Geopolitics, the European Union, push increases in pressure in all directions: Links 3 on Oct. 25 – 2015

1. Islamic Militants Storm Supermarket in Yemen’s City of Aden

(So having all halal food in the stores is no guarantee of protection I guess)

Islamic militants stormed a supermarket in Yemen’s southern city of Aden on Sunday, firing into the air and briefly taking hostages, security officials and witnesses said.

About 30 militants arrived at the supermarket in four pickup trucks on Sunday afternoon, the officials and witnesses said. Shoppers fled when the militants fired in the air, but an unknown number were trapped inside when the gunmen locked the doors. The militants freed the hostages after less than an hour and left the scene.

Some supermarket employees were slightly hurt when the militants kicked and punched them.

The witnesses said the militants shouted that they were protesting the mingling of men and women in the supermarket and demanded that female employees cover their faces, in keeping with a strict interpretation of Islamic law. A supermarket worker said the militants told them this was the final warning. […] An official at the University of Aden said Islamic militants have threated faculty deans, demanding they ban students of the opposite sex from mixing.

(Sometimes the slippery slope argument is valid. With Islam, it is designed to be one)

2. PICTURED: ISIS post shocking images of children posing with knives in support of stabbings

(Q: How many social workers does it take to change a muslim? A: Depends on how he is armed. The article is garbage and uses the new math of equating defense with attackers, and counting dead to determine the guilty. By that standard of course, Canada may be more guilty in combat than the Nazis since we may have killed more of them than they did of us. This article lists the number of dead israelis and muslims with no context, which is a lie of omission)

3. Fake passports skyrocket as legal paths in EU perish for Syrians

Ali, a Palestinian-Syrian banker desperate to reach the Netherlands, had to hide his surprise when he finally met a shadowy forger known as “The Whale” at an Arabic-style shisha cafe near Athens. “It… […] Yet dealing with gangsters like “The Whale”, Ali warned, was also risky and cost him his dignity.

(Funny how risking his life to cheat Europeans and planning to defraud the immigration system, welfare and so on doesn’t seem to cost this palestinian any dignity at all)

4. Poland Ousts Government as Law & Justice Gains Historic Majority

Poland’s opposition Law & Justice, championing more state in the economy and a tougher stance against refugees flooding into Europe, won an unprecedented parliamentary majority in Sunday’s election, according to an exit poll.

Law & Justice won 39.1 percent of the vote and a projected 242 seats in the 460-member lower chamber, the first time that a single group will command a majority since the re-introduction of democracy in Poland in 1989, according to the Ipsos poll. The ruling Civic Platform, which oversaw a 24 percent expansion of Poland’s economy over its eight years in power, the European Union’s fastest growth, came second with 23.4 percent and 133 seats. Three other parties cleared the threshold for representation.

The victory, if confirmed by official results due on Tuesday at the earliest, caps the opposition’s ascent to power following President Andrzej Duda’s surprise election win five months ago. Upending Polish politics is discontent over prospects in a nation with widening regional gaps in prosperity and an exodus of workers to western Europe. Beata Szydlo, Law & Justice’s candidate for prime minister, is poised to change the $548 billion economy with pledges to raise taxes on the financial industry, increase spending on child support and start a 350 billion zloty ($90.3 billion) central bank loan program.

(Congratulations Poland)

5. Belgium: Refugee crisis could lead to EU collapse, says Slovenian PM Cerar

Thank you Wrath of Khan, Richard, M., Buck, Maria J., and all and much more to come soon. We seem to be moving into mid game.


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2 Replies to “Geopolitics, the European Union, push increases in pressure in all directions: Links 3 on Oct. 25 – 2015”

  1. “European Union start falling apart.”

    Can’t come soon enough, in my opinion.
    Every single sovereign nation of the EU has sacrificed its people on the altar of the evils of liberalism, and are now dictated to by UNELECTED authoritarians who would take a Panzer and roll over every EUROPEAN if it furthered the power and “glory” of the DESPICABLE Brussels bureaucrats and the Hollands, Merkels, and Camerons of the genus — all of whom are insane with the wine of their degeneracy AND murder of their own people.

    • I don’t want the death and destruction that is going to occur before and after the EU falls apart but I will never morn the EU.

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