Most media seems to be peddling cultural Marxism. Watch Hungarian FM interview and the CBC item 1: Links 1 on Oct. 2 – 2015

1. CBC video with subtle addition on the new islamophobia bill

2. This appears to be fresh video of Russian attacks against Islamic State actors and their various proxies and analogues in the region of Syria

3, Children of the Caliphate

4. Taliban take another area in Afghanistan, parliament member says

(Obama has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in 2 places at least now. Unless of course this was his desired result. In which case…)

5. Is Hungary’s response ‘xenophobic’? Hungarian FM interview in English by full blown cultural Marxist.

6. This image is alleged to be of muslims in Bethlehem celebrating the murder of an Israeli family.


Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Richard and all. More to come very shortly.


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10 Replies to “Most media seems to be peddling cultural Marxism. Watch Hungarian FM interview and the CBC item 1: Links 1 on Oct. 2 – 2015”

  1. Regarding the Peter Szijjarto Interview:

    Numerous rhetorical devices are used by the interviewer in an attempt to paint the Hungarian government as racist. The foreign minister is immediately placed at a disadvantage for being forced to disprove a negative.

    I think he did well under the circumstances but may have done better had he counter attacked more often. But this is easy for me to say.

    I find it interesting that the Hungarian government does not invoke history in their defense more often (in the context of their past experience with Muslim rule which the rest of EU members did not have the pleasure to experience).

    The most absurd question is the one such as: “what are you afraid of?…or, who is attacking you, there is no one attacking you…”.

    These questions are designed to make us appear paranoid and irrational. The Leftist Narrative refuses to allow us to admit to the most self evident dangers. 250000 violent strangers kick down your door and you are supposed to put your apron on and offer them tea and biscuits? Am I right?

    If I am right then the war has truly begun, because not everyone in the west is so stupid as to accept this marriage of cultural Marxism and Islam. The only thing that has slowed the onset of civil war is that the Marxist Ministry of Truth supposes such ridiculous, far out and preposterous Truths that it is taking normal, rational people way too long to recognize the scheme.

    We need a tshirt and a hoodie that says something like “Beware of Marxlamists.” Or how about “Marxlamism! As good as we say it is!”

    • @Jonnyu
      Thank you for your comment. It is a better write up than I can do.
      I too was amazed at the confrontational manner of Tim Sebastian; his intent was to paint Hungary in the worst possible light. I found it especially revealing when he started hitting on Christianity. It seems his point of view is that anyone that doesn’t want their Christian culture diluted with Islamic barbarians of military age has something wrong with them… Why doesn’t he ask France how that is working out for them!
      I looked up the word xenophobic and the definition is ” unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers or of that which is foreign or strange.”
      I do not think it unreasonable to fear a negative cultural change that is very obvious to all who have experienced it as well as their onlookers. I applaud the nation of Hungary for wanting to maintain their cultural heritage and I think, truth be told, many many people in western nations feel the same way.
      Xenophobia, like Islamophobia is just another linguistic tool (like Nazi) to cow the low information participants of a society into silence while people like Mr. Sebastian steam roll them into compliant multicultural serfs.

        • I agree with “hammering it home”.
          Sometimes German says things really well. They call the usage of Nazi as a linguistic bully: “Die Nazikeule schwinging”.
          I dont know if it can be translated really, but it goes something like:

          Swing about the Nazi Club or -bat or -mace.

  2. 3 – ISIS is working to recreate the ancient Spartan soldiers, I don’t know if they got the idea from histoery or modern liberal science fiction, these new Spartans are going to create hell on the battle field since the western soldiers will hesitate to shoot a child which will get them killed.

    4 – This was his plan all along, he wants the Moslems to take over the world.

      • More people see it then will admit it, the political winds are changing and eventually everyone will be seeing what we see. I know it doesn’t look like enough people are seeing the light but things take time. The war will probably be over with us as the winners before the vast majority accept that he is committing treason but the day that we win and that the truth about Obama is widely accepted is coming.

  3. 1. These three women honestly believe they are superior to men.

    This meme pervades French culture just as it does the Islamic religion: It gives men a free pass to have a copulator on the side. “Men can’t help themselves”.

    Wa `alaykum as-Salam wa rahmatullah:
    “The stronger hadiths indicate that the Believers shall have two wives, in Bukhari and Muslim from Abu Hurayra, from the Prophet, upon him blessings and peace: Each man among them shall have two wives, the marrow of each of the two wives’ shanks will be seen glimmering under the flesh, and there is not in all Paradise a single unmarried man. They will have up to a hundred concubines in Paradise while the Shuhada shall have seventy-two wives, numbers indicating abundance rather than an exact quantity, and Allah knows best.”

    If both their menfolk went to face Satan in the wilderness, and on the way found him in the guise of a female, they would not reach the test of the ‘Three Temptations of Mankind’, because they would think they were Heaven already.

    So defending and promoting ego’d males – allows these women to rise to the occasion of moral superiority. She may be held lowly in a burkha for her body or by positive-discrimination in senior boardrooms for her better-natured mind; but the bitch still lives in her head, and resentment fuels her for an eternity of lifetimes.

    Getting her into the Disney TV or Islam as a Princess is inflicted upon her as a child, and by watching her day by day become totally consumed by those who sing and adore her, she is then ridiculed and broken, until she herself becomes scarred and the next abuser of her gender and the holder of all males to a lower standard.

    These three warts had the life sucked out of them. Islam and Socialism make them feel a whole lot better. Slave the Males.

    • Stoptober Month is the political ambition of the National Health Service arm of the UK government to stop people legally smoking, where the Inland Revenue arm of the UK government heavily taxes them for the drug and never invested that blood money into a dedicated hospital for lung cancer.

      An experiment in social mind control therefore cannot be more acutely observed.

      Now join the 1.7 billion…

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