The ‘acceptable circle of confusion’, defined by openness of eye, grows narrower now. Links 2 on Nov. 7 – 2015

1. Anti-Islam T-Shirt Goes On Sale At U.S. Military Base, Outrage Follows

2. Anti Israel groups, even ethnically Jewish ones are getting considerably more aggressive in attacking supporters of Israel and classical liberals. This article by Phyllis Chesler gives a good indicator of how far they will go at the moment, which means you can plot a curve to how far they will go in a year’s time. I post this only because those people who support the views generally expressed by this website and others may likely find themselves blindsided by a group like this, tricking you into thinking you are making a public stand for your own views when really you are being ‘Sorosed’.  Oratori cavendum.

3. South Park, one of the best social commentary TV shows of all time in my opinion and certainly one of the bravest if not the most courageous one, has done something quite different this season. Every episode has been about the deleterious effect of political correctness on a once free society. Every episode has been on this topic and they have even had unprecedented character changes based on it. It may or may not be as funny as South park traditionally is, and a lot of the jokes are somewhat dependent on being familiar with the characters and previous episodes, but the point shines through in every episode of Season 19. Below is one scene of one episode from this season.

It is telling of the state of things in the US that the writers of South Park would choose to do this season this way. It is also telling that you can probably be thrown out of an institution, whether it is a large company or a school if you tell the simple, demonstrable truth that Bruce Jenner and all men like him are not women, but surgically assisted transvestites and pretending that they are female does nothing to advance anything, even, as Johns Hopkins informs us, their own well being. It is about as useful as telling a guy with gold shoes and silicone gills stapled on to his ribs that he is a goldfish and that everywhere he goes, must provide a 2000 gallon tank and a spoonful of Tetrafin. (I Can’t take credit for that joke, South park actually did an episode where Stan’s dad got surgically altered into a kind of disgusting dolphin chimera in keeping with the whole extreme makeover nonsense.) The USA however is quite genuinely ‘transphobic’ and the proof can be seen at that link. 

4. Two dozen ‘migrants’ go to Portugal to help eliminate the local population there.

5. Riot police intervene where productive German protestors of the population replacement meet with far left wing violent extremists who support the destruction of classical civilization.

6. Attacks on UMIs double in Germany in past 3 months.

(Chances are that the reality is the opposite of what the headline wants us to believe if you factor in the gross number of new muslims in Germany over the last three months and if attacks on them is defined in such a way as to include self defense then the number may be dramatically down but if the definition of attacks is rational and the attacks have crippled and the number of refugees is up by say, 250% in the past 90 days then no matter how you slice it the attacks are way, way down. If it was per capita, then it might mean something depending on how you look at it. They also appear to be using number of people protesting this policy as an ‘attack’ on them. In fact this article shows the real number to be double in the absolute, which is a significant decrease per capita)

7. Here is an article which is tomorrow’s newspaper for Europe

8. Around 5 minutes in this clip, Dr. Ben Carson finally asks the media questions I have always wanted to ask them. He gets the same answer I would though.

9. Million Mask March anarchists plan to kidnap senior police officers, strip them naked, cover them in dye and post pictures on social media to ‘demoralise ranks’

(Anarchists, an oxymoron if ever I heard one, should be careful what they ask for lest they get it)

Anarchists who wreaked havoc in central London this week are now plotting to kidnap senior police officers, strip them naked and humiliate them online.

Organisers of the Million Mask March are encouraging followers to form ‘snatch squads’ to target high-ranking officers, strip them naked and cover them in paint or dye that can’t be removed for months.

They then plan to take pictures and videos that can be splashed across social media to humiliate the police, it has been revealed by a document circulated among protesters before the violent and chaotic protests in the capital on bonfire night.

10. Woman, 27, speaks out about night she was ‘raped by a doctor as she lay heavily sedated in a hospital bed’

(For the muslim doctor file, which is now too thick for a single manilla envelope)

A Texas doctor’s medical licence was suspended after a woman claimed he sexually assaulted her while she was heavily sedated in her hospital bed.

The 27-year-old woman, who has asked to only be identified by the name Laura, said Dr. Shafeeq T. Sheikh entered her room three times that night at Ben Taub Hospital in Houston.

Laura alleges that Sheikh, 43, groped and raped her while she was being treated overnight for shortness of breath and wheezing.

Too sedated to fight back and going in and out of consciousness, Laura said she tried to press the bed’s emergency call button but a nurse never came.

A few days later staff found out that the button has been unplugged, according to police records.

Laura reported the assault the the morning after the attack. At first the hospital staff didn’t believe her, she told the Houston Chronicle.

A rape kit was performed on Laura and matched to a swab taken from Sheikh, but it took two years for the doctor to be arrested and charged with the sexual assault first reported in 2013.

Laura filed a lawsuit because she believes Sheikh has other victims.

‘The reason I think so is because this person has everything very organized,’ she told KHOU. ‘He has no fear.’

Thank you Buck, M., Wrath of Khan, Gates of Vienna ML., and many more.

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