Some news, some history and some translation. Links 3 on Oct. 11 – 2015

1. Here is a short segment of a 75 minute lecture on the facts of islam by Raymond Irbahim at the North American Lutheran Church. I haven’t been all the way through it yet myself but what I have seen is excellent. I pulled out a couple of minutes as a hook but this looks like one of those great clips to send to your friends and acquaintances who are likely starting to call you out of the blue and ask questions about islam at this late stage since, well whatever people think about it, it can no longer be ignored if it ever could past 911 2001.

2. Netherlands: Tensions high as PEGIDA supporters rally in Utrecht

3. CB Sashenka was quite moved by the gesture of the Israelis for the muslim terrorist who stabbed a police officer in Israel on Friday so she offered a translation of what actually was said. It turns out he wasn’t trying to heal the man who was already dead, but was offering him a meal for his trip to ‘paradise’

4. Hamas warns Israel against ‘foolishness’ after deadly strike

Gaza City (Palestinian Territories) (AFP) – Islamist movement Hamas on Sunday warned Israel against “foolishness” after an air strike by the Jewish state in the Gaza Strip in response to rocket fire killed a pregnant woman and her toddler.

“This shows the occupation’s desire to escalate,” said Sami Abu Zuhri, a spokesman for Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip. “We warn the occupation against continuing this foolishness.”

Israel said it targeted two Hamas weapon manufacturing facilities after Gaza militants fired two rockets and following attempts by Palestinians to violently cross the border.

(I love how muslim groups refer to returning fire on an unprovoked attack as ‘escalation’)

5. Here is a 2012 interview with a woman who decided to write a book about the Palestinian displacement by the Israelis. As she researched it, she came to a new conclusion.

(Now she needs to research Daniel Pipes and get her facts straight on his views as well)

6. Two Yeshiva Students Attacked with Firebomb in Manhattan

Firebomb (illustration)

Firebomb (illustration)

A man tossed a firebomb inside a Snapple bottle at two yeshiva students as they stood on a Midtown sidewalk in Manhattan, The New York Daily News reported Sunday.

The incident took place on Friday afternoon, according to a witness who spoke to the news website.

The two students, Yosef Rachimi and Yisroel Gadafi, both 20, were standing on W. 37th St. near 9th Ave. when Rachimi suddenly noticed a flash of heat across his legs, according to Barry Sugar, a spokesman for The Jewish Leadership Council, a group that tracks anti-Semitism.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Gates of Vienna, CB Sashenka, Nash Montana, Oz-Rita and so many who have contributed today. More to come I bet as well.

Thank you CB Sashenka, Gates of Vienna, M., Richard, Nash Montana, Yucki, Carpe Diem, Oz-Rita, and a host of wonderful people who consistently send in material and contribute to the most important conversation of the modern, post modern, age. We are turning out translations of news stories that are not only not being put on Western mass-media, but actually being avoided and even distorted to avoid the truth. The CBC is actually worse than the BBC as their ‘coverage’ of the Rotherham rape pandemic showed with crystal clarity.

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    The religion of Islam is the most evil and destructive thing that has happened to the human race since the last ice age. Any talk of “reforming” Islam makes about as much sense as “reforming” Naziism, since both are predicated on a murderous and suprecisist desire to completely annihilate all non-members of their chosen “master race”. All civilized humans need to join together and do what they can to see the religion of Islam thrown onto the scrap heap of human history, along with cannibalism, incest, slavery, and human sacrifice. Islam is the only truly major problem we have on earth today. Let’s fix it for good…

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