Now would be a good time to invent warp drive: Links 1 on Sept. 28 – 2015

1. News video on the retaking of significant city in Afghanistan by the Taliban

2. BBC Propaganda against the English who wish to preserve British law, culture and customs.

(Notice the use of filters, semi slow motion and playing with contrast to give BF a sinister look and feel. They may indeed be so, but this video is intended to make you feel that way above and beyond the content)

3. Denmark: Municipalities need to cut down on welfare to elderly, education and public transport to cater for “refugees”

(And yet if you said a couple of years ago that this would happen as a rest of 3d world immigration, I bet there would have been a decent chance you would have been arrested for some crime tantamount to ‘racism’)







ranslated from Uriasposten:

“Several municipalities have now made detailed calculations of the costs and revenues of refugees. This applies, among others, Allerød Municipality, where it is estimated that the bill … is somewhere between 20 and 25 million. kr. in 2015, which are expected to remain level next year. …

Mayor Jørgen Johansen (Conservatives) indicate that a majority of the City Council has just reached a budgetary conciliation with savings of about 40 million. kr. One school be closed, and in addition there are a number of small savings, e.g. on the public busses, swimming lessons and services for the elderly.

4. School in the US locked down over kid with confederate flag

(In order to make this seem rational, the adjective ‘Battle’ was added between the words, ‘confederate’ and the world ‘flag’ in every instance in this video by the narrator)

5. Iran invites families of black men shot by police to a Tehran anti-discrimination conference

(I guess the US could invite families of gay people who have been hung in Iran for a conference except, if they were allowed to leave in the first place, it would just mean another twenty thousand muslim refugees in the general Detroit area)

6. Now we’re sending troops to Somalia and South Sudan: 370 to help fight against Islamist terrorists 

(That always goes well)

Hundreds of British troops are to be deployed to East Africa to help counter Islamist extremists and help UN peacekeepers, David Cameron announced last night.

A group of 70 Armed Forces personnel will go to Somalia, where African Union forces are fighting jihadis from Al-Shabaab. A second force of up to 300 is to go to South Sudan, the world’s youngest country where a civil war has been raging for two years.

Downing Street officials insisted they would not take a ‘front-line’ role in either conflict but would be involved in training and logistical support for peacekeepers, as well as providing engineering expertise.

(In the first chapter of the Quranic Concept of war, it is explained why the West loses itself when it engages in these sort of conflicts. It is not inevitable but a consequence of our post modern culture. We could win, we just designed the rules so we cannot)

7. Muslim father strangled daughter, 19, to death in ‘honour killing’ after she was caught stealing condoms for sex with her forbidden boyfriend in Germany

(The real news is that in this fairly common occurrence now in our cities, one of these events actually managed to make it into the news. Germans however might want to take note that the hundreds of thousands and eventually over a million people they are admitting into Germany, hate the German people so much they would rather strangle their own daughters to death then let them be romantically involved with one. Your money is good enough though)

8. UK: Bogus mini-cab driver guilty of raping passenger

(Muslims raping non-muslims is Barely even news anymore)

9. German journalist: Huge industry behind EU “refugee crisis” – Receives Death Threat

10. Germany Segregating Christians As Migrant Violence Escalates 

(The German solution under Merkel of course, will be to send the Christians back and not accept any more. After all, they are genuine refugees and Germany does not seem to have any interest in those)

Christian migrants in German asylum centres are living under persistent threat, with many fearing for their lives as the hardline Sunni majority within the migrant population attempts to enforce Sharia law in their new host nation. The situation is so bad that Christians claim they live like “prisoners” in Germany, and some have even returned to Middle East.

Thank you M., Oz-Rita, Nicolai Sennels, Buck, Gates of Vienna, Wrath of Khan and more.

More to come as well. The Coughlin Ottawa #6 video is posted below and worth the 6 minutes.

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4 Replies to “Now would be a good time to invent warp drive: Links 1 on Sept. 28 – 2015”

  1. RE; #9, As if the ‘Green Racket’ was not enough of a way to confiscate our hard earned tax dollars, now we must deal with the ‘Migrant/Refugee Racket’, IMHO a huge cash cow for ‘favored’ contractors who will reciprocate by generously ‘donating’ to campaigns.

  2. No 9
    This is the same guy who , “told Russia Today (RT) that he had worked for the CIA and he’s not alone – most so-called journalists in America and Europe are on “non-official cover” to run stories aimed to manipulate readers and create propaganda against Russia.”
    I mean he is right that a lot of people are making money out of refugees,the policemen, the border control people, landlords, some politicians and so many more. And what he is saying in the interview is true. But I also think that the he is now a propaganda guy for Russia, probably white propaganda, but still.
    Btw. I heard that in Germany one can now give some policemen a money if they want to give you ticket. They pocket the money and you will pay less then you otherwise would.
    I hope it is not true.

  3. #2 – Confederate Battle Flag is actually the technically correct name for this particular flag. Even though it is commonly called ‘The Confederate Flag’, it never actually was the official flag of the Confederacy. They had a few official ones, but this was not one of them.

    The problem was that the official Confederate Flag was too similar to the Northern one and this led to confusion on the battlefield. The Confederacy then adopted this, distinct looking flag for its use on battlefields, calling it the Confederate Battle Flag.

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