More on the muslim mother-murder, and a pile of evidence of the state of things and some fight back: Links 4 on Oct. 12 – 2015

1. The Daily Mail has significantly more on the brutal murder, heart removal and masturbation on corpse of a muslim’s mother in the US.

More at LA Times

(It seems that he had exhibited significant changes in behaviour after a recent trip to Morocco. His reasons for the murder may yet have something to do with his mother’s lack of sharia compliancy.)

2. Here is an analysis of Obama’s overall foreign policy objectives which is a very worthy and well written read. I went though it twice last night. May read it again this evening. 

3. UK:  Illegal Immigrant Shooting: Afghan Males Hunted By Police After Firing At Member Of The Public

Police are hunting a group of six men who fired a weapon at a member of the public on Saturday night. The victim, Paul Dale, was unhurt, and the men are believed to be Afghan illegal immigrants who were detained at a service station in Keele in the West Midlands hours earlier.

4. ‘My son is burning in hell’: Mother of dead British jihadi Thomas Evans who torched schools and killed Christians says she is relieved he was killed because now he can ‘no longer harm innocent people’ 

(The mother must not be a muslim as she uses the term, ‘innocent’ as a function of what people have done, and not what people believe of the supernatural)

5. PEGIDA march in Dresden tonight

6. Muslim migrants in Germany in the spirit of environmentalism and recycling, are teaching the Germans how to dispose of waste by dropping theirs off of balconies onto the yard at the refugee flats and waiting for ethnic Germans to come pick it up for them.

7. Palestinian Authority murder incentive fund in full swing

On October 8, 2015, six Arabs either murdered or tried to murder Jews, in six different locations in the country. As these attacks occurred, Arabs rioted in every nook and cranny of Israel, on both sides of the 1949 cease fire line. Yet at the same time, while the Israel Broadcasting Authority announced one Arab attack and Arab riot, one after another on the news, The Israel Defense Establishment trotted out spokespeople, every hour on the hour, to assure the people of Israel that the Palestinian Authority will most certainly work to calm down the atmosphere of violence.

Yet the PA plays an insidious role, as it provides gratuities to any Arab who will murder or attempt to murder a Jew.

Every month, according to the bylaws of the Palestinian Authority, the PA transfers 17 million shekels to those who have been convicted of first degree murder or attempted murder who now serve their sentences behind bars.

(So to be clear. There is a bounty on Jews. Not just an instruction to kill them, but an actual bounty. Might be interesting to hear how the BDS leftists feel about it but chances are it wouldn’t. They would deny or justify.)

8. Obama’s ex-pastor: Israel is apartheid state, ‘Jesus was a Palestinian’

Jeremiah Wright, President Barack Obama’s former pastor, called Israel an apartheid state and said “Jesus was a Palestinian” at a rally in Washington hosted by the Rev. Louis Farrakhan.

At an hours-long event Saturday on the National Mall titled “Justice or Else,” Wright said that African-Americans, Native Americans and Palestinians have suffered under the “three-headed demon” of “racism, militarism and capitalism.”

“The same issue is being fought today and has been fought since 1948, and historians are carried back to the 19th century … when the original people, the Palestinians — and please remember, Jesus was a Palestinian — the Palestinian people had the Europeans come and take their country,” Wright said, The Hill reported.

9. This Saudi born singer is telling more truth on Arab TV than is usually allowed yet continue to breath.

10. More PEGIDA in Germany


Thank you Gates of Vienna, M., ML., and many more and many more who are working pro-bono behind the scenes to keep a lot of great sites up and running. There are so many who work so hard to try and make sure that there is at least a channel available for people who wish to know what is actually happening as opposed to the scrubbed, sanitized and deceptive versions which is pretty much all TV and broadcast media ever does now.

Lies by omission

Lies by misdirection

Lies by partial truths and missing context

Lies by outright untruths told as if they were truths,

Its down to us. Do we want facts and then we can make decisions about what we want for ourselves? Or do we want to be fooled till the curtain comes down at the magic show and suddenly we see the theater is on fire. A big thanks to all who work so hard to try and at least provide the option of the truth and the facts to the general public. That turns out to be a pretty big deal after all.

Eeyore for Vlad.

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2 Replies to “More on the muslim mother-murder, and a pile of evidence of the state of things and some fight back: Links 4 on Oct. 12 – 2015”

  1. 1. The indication is that another mommy’s boy got a ‘revelation of Islam’ where all the scrambled “peace” and “no-peace” incantations came suddenly together, with the realization that he was living the life as Mohammed had lived under the leadership and direction of his first wife, as a trophy, and the “My Struggle” of the Koran is Allah giving him his vengeful dominion over all womenkind.

    Honor killing has no guilt-association. She didn’t know her place. His sexual libedo has moved from submissive to dominant – and so her body will be needed in the next life.

    Every Lefty is potential rapist. Every Feminist knows this.

    • Socialists – males trained to rise for approval-sex on a campus-permissible, “yes”.

      Islamists – males starved to rise to the occassion for hidden-forbidden “no”.

      Contempt has no higher calling than be able to suddenly flick the switch, yes means no, this delight of manipulating potential rapists, all within the Feminists’ heads to get uncommitted sex.

      Dicey game.

      Jihad makes all things halal.

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