Geopolitics, Islamic antisemitism, the Netherlands makes wicked not-welcome video and more: Links 1 on Oct. 19 – 2015

Last night I was sent a link by a close friend and trusted source. It was sent to me not to post necessarily but to look at. I watched a minute or two of it and it seemed to be about a fellow from Finland in a peculiar custom jacket with an odd gesture for adjusting his glasses, speaking about the need to fight back against the cultural Marxism that is destroying classical liberal civilization. So I posted it. Later on, I watched more of it and noticed that some of it didn’t really make a lot of sense. He seemed also to hate capitalism and, well a lot of things and spoke more about the need for the harshest violence for its own sake than a nerd of his stature would typically discuss. His odd glasses gesture also took on a kind of familiar tick-like manner which I had seen in a leader from the past in old black and white film footage. I sent it to Tundra T. to look at as it was one of his countrymen and en noticed immediately he was a National Socialist AKA Nazi, and then on the sidebar on YT I noticed another video from him with a burning star of David.

I removed the video reflexively. My purpose for posting it initially, was to show where Europe seems to be at as videos by decent, competent, and non psycho people have begun to appear rationally discussing, even in front of tens of thousands of people, the possible need for armed revolution against governments that are actively working against the indigenous people of various European nations. I assumed this fell into that category. I certainly hope it does not and its the stuff of a few dozen British Nazis who like to feel edgy and special by being part of something that nasty. But the fact is, if rational people do not support a rational movement to restore their own culture, freedoms and reason to their nations and institutions, groups like that will seem like the solution. History shows that to be the case more than once.

So my apologies for anyone who thought I was endorsing that Finnish wanna be, dick tater. It was a lesson to me though. Check everything.

An now, back to our usual programming:

1. Palestinians Are Spinning a Different Story About the Stabbing of an Israeli Man and a 13-Year-Old on His Bike

2. Turkish police raid ISIL camp in Istanbul, 29 adults and 24 children detained

Turkish police raid ISIL camp in Istanbul, 29 adults and 24 children detained

Turkish authorities have for some time been conducting physical and technical surveillance of a terrorist training group, consisting mostly of Uzbek nationals but also including some Tajik nationals; members of the group had snuck into Istanbul from Turkey’s eastern provinces and established their base of operations in the neighborhood of Pendik, on the city’s Asian side.

Having determined that the group was preparing to leave for Syria and Iraq to join the ranks of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), units from the Istanbul Police Department Counterterrorism Bureau conducted simultaneous late-night raids over the weekend at several locations that were purportedly operating as schools.

3.  Boy on PA TV: Goal is “to boycott Israeli products and fight the Jews, kill them”

(So, nothing racist about that. Just pointing out that they say that, believe it, and it is inspired by the central dogma of islamic theology, that is racist. Ok then.)

4. CAIR awards ‘American Muslim of the Year’ to clock kid after he meets with genocidal war criminal

(This of course begs the question. What are the attributes required to become ‘muslim of the year’? Making a fool of the Kufar? reducing the effectiveness of the Kufar to resist islamic terror? Creating exceptions for muslims in the net of laws designed to protect us all from attacks? Shaking hands with active genocidal maniacs?)

This clock kid is having quite a year! After lying and saying he had invented a clock, the entire media universe gave him a big hug because those mean old Islamophobic cops arrested him for a “hoax bomb.” Well, apparently being a victim and playing the media is the greatest thing you can do as an American Muslim because CAIR is giving him an award for it!

(I hope his family sues the Nobel Prize committee for not giving him the Nobel Peace Prize. That should bury the award in the ashes of history where it belongs along with the UN)

(In the true spirit of leftist totalitarian, and as we saw in Germany just a few days ago, politicians are telling people who are native to an area that if they do not like the new policies of utter replacement and cultural transformation that they never asked for, they should leave. I believe this is exactly why the US founding fathers wrote the second amendment and exactly why Obama wants to get rid of it)

From the start of the event, Dayton bluntly stated his opinions on the racial tension in St. Cloud and across the state in regards to immigration.

“Look around you. This is Minnesota,” Dayton said. “Minnesota is not like it was 30, 50 years ago. But, this is Minnesota and you have every right to be here. And anybody who cannot accept your right to be here and this is Minnesota should find another state.”

Dayton said he was aware of some of the racial issues happening in the St. Cloud area and urged participants to take a stand against what he described as “unacceptable, un-Minnesotan, illegal and immoral” behavior.

6. Live Stream of the 1 year anniversary of PEGIDA demos in Dresden Germany

7. The Netherlands produced a rather excellent NOT WELCOME video for potential UMIs.

(Two things need to be said about this however. While it is true that thanks to the behaviour of Muslims in Europe, the Dutch govt. cannot guarantee the safety of muslims who go there, the reverse is also true. Thanks to the millions of muslims already there, the Dutch government cannot guarantee the safety of everyone else already there. This goes double for Jews. The second thing is that any trade with Denmark is likely to be reexamined any second now)

This is priceless, don’t skip this one!

Thank you Malca, M., George Igler, Nash Montana, Buck and many more. More to come shortly as well.


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23 Replies to “Geopolitics, Islamic antisemitism, the Netherlands makes wicked not-welcome video and more: Links 1 on Oct. 19 – 2015”

  1. So, I was up very early this morning and watched the video of the Finn with the weird tick, all of it.

    The way evil works is to pepper the truth with lies, thereby rendering the fearful, frustrated, and angry willing vessels of violent incitement. He preached anti-Capitalism, but had no constructive economic system alternative to offer (perhaps because there isn’t one better). He talked of many fine cultural and civilizational virtues to restore and perpetuate but then offered as the means what is wholly unvirtuous: ridding the noxious elements (govt and invaders) by shedding blood.

    I concluded as you do: these times of testing and trial are bringing to fore the fringe, who while having legitimate grievances end up by jumping into the same immoral bed as their tormenters. And unhappily, with the acceleration of the “project,” local peoples are becoming ever more desperate and reckless in their thinking.

    • I didn’t catch the unvirtous things, mentioned, I hope no one things I agree with them. This is what I get for trying to do several things at the same time.

    • Just as well I didn’t see it.
      I share Darcy’s heebie-jeevies about “[those] who while having legitimate grievances end up by jumping into the same immoral bed as their tormenters.”

      That’s what’s going to make the hit a lethal blow.

    • Well, I did watch it …albeit, after the first few minutes I opted to use headphones rather than have the entire household exposed to it. The repetitive gesture with his glasses was disturbing – as was his peculiarly tailored coat. I dismissed my objections to these quirks until his very strong instigation to violence. After looking up his history, I found it difficult to turn on my computer this morning, thinking this site agreed with him. Thank you for clarifying, distancing this site from his work and removing the video. “Disturbing” doesn’t begin to address that individual’s position(s).

      • If you knew how much material I vet in a day…

        I’m thinking though, that the name, ‘Kaidolf Finntler’ just might stick on him if a few people started referring to him that way.

  2. Vlad,
    Large organizations have far greater resources to scrutinize incoming material. Smaller shops can only try their best. It’s a numbers game and a few creepy dudes will get through. Don’t ever let it dissuade you from the fantastic work you are doing for all of us. Keep it up and thanks!

    • Thank you for that. I am relieved. The odd one gets through but perhaps its important that we see it anyway. Its that moment when you realize that the historical Hitler has been turned into a myth that becomes more dangerous as its hard to recognize now when a new real one is on the horizon. Much like warfare itself. Most are incapable of recognizing that WW3 is on and and has been on for a long time. WW2 movies mythologized warfare to the extent that most cannot recognize a war because they are locked to the tactics shown in movies. If they aren’t wearing a smart uniform and doing what Nazis did it isn’t a war. For those, The Quranic Concept of War by Pakistani general Malik is compulsory reading. Islam was created as a weapon of war. A perfect killing machine to quote a friend of us all. We had better become familiar with the tactics and now if we have a hope of coming through this with our culture and history intact.

      • The war started November 4, 1979 but most refuse to accept this fact, just as the left in the US refuses to accept the fact that we can’t declare victory and come home. This simple truth will not strike home until the active terrorism by jihadists hits the US on a weekly bases and even then a large number will refuse to believe it.

    • May I also add my appreciation and admiration for the hard work you do Eeyor, to expose the slavery that Islam and Cultural Marxism have wrought on The West and create a forum for civilised debate.

  3. Eeyore I know what you mean, I missed the part about hating capitalism but did see some of his videos on youtube and downloaded them to watch later, just one showed me that he was at the least willing to tolerate Jew Hatred.

    We are going to find more like him raising their ugly heads during this war and fighting them along with the jihadists is going to make a very long war.

  4. Eeyore.
    I watched the whole thing, and yes, the further it went the more extreme his proscriptions became. However, he did make some very pertinent points. His analysis that cultural marxism is our greatest enemy is spot on, and that while cultural marxism holds sway, Western Civilisation is doomed. That the seat of power of cultural marxism is in academia, though its tentacles run throughout the higher institutions of our societies, especially, but not limited to, the political elites and the mainstream media. So his premise does lead to a serious question…how do we deal with this problem (?), for as he says, they will not fade quietly into the night.

    Having had many conversations with friends, acquaintances, and passing strangers on the net, one common position which dooms all our hopes, let alone efforts, which I constantly hear is…”oh, but we shouldn’t sink to their level”, well, when in a war, it is often necessary to do unpleasant things and indeed…”sink to their level”, for, as to stand by the Marquis of Queensberry rules, will almost invariably lead to total defeat, unless of course one is either militarily or physically so superior to ones adversary as to make any outcome a foregone conclusion, remembering of course the exception….David and Goliath..

    Make no mistake, Marxism in its various forms is just as ruthless, just as barbaric as any aspiring jihadist….the ideology is all, humanity is nothing. I know I am not saying anything most aren’t acutely aware of, it just seems nobody wants to face the reality of the situation, especially when our lives are so comfortable. To do nothing now will lead inexorably to that place when and where the soul turns to whatever dark force offers the slim hope of salvation.

    However much we may disapprove of his politics, his suggested solutions, we do ourselves no favours by burying our conscious thoughts behind the wall of just what is socially acceptable in all the best polite circles. Don’t let the terms of the debate be set by our enemies

    • Eeyore. It is now 2 days since I posted my comment above, and the comment languishes in the “moderation box”. This leaves me to ponder upon the probability that my post has been misunderstood as an endorsement of the position held by the speaker. This is not the case. I merely point out that he raised a few issues that we all need to address if we are to make any progress against the forces arrayed against the free peoples of the Western World, (OR the rest of the world for that matter).

      His position that the cultural marxists will not be moved by any other means than violence, is a view we may not like, but when one considers the outcome of any attempt at rational conversation with a committed marxist, it becomes quite obvious that he may have a point: they are not open to an opposing point of view.

      I do not subscribe to his political persuasion, however, I do see that the longer we fail to address these questions, the more events will drive the populations of the West to seek salvation in the arms of darker forces, willing to take the fight to the enemies of those populations. A non too rosy prognostication I readily concede.

      Given the very limited time span of attention paid to any blog post, this clarification will have near total non effect upon this debate…but just for the record….

      • So, a week or so back, a Nazi site linked to an article we posted which led to a deluge of harsh, irrational, antisemitic slurs that were bereft of reason or evidence but were mere vulgar claims about Jews. There were so many I had to start moderating all comments by all people that did not already have 2 comments approved. The fact that your comment was not approved was not a reflection on your thinking in any way, but on my inability to learn to use the moderation panel, something I really never had to do much before because overall we have a great group of people at Vlad, even when we disagree, its informative and thought provoking and with reason. So my apologies for getting to this so late.

        • Thank you for your gracious response. Being well aware that you run a busy site, it is small wonder that things can spiral out of control. I do understand your need to moderate what people say, on what is in effect, your private domain. So, no offense taken.

          Thanks for helping to bring so much to our attention, that which those tasked by professional vocation would seem more inclined to obscure by remaining silent.

  5. I just voted along with a number of people in my apartment building and not one person I talked to has any idea that there is anything unusual happening in the world today other than anthropogenic climate change. Our mainstream media has them convinced that what trouble there is with the Muslims is the result of a thousands-of-years-old, endless, tit-for-tat tribal battle going on between the Muslims and the Jews, with the Jews being essentially at fault for stealing the Palestinians’ land and murdering them for no reason at all other than Jewish evil and greed.

    Winston Churchill said that the best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter. Idiots!

    I hope that enough conservatives go out to vote today because Mulcair and Trudeau are both poised to let millions of muscular, hate-bearded, Allahu Akbar-chanting young Muslim men into our country if either of them wins. If that happens we will be dealing with the violent consequences of that for years as they try to establish their Caliphate somewhere in Quebec…

  6. # 7. What I find extremely funny, is that the producer of this “priceless” video
    will also go down in the Clash of Civilizations.; extremely funny (not).

    • I figured the Danes would be a little irritated by this. No worries. I’m pretty sure the picture of the Westergaard cartoon is as good a tard-repellant as Pork juice in a spray bottle.

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