The invasion continues, Leftists assist, regular folks awake from a long sleep slowly: Links 1 on Oct. 17 – 2015

1. UMI train rerouted due to protest by German resisting invasion

2. Pro-Immigration Politician Stabbed In Neck While Campaigning

A German mayoral candidate active in helping refugees was seriously wounded on Saturday in what police described as a stabbing with a “racist political” motive, heaping further pressure on Chancellor Angela Merkel over the migrant crisis.

The German leader expressed her “shock” over the attack which took place in the western city of Cologne and left mayoral hopeful Henriette Reker with serious neck wounds.

The incident took place in an atmosphere of growing tension in Germany where Merkel’s open-door policy towards Syrian refugees has faced a backlash from her conservative allies and spawned a growing number of increasingly vocal protests by the far-right.

(Some mighty fine spin doctoring and Alinsky use of language going on in this article. Everyone, and I mean even including Breitbart has bought into the enemy language. These are not refugees for one thing. At least they put racist in quotes. That is a proper step in the direction of reality)

3. Muslims honour muslim terrorist who posed as a journalist to try and kill a Jewish man by the thousands.

4. It appears that the black woman in the UK (thanks to Obama it now matters what portion of the Pantone paint chart a person’s skin tone belongs on whereas it didn’t really used to) who ranted on a train to some muslims has been arrested. (Black people take note. Your real current ranking in politically correct poker is about to become known to you. You may no longer be the highest ranked hand)

5. Ten Syrians arrested trying to smuggle 20 TONNES of cannabis worth £150million into Europe in a specially converted cargo vessel underneath massive slabs of granite

(I wonder if the Guardian headline will be: ‘Overzealous European security forces jail refugee plants from war torn Syria’)

Ten Syrians have been arrested trying to smuggle 20.5 tonnes of cannabis worth an estimated £150million into Europe hidden in a specially converted cargo vessel underneath massive slabs of granite.

The Cook Island-flagged merchant vessel Jupiter was boarded in the Mediterranean Sea by Italian Finance Police who are responsible for border security and taken under guard to the Port of Cagliari on Sardinia.

Europol confirmed that a major joint operation was launched after they received a tip-off that the freighter had drugs hidden beneath the legitimate cargo.

The 821 packages of cannabis, pictured, were hidden inside a cargo vessel registered in the Cook Islands 

The 821 packages of cannabis, pictured, were hidden inside a cargo vessel registered in the Cook Islands 

6. Germany: Nationalists stop Ruptly cameraman from filming at AfD march

7. Afghanistan military officer arrested in Montana

8. Wakulla Radio Host Receives Death Threats Following Comments Over Muslim Prayer Photo

9. Dozens of self titled ‘Anti-fascists’ arrested in Switzerland

Thank you Buck, M., Richard,ML., Gates of Vienna, Wrath of Khan and many more and much more to come. A trifle chaotic today but will get it all out there. Readers please remember to check daily links post comments for a complete picture of what readers send in.


Richard Dawkins is one of my favorite contemporary thinkers. But like many experts, he can be less than dazzling when he is speaking outside of his field of expertise. Frankly, I think his book the Selfish Gene should be compulsory reading in all high schools for openers. His explanation of Darwinian evolution with a Game Theory approach to it is magnificent. But his shift into theology is often faulty. Robert Spencer takes him to task here on his erroneous comparison of the Koran with the Christian bible.


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18 Replies to “The invasion continues, Leftists assist, regular folks awake from a long sleep slowly: Links 1 on Oct. 17 – 2015”

  1. -The Islamic terrorist groups are heavily involved in the drug trade, a fact that the left wants to keep us from knowing, the terrorist receive some money form just about all drug transactions, If you want to defund the terrorists stop using drugs.

      • Yes obviously it is. That is the reason that jargon came to be as people who are experts in a field do not wish to deliver several essays whenever they have a thought within their field. By ‘the left’ on this site we usually mean accidental or knowing cultural Marxists. For a 12 minute study on that, you could watch this very well done summary by Bill Whittle, or study the Frankfurt School yourself. But Bill explains how many if not most people are purveyors of this kind of thought as it has now become the culture.

        There are related videos on the Frankfurt School, some of which are excellent. Its interesting that Wikipedia recently changed its entry from a fact based timeline for the Frankfurt School to one that describes it as a ‘conspiracy theory’. One it had seemingly bought into 100% the day before it switched. There is evidence of that online though I didn’t pursue that.

        Then there are policies set into motion by governments which accept the general reasoning of cultural Marxism. Policies like the CVE which is real and find-able on official sites of government representatives etc. The Countering Violent Extremism’ narrative is basically a law enforcing cultural Marxist, ‘critical theory’. Now this is still oversimplified and most certainly over condensed. But at least its an arrow in the sand offering a way to look into it.

        That is not to say that some people may lazily refer to ‘the left’ as a catch-all for evil the way for example, I suspect Vietnamese Buddhists practice their religion as a form of God-bothering ‘wishcraft’ as opposed to a form of disciplined hard work to develop insight in oneself. Certainly that happens. Its an axiomatic aspect of the Human condition. But generally left is jargon for the fruits of Marxism, most notably cultural.

        Hope this helps.

  2. PS

    “Now therefore, kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman who has known man by lying with him. But all the young girls who have not known man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves” (31:14-18).

    Whatever reason and excuse for Moses you wish to give… you can’t get away from their origin… that Judaism was Islam. Then, there was no equality for Jewish women to claim for themselves the bounty of male “little ones,” and not yet the inversion of the Jewish-inheritance through their mothers. There, these children of raped girls went to shul and those of the wives of goyem didn’t.

    A submitting mind is a conquered mind.

    Hence,Greek-Jesus, was sent among them who could read. These ideas in stories of interaction with Islam Judaism began to become books and then distilled by some to keep the idiots from trampling on them: while others invented a whole new reason for an End-Day cult.

    An up-to-date gospel of wisdom dealing with Muslims and Socialists, (the Pharisees and Sadducees with a minority ruling-class of bloodline or of attribute, all over again), needs to be written before the end days they both create, occurs.

    • Their roots are all different.

      How does a Christian get to their roots? The oldest canonical scripture, Mark 1:

      “The beginning of the good news about Jesus the Messiah,[a] the Son of God,[b] 2 as it is written in Isaiah the prophet:

      “I will send my messenger ahead of you,
      who will prepare your way”[c]—
      3 “a voice of one calling in the wilderness,
      ‘Prepare the way for the Lord,
      make straight paths for him.’”[d]
      4 And so John the Baptist appeared in the wilderness, preaching a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins.”

      And the rest is a story about a Jewish guy who repented, faced and conquered his demons and went back into an unsane world to set his people free.

      That is what all Christians have to do, repent, suss-up, forgive, set free – no abrogations accepted.

      The religious Jew has to go back to Mount Sinai and kill half their population who think with the right-hemisphere of their brains. Then stone anyone who drives a car on Saturday.

      The Muslims counts himself lucky to emulate every fondle and every curse of Mohammad.

      Alas, the Jewish mental health guide to sanity, to love god and your neighbor equally, became hijacked by Rome… and the rest is demagoguery.

      Fortunately, smart people do not believe any of the mystical and magical nonsense. And they can discern which religions are more dangerous than the other, that they are not all equal as defined by Cultural Marxism.

    • A minority ruling-class of royal bloodline or those promoted by a claimed physical attribute, Creed-Identity or Diverse-Identity, National Socialists or International Socialists.

      Group-think hypnosis is by two different methods:

      The creed-group headed up by fear of The Law and received Preference from ‘One God’.
      Draw for them, a single straight line: Genesis, Present Day, End Times.

      The diversity-group of all those ‘Defined by Nature’ headed up by committees of at least 40% females.
      Citizens convinced by fear of the Law and receiving Affirmative Action they are bound and bonded to their childhood imprints:

      The way out to consciousness, is in plain sight for all to see in metaphor, in fragments in the Roman Bible.

    • And finally, if I am correct in my assumption that this bi-hemisphere weakness inherent from the chicken to the dog is present in humans, from the least sophisticated to the most educated, from the constant blaring out of radios and 24/7 news channels of flattery by the Communists; to holy rituals, symbols and chimes of stoicism for reward in the Next Life. And like a dream makes complete sense when asleep – it is complete nonsense after you wake up.

      To be human: is the right to be wrong, because we were all born from mush. To freely hear our beliefs challenged, our minds stretched, our reasoning sharpened.

      Blasphemy and Hate-Speech are owned by those who want us to remain asleep. They and tell us these laws are not to disrupt the peace.

      Such are systems run for a Political Class and above them, placating the nightmares of the ruthless few.

        • On-the-street-practice on a student:

          2.55 minutes: ‘…as you go deeper still, I want you realize that you are able to enter this state, because you can trust your own conscience because you are very intelligent, very imaginative, and every tap on your shoulder makes you deeper and deeper still, nothing you hear on the outside world will disturb you and will only allow you to focus on my voice…”

          We are in the territory of Kai Murros and his Nazis as the Imams and their Mohammadans.

            • On a more serious note, Kai Murros (in that video I did did not save a link to), used hypnosis to draw and imaginary line and plant the suggestion it is permissible to kill.

            • Hitler was also mocked and ridiculed and not taken seriously with his biography, Mein Kampf… in the beginning.

              Therefore, I think Murros is very dangerous instigator indeed, because he has a justifiably bitter and suggestible European population with no moral church or valued cultural identity, hungry for answers with a shared plight: that of the media and government deceive them. They don’t even know why their governments start wars and go in for regime-changes.

              Attributed to him is:
              “The war for the national liberation of Europe requires training elite troops for combat in urban conditions. This army of young militant nationalists will be raised from the ranks of the working class in every population center in Europe, starting from neighborhoods and communities these troops will eventually reach the national level. The Party will use this military force to ruthlessly exterminate all enemies of the European Nation and to purge the societies from elements corrupting the European ethnic identity.”

              There are now much larger populations of Adonises to fill these ranks for guilt-free violence:

      • Now to the right-brain, for it to be closed-off and trapped, using “imprison hypnosis,” into a sexual-submission-receptive-state of suggestibility.

        These fear-inducing memes of imprisonment abound. In the 1960s Western children were taught they were going to overpopulate the world. Sex then became recreational from frustration as the link to procreation ceased.

        Every decade more guilt and the reason to stay stock-still and wait your turn – which like Heaven– will never come:
        “Affirmative Action”
        “White Privilege”
        “Global Warming”
        “Climate Change”
        “you didn’t build that”
        “Make more room”

        Playing the sexy-victim became the only path to identity, promotion and success; and for anyone to cause the bond to be unbroken, the penalty is imprisonment.

        Who controls the controller?

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