The double standard of the media remains ludicrously and even criminally strong: Links 3 on Oct. 19 – 2015

1. Muslim Medical Staff Didn’t Save Rabbi Stabbed to Death Next to Clinic

The media has tried to emphasize the role of Muslim medical personnel in treating Jewish victims some of the latest Muslim terror attacks.

The reality however is much less politically correct.

Health Minister Ya’akov Litzman (United Torah Judaism) ordered an investigation on Friday to check suspicions that Arab medical staff at a clinic in Jerusalem’s Old City did not go out to help Jewish victims, who were stabbed right next to the clinic.

The incident in question is the brutal murder of Aharon Banita Bennett (21) and Rabbi Nehemia Lavi (41), which took place on Hagai Street on October 3. Bennett’s wife was seriously wounded and his two-year-old son was lightly wounded in the Arab terrorist attack.

While Bennett’s wife’s condition has since improved, it is likely that immediate medical treatment could have lessened the seriousness of her wounds and possibly saved the life of her husband and of Rabbi Lavi, who was stabbed as he came to try and save the young couple and their son.

The Arab-run health clinic located adjacent to the stabbing was open at the time of the attack and medical staff was present inside, reports Channel 2.

2. Quite a diverse choice for this federal election in Canada

Vote choices Oct 19 - 2015



Yep. A Marxist-Lennonist party. I’m pretty sure they don’t mean John Lennon although that would be almost as bad.

3. Police investigate alleged fatwa against Conservative candidate

(But it has nothing to do with islam I’m sure)

An alleged threat against a Conservative candidate has left campaign workers fearful in the final days of the federal election campaign.

Cristelle Sary, legal council for Roland Dick, told The Suburban that the candidate began to receive phone calls a week ago from parishioners of the Masjid al Jasr mosque on Cartier boulevard, warning him that a fatwa had been declared against him.

“They told him that he ought to be careful,” she said in an interview, “We heard this from many people.”

Since then, individuals have lurked in the cars parked in the lot in front of the Laval les Îles campaign office, Sary added, including a large black Jeep Cherokee, and on a number of occasions have tailed Dick’s car and those of other volunteers, when they have departed.

“We feel that they’re monitoring us,” she said. “It’s scary.”

4. Police arrest Christian healer for blasphemy in Sargodha

LAHORE: Pakistani police have arrested a Christian faith healer under the country’s controversial blasphemy laws for having Quranic verses on a sword he used to treat his clients, officials said Monday.

Naveed John was arrested in the agricultural town of Sargodha, some 175 kilometres southwest of Islamabad, on October 8 after Muslim residents in the area complained, local police official Ameer Mukhtar told AFP.

“The arrest was made after residents complained that the Christian man used a sword for healing patients on which Quranic verses were inscribed and it was offending for their religious sentiments,” Mukhtar said.

5. Threats of assassination of Orban from far left groups being discussed on Hungarian TV, reported thanks to Johnny U who updates us here

6. ‘Do not let Germany be dragged back to chaos and destruction’: EDL founder Tommy Robinson speaks to 40,000 strong crowd at the Pegida anti-immigrant rally in Germany





Tommy’s speech to the massive crowd at PEGIDA in Germany can be seen here

7. Obama and Cameron ratting out their citizens to Islamists

With the terrorists of Islam raping, pillaging, crucifying and beheading Christians by the tens of thousands on their way to world Caliphate, the U.S. and Britain are identifying the victims of Islam as the bad guys.

Both countries are going for government documented “lists”  in a world where email accounts like Hillary Clinton’s get both conveniently and strategically leaked, and where no country is safe from enemy hacking.

Just using the term ‘radical Islam’ or voicing objections to being over-run by mostly young male ‘refugees’ flooding European and American borders will get main-street Americans and British citizens membership on Obama’s and Cameron’s ‘hate’ lists, and it’s only a matter of time before the jihadists find their way to them.

(And in a matter of hours, Canada’s Trudeau will be joining them)



Thank you ML., M., Richard, Shabnam A., Wrath of Khan, and many more. Its looking like Trudeau is going to be the next Canadian PM. More to say on that once results are official.


A Dutch reader expressed some irritation at the video in Item 7 on the previous post. I assumed he was Danish because the Danes could easily be understood to not appreciate the humour. A Dutch commenter on Gates of Vienna explained where the video came from:

This is satire. Aimed at the Australian and Danish immigration policies by a very pc guy – Arjan Lubach-who works for the state sponsored radical left organization VPRO.

I suspect it didn’t work out like he thought it would. 🙂 This video backfired on its maker considerably I think. Everyone who sees it thinks it is anti islam and brilliantly satirical that way.


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