The left exposes its real agenda: links 3 on Oct. 31 2015

1. Shaker Aamer released: Meet Guantanamo Bay detention camp’s British detainees

(Unrelated video at link insists on playing even after a few seconds after hitting pause)

(Some of the detainees who were released from Guantanamo have joined the Islamic State as terrorists)

2. Once again we hear the true communist objective. It is not compassion for the less wealthy and certainly not concern for the less free. It is the destruction of Europe. This is the second time in Austria we have heard the same chant, and interestingly both times in English.

“Brick by Brick, Wall by wall, make this fortress Europe Fall”

Demonstrating for the uninhibited access to all to enter Austria and Germany etc. The idea of course is to crush traditional Europe under the heels of third worlders. How this can be a good thing for any of them would take quite the explanation. But at least in this demo as in the first one we reported, you see the agenda out in the open.

3. Deputy National Chairman AFD – Arson attack on auto of Beatrix von Storch

(Clearly frustration with politicians in Germany is starting to manifest in violence)

4. Muslim neighbors by Bill Warner

5. More proof that the Euro-left is using the migrating muslims to destroy Europe as opposed to any kind of altruism for those who claim to be in need.




6. Anti-racism means anti-Israel now

Thank you M., Nash, Wrath of Khan, Richard and all.

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  1. 2. “The idea of course is to crush traditional Europe under the heels of third worlders. How this can be a good thing for any of them would take quite the explanation.”

    The Gospel of Jesus is to die that you shall live. That is, to kill the vanity, (that alter-ego that grew and took over), to regain it. To be born anew. To face the truth about your intimidation-controllers; repent from dancing to their tune; and receive no compensation in return. A complete separation and independence. Saving a soul.

    The alternative way to exist, is to kill the real-self and let the alter-ego live in its place. These are those entwined with Islam, with Socialism, with LGBTQ fantasies. All submitted and now fight for their cause of claiming Infinite Power, Infinite Wealth and Infinite Libido. Pride.

    As Jesus sent out his disciples in pairs to teach the good news of repentance to be able to return to see the kingdom of God, – the cure of unsanity – whereas the submitters go out and teach self-destruction is the way to not see that they are lambs being led to their slaughter. Those who claim they were made to be imprinted. The first is a kingdom of light, the other a kingdom of darkness to be permitted to imagine they are in the light.

    Self-doubt and self-loathing brought on by the bully therefore, finds peace in deception of a new self with an Arabic name, or a group identity, or a new way to identify with sexual gratification. Rome can burn. The world can die if it means no more guilt-conflict. It is their leap of faith from the abandonment and unfairness that they experienced as children, to embrace that which terrorized them, where each and everyone has submitted to their tormentors for cessation. For in the furnace of rage of fight-flight – unlove became love – abnormal became normal – it became about dominance, where it is understood that the unconflicted-conscience of the pedophile-pederast is master. A kingdom will not divide itself. These new emperors make hate-laws to pretend themselves better. Lightly punishing their excesses in show-trials of the dead, for the sheeple they fleece with jyzia, higher taxes and preferences.

    Muslims, Socialist and LGBTQ in the light of day, are worms. Crawling on their bellies for a five-a-day fix. Everything in the world is about them. Destruction brings life. The Judao-Christian legacy was good, so destroy it. The Communist, Islamic, dictatorship nations, are all left alone, because the people are willing-slaves and will perish. A cut, is to feel alive. To do harm over innocence, an elixier, a conquest that fills the remaining part of their head like a drug, that wears off until the next opportunity of the weak before the strong made easy.

    • 4. Neighbours.

      Are Muslims, Communists and Pansexuals going to leave you alone as good neighbors like the Bill of Rights stipulates?

      No, each will demand tribute.

  2. The one thing hte left is not short of is arrogance, they either think that after they use the Moslems to destroy western civilization they will be able to rally the westerners and force the Moslems to accept Marxism or they think that both sides will destroy each other making it easier for the communists to take over. I don’t think they will succeed in taking over but they are on the path to destroying civilization.

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