘with long blonde hair’ is said to have fired her AK-47 at police before blowing herself up as an assault squad stormed their hideout. ”

    There is a reason the Stockholm Syndrome was named after the Swedes. Highly suggestible. From Socialists to dhimmis of pseudo-male lovers. The only ‘real man’ she ever met. Muslims know it, feminists hunger for it. Sounds nice, from God to man to woman… except this wasn’t the path at all, and this double-phoney had only the suicide vest left. No Allah to get her out of that. Bitchsplat. Kindermadrassers.

    • For women, Socialism is an open prison. Islam is a prison for men. False utopias of gender supremacy sold to both, if only they serve State or Allah respectively, and their egos took the bit. The only way down now is Hell, a Communism of no free expression for women or an Allah with no free expression for men. Their opposite genders deliberately educated against their natures so that they become bored, underachieving, awakened sexperts and unable to counteract the memes their madame/masters are living under.

      So women join Islam for release, the intelligent burkh’d can walk incognito on every Western surveillance camera’d building, street and Googlephile, and in rage will kill the fem-men that made this beautiful world into a sewer of incriminating information.

      Muslims do convert too, to the consciousless infantalized males, to tattoo, to become alcoholics, drug addicts, Charlie Sheen’s, and then they grasp at One Last Chance of Salvation, to Supercharge the Religion of Peace.

      The Useful Idiots – the Socialists – have written their own death warrants. All they can do is repent in secret, (because the Way of Jesus is legislated a hate crime in all nations if it isn’t “God Loves You Just The Way You Are”), or men turn to Mother Communism, to take her role of motherhood completely away from her- to the correctional nurseries – to never hurt men. Equal by Designation. They will never know god, but then she will never know gaia. Sweet is such revenge, unless Allah gets there first as women join up.

      • If I were Putin looking at Obama or Teressa May building police forces for defending their governments, these two females reacting to type to purge from within, would not displease him.

        If I were a Saudi King, I would not mind that Ali and Hussein – emptied of souls -in the Muslim Parliaments, the arming the Mosques, were reacting to type to purge from without, shooting while talking peace.

        Islam, Socialism and Born That Ways, are hypnotised into the fascination of porn, the only chance of a glimse of Everlasting Life they can ever have by not waking up. (Inverted-mating is still mating in Allah’s Kingdom, all’s good).

  2. No, froggy, not a war. Even if it were, NATO is no longer in service.

    Uncle Vlad can surely relate: Moscow’s lousy with Muslims. He just lost 224 Russian civilians when that passenger plane was downed over Sharm el-Sheikh. Didn’t get nearly enough sympathy, feels kind of slighted, or so they say…[RT and Sputnik]

    What you’ve got is your very own Intifada.

    Perhaps the veteran Geneva negotiating team can give you mouth-2-mouth. That’s just something they do. Oops, they’re all Shitte and you’re in Sunni-doodo?

    Well, Federica Mogherini’s oh-so- clever, she’ll meet with the folks in your banlieue parisienne dangereuse. She’ll discern the legitimate voices of the neglected, the disenfranchised, the oppressed.

    Together with Ban Ki-moon, they’ll divvy up Paris along the lines you guys are pressing on the Eternal City of Jerusalem.

    • Europe – some countries – may be taking a second look at stamping der Juden on imports from the nation-state of the Jewish people. Some – not all – because cowardly appeasers will appease, and suicidal Jew-haters will throw the Jew under the first bus and themselves under the next one.

      Israel said to mull downgrading ties with Europeans over labeling

      “Israel has reportedly decided upon punitive measures against 16 European countries that pushed the European Union’s foreign policy chief to promote an initiative to label products made in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.
      The measures against the countries are expected to include reprimanding ambassadors of all 16 countries and limiting their contact with Israeli officials to meetings with low-level staffers, according to a Wednesday report in Hebrew-language daily Yedioth Ahronoth.
      Jerusalem may also minimize the amount of expertise it shares with Europe on issues like
      fighting terror and dealing with migrants. […]
      European Parliament Delegation Calls Israeli Product Labeling ‘a Mistake’

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