A collection of significant links and news which helps form an idea of policies in effect today: Links 2 on Oct. 25 – 2015

1. Martin Mayer on FOX discusses the activities on muslim terror training compounds in US and Canada

(While this is from Jan. 2015 there are many Canadians and Americans who do not know this information yet)

2. Black lives matter an organization of discord created by Muslim Brotherhood front groups? The evidence piles up.

Before the body of NYPD’s Randolph Holder, the latest police officer shot and killed in the line of duty, had been laid to rest, a huge Black Lives Matter demonstration was held Saturday in Chicago.

The Chicago protest hit the skidded to a halt, however, when a demonstrator struggled trying to take down the American flag.

Hint: It’s not rocket science.

When the group arrived at McCormick Place, the whole thing turned into slap-stick when the American flag was replaced with one reading “Unapologetically Black.” A Palestinian flag was also on display.

3. The dance of the sharpened tards

(Facebook video)

4.French policeman suspended for 2 years because he criticized the Caliph of the Islamic State.

The Islamic State: it has nothing to do with Islam, as we’re constantly told — unless you criticize its caliph. Then it has everything to do with Islam, and you’re “stigmatizing an imam.”

(France and Germany have joined the group of nations that have abandoned democracy in its most fundamental aspects, and now deploy sharia norms for the public discourse, for the moment, bearded with absurd anti-hate laws or anti-racism or anti-discrimination. At this rate, we should see them called what they are pretty soon. Certainly within the normal lifetime of the currently middle aged. Greece also seems to be creating new legislation which will punish media which is not sufficiently with the left wing ideology)

5. How Buying Guns for Oppressed Jews Built the American Jewish Establishment

Ben Carson’s comments that armed Jews might have saved lives in the Holocaust by resisting Nazi terror have been met with condescending mockery from the left. The Jewish establishment, a network of wealthy non-profit organizations that claim to represent Jews without ever being chosen by them and while working against their interests, has reacted in the same way as their liberal brethren. But this establishment has forgotten that it was built on providing guns to Jews. Historical revisionism is what the left does best. American Jewish history in the last century is a revisionist history in which the heroes are the “establishment”. The truth lies buried in old papers and lost documents. And it’s a deeply compelling truth of how the left suppressed Jewish self-defense.
(plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose)

The Czech president Sunday accused economic migrants of using children as “human shields” in their bid to reach Europe, as the continent grapples with its biggest migration crisis since World War II.

President Milos Zeman has made several fiery broadsides against migrants, earning sharp criticism from the UN’s human rights chief, who this week also accused Prague of systematically detaining migrants in degrading conditions to put off others.

In his latest outburst, to the Blesk tabloid, Zeman accused wealthy economic migrants of cynically exploiting children to reach the European Union.

“They serve as human shields for guys with iPhones to justify the wave of migrants,” President Milos Zeman said in a video interview on the website of the Blesk tabloid.

“Those hiding behind the children … in my opinion, do not deserve any compassion,” added the outspoken veteran leftwinger.

“They bring the children over in rubber dingys, knowing they might drown,” said Zeman, in office since 2013 as the Czech Republic’s first-ever directly elected president.

The statements follow his earlier fiery remarks targeting refugees, including “no one invited you here.”

(So much to say about this write up it would cause carpel tunnel to write it all. The fact that they specifically refer to him as a left winger is interesting. But it needs to be noted that the man who caused the drowning death of his son who had no life jacked and while he was smuggling people from Turkey into Greece in a raft with 2 to 3X the number of people the rubber raft was rated for, would normally by berated by the world;s press and he would be in jail for a very very long time. In Canada one needs only look at what happened to Robert Latimer to know how people feel about, at least white conservatives, who kill their children even out of compassion. But if its an off white muslim who does it for profit…)

7. Germany: Police use water cannon against HoGeSa counter-demo in Cologne

8. Belgium: PM Orban wants end to Schengen’s open border policy today

9. 45 minute documentary by RT about Yazidi slaves.

(I have not seen this yet)

Thank you Richard, M., and all. More to come today. Especially about Austria.

Orban is so rational and lucid one wonders how much security he has to have.

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  1. I hadn’t thought of the black lives matters group as being a front for the brotherhood but it makes since, the brotherhood and the race hustlers who are heading the Black lives matter movement have a lot of goals in conman and hte brotherhood has the money to pay to move the agitators around the nation. This information means that they will be even confrontational and violent next year then they are expected to be.

  2. http://jpfo.org/filegen-n-z/stroop.htm

    “The following is a translation of The Stroop Report.

    “SS Brigadefuhrer Jurgen Stroop was sent to Warsaw to remove the 56,000 surviving Jews from the ghetto. He recorded his deeds – daily killings with cold-blooded brutality – in a boastful seventy-five-page report bound together in black pebble leather and including copies of all daily communiqués sent to his superior officer as well as photos with captions in Gothic script.



    For the Fuehrer and their country the following fell in the battle for the destruction of Jews and bandits in the former Ghetto of Warsaw:

    [follow 15 names]

    Furthermore, the Polish Police Sergeant Julian Zielinski, born 13 November 1891, 8th Commissariat * * * fell on 19 April I 1943 while fulfilling his duty. * * * They gave their utmost, their life. We shall never forget them. The following were wounded:

    [follow the names of-

    60 Waffen SS personnel.
    11 “Watchmen” from Training Camps, probably Lithuanians, to judge by their names.
    12 Security Police Officers in SS Units.
    5 men of the Polish Police
    2 regular Army personnel engineers]



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