Gaviscon time: Links 3 on Oct. 12 – 2015

1. U.S. MUSLIM: Kills Mom, Cuts Her Heart Out & Masturbates On Her Dead Body

(Think Obama will address the nation on this one?)

A California man accused of murdering his mother told police that he sliced open her chest, removed her heart and then masturbated as “a release,” extremely disturbing court documents claim.

An unapologetic Omar Mark Pettigen, 31, said that the horrific act felt “good” upon his arrest just north of Oakland five days after the slaying, according to charging documents obtained by The Daily News.

His capture came after his father asking police to perform a welfare check at his ex-wife’s Fremont home on Sept. 29 after not hearing from her or their son from his home in New Mexico.

When officers arrived at the home, Nailah Pettigen, 64, “appeared to have been disemboweled” in her blood-soaked bedroom, police said.

(There is no way that islam’s view of women and general misanthropy did not contribute to this man’s actions)

2. Imprisoned cartoonist subjected to forced virginity test in Iran

A recent revelation by satirical cartoonist Atena Farghadani that she was forced to undergo a “virginity and pregnancy test,” prior to her trial for a charge of “illegitimate sexual relations” for shaking hands with her lawyer, has added another stain on Iran’s shameful record of violence against women, Amnesty International said today.

In a note written by Atena Farghadani leaked from prison, which has been seen by Amnesty International, she says the judicial authorities took her to a medical center outside the prison on August 12, 2015 and forced her to submit to the tests, purportedly with the purpose of investigating the charge against her.

“It is shocking that on top of imposing a ludicrous charge on Atena Farghadani for the ‘crime’ of shaking hands with her lawyer, the Iranian authorities have forced her to undergo a ‘virginity and pregnancy test’,” said Said Boumedouha, Deputy Director of Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Program.

(Video to follow)

3. PEGIDA Dresden today

4. Turkey: Police knew about the suicide bombers two months ago

It came out that the names and photographs of the two main suspects of Ankara bombing had appeared on the list of 16 suicide bomber suspects given to police two months ago.

Monday, October 12, 2015 9:15 AM

Yunus Emre Alagöz, elder brother of Suruç suicide bomber ?eyh Abdurrahman Alagöz from Ad?yaman community, and Mustafa Dokumac? stand at the centre of likely suspects with regards to the Ankara massacre.

While the bloody bomb attack in Turkish capital Ankara grabs attention with similarities to the previous suicide attacks in Diyarbak?r on June 5 and in Suruç on July 20, it came out that the names and photographs of both main suspects had appeared on the list of 16 suicide bomber suspects given to police two months ago.

This emerging truth brings into question if police directorate has still taken no action against these 16 people who had been sought on suspicion of future involvement in probable suicide attacks.


5. U.S. supplies Syrian rebels with 50 tons of ammo

6. ISIS sinks to a new low: Yazidi widow reveals how terror group’s doctors murdered her wounded husband in hospital with a lethal injection – and 30 others suffered the same sick fate

ISIS ‘doctors’ are murdering patients in their care with poison injections if they suspect them to be anti-jihadist, the bereaved wife of one of their victims has revealed.

Parishan, 25, an escaped Yazidi slave, told MailOnline how her husband Nasser was murdered by twisted physicians who abandoned the Hippocratic Oaths to protect and heal people at the terror group’s command.

Murdering hospital patients in cold blood adds to the growing body of evidence of the terror group’s medieval depravity that includes brutal massacres, sick executions and wholesale sexual slavery.

ISIS, in their bid to build a Caliphate, or state, have often boated of their modern medical facilities and doctors. But Parishan’s harrowing story shows that behind the glossy propaganda videos of an Islamic State Health Service, fanatical killers lurk in white doctors’ coats.

Denmark: 77 percent of Muslims think that the Quran’s instructions must be “applied fully”

9. Trump on Russia, Islamic State, Merkel’s utter insanity

10. Robert Spencer adds some explanation to the muslim music lesson posted last week

11, 20 migrants take Berlin’s refugee registration centre to court

Twenty asylum-seekers on Monday filed suit against Berlin’s main refugee registration centre for failing to register them promptly so they could get essential benefits including a roof over their heads, a court official said.

Local authorities have been struggling to cope with a record influx of refugees, and asylum seekers in Berlin have often had to wait days if not weeks to be registered at the centre, known as Lageso.

On Monday, a group of them decided to take their case to the social court, complaining that despite waiting for a week, they were still not registered.

As a result, they were unable to receive any social benefits, including a bed in refugee centre — an urgent need as the winter cold sets in.

(The english language does not contain an adjective that can describe the despicable degree of unjust entitlement shown by literal invaders who sue the invaded for insufficiently rapid submission to their wants and demands except one. Islam)

Thank you M., ML., Wrath of Khan, Carpe Diem, and all.

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  1. #5 US Supplies Rebels

    Why does the Americans, Democrats and Republicans together, feel they have the right to invade the sovereign nation of Syria and demand that its president step down and hand the reins of power over to whomever these “rebels” turn out to be? Why the hell is that? And why the hell should the Russians not come to the defense of their Syrian allies? Are they still waiting for the Arab Spring to emerge and turn Syria into a democratic paradise? Where does it say that the American President can simply decide that a sitting President can simply be replaced at will? Stay tuned for the Russians to be leveling accusations of military aggression on the part of the Americans…

    • It started with Obama deciding that the Sunni’s should get control of Syria, the LSM started pushing the idea that the US should do something about the “Brutal Dictator” Assad and after a few months people not hearing anything differed on the LSM started believing this meme. Hitler’s propaganda minister Goebbles was a master of the Big Lie technique and the left has used this tactic with almost universal success since. Now the idea has been out long enough that many supposedly intelligent news commentators have fallen for the idea that we the free people of the world have to remove Assad. They should remember the what hapened during the Arab Spring and the removal of secular Arab leaders.

    • At this point things have gotten so violent and confused that the west has two choices, oppose Assad and ISIS or support ISIS. If Obama hadn’t decided that the Sunni’s should control Syria this mess wouldn’t have happened.

  2. “…California man accused of murdering his mother told police that he sliced open her chest, removed her heart and then masturbated as “a release,””

    Try super glue next time to conceal your handiwork.

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