How the narrative is the template for all things: Links 4 on Sept. 23 – 2015

1. Mike Huckabee suspects Obama may not be acting in accordance with classical Christian values

2. ISIS barbarians execute 10 – including 15-year-old – for ‘being gay’

(And yet, the odd person that doesn’t want to change the definition of marriage to include homosexuals but is perfectly OK with a civil union that has all the same rights and privileges is still portrayed as the demon in this)

The teenager was allegedly arrested when he was just 14 and locked up until his senseless death.

Seven men were also shot dead in Rastan, in the Homs province of central Syria, according to the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (SOHR), which tracks the conflict in Syria through a network of sources on the ground.

Two other men and the 15-year-old were executed in the town of Hreitan in northern Aleppo.

Large baying mobs watched the sickening killings, but the terror group destroyed any cameras used to film the murders, according to Rami Abdel Rahman, the head of SOHR.

3. Here is an example of propaganda disguised as news

(This article is a rather stellar example of the Narrative, Notice the reference to Hungary’s fence they are building to prevent a mass influx of illegal invaders, many of whom have quite literally and in the kinetic sense, attacked their border guards. I quote:

Built in a matter of weeks by soldiers, prison laborers and cadres of the unemployed, a vast new wall along Balkan frontiers is a monument to the ruthless efficiency with which Prime Minister Viktor Orban has mobilized Hungary against migrants.

This is nothing short of an attempt to equate Hungary’s rapid response to a threat with Nazi aggression against unarmed and peaceful minorities. It is a patently dishonest comparison in two ways. Not just that the comparison is a  grotesque moral inversion of reality and history, but that they do not openly make the comparison. Just create vague impressions in the manner of a Michael Moore movie and unequivocally using the language associated with Nazi behaviour and building projects.

4. Carson’s funds are growing rapidly since his frank comments about islam

5. Malaysia arrests six people, says they may have aided Bangkok bomber

Four of the six people arrested last week were believed to be minority Uighur Muslims, who come from China’s far western Xinjiang region, said Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay, director of the Malaysian police counter-terrorism unit.

(The question remains of course, what kind of muslims are the other two?)

6. Ahmed H. had seven different passports when he got caught

After being caught, seven different passports were found in Ahmed H.’s possession, all of them with valid Schengen visa. According to the Police, Ahmed H. is one of the leaders of the Röszke rebellion, and is a member of the Tablighi Jamaat, an Islam fundamentalist organization. Ahmed H. (39) Syrian citizen, was arrested on Tuesday at Szeged, after being caught by the Counter Terrorism Commando on Saturday at the train station at Gy?r. He is suspected of being the leader of an aggressive migrant group which attacked the officers defending Röszke 2. on 16 September. According to official sources, Ahmed H. is a Cyprus citizen, has a work permit, and he’s a member if the Tablighi Jamaat (Society for Spreading Faith), which is a terrorist cover organization for sending radical activists into the target countries.

7. Teach Kids About Mohammed Cartoons, Demand European Politicians

European politicians have slammed the Danish Headmaster’s Association’s announcement to not show Mohammed cartoons in the classroom, a move a coalition of parties has denounced as censorship.

The controversy began after the new Danish schools curriculum called for the 2005 Mohammed cartoons controversy to be taught. Two parties instantly leapt to the defence of the initiative, remarking that not only should that significant episode in Denmark’s history, which saw violent protests worldwide and set in progress a chain of events which led to the Charlie Hebdo terror attack in Paris this year, but that it should be taught with the original source material.

8. EU to Start Labeling Israeli Products to Target Them for Boycott

(So you can know a thing is made in Israel so you can avoid buying it for your own political reasons. Ok fair enough. But you cannot know that a thing is genetically modified or if its halal slaughter, meaning a violation of Canada and Europe’s animal cruelty laws so you can avoid purchasing that. This is the stuff from which revolutions should be made. It is totalitarianism at the informational level. Why use jackboots and prison camps when you can force people to make the decisions you want by ply giving the information that lead to that outcome? In Canada its an actual crime to label food as GMO and you can go to jail. I say this as someone who is fervently pro GM foods but I think people should be able to make choices I disagree with)

The European Union will start labeling Israeli products that are manufactured in Judea and Samaria and the Golan Heights next month, reports United with Israel, singling them out for boycotts.

An unnamed EU official said that the program has been under deliberation for two and a half years and will finally take effect in October after some technical and legal details are ironed out.

He also threatened that if the Israeli government boosts construction in Judea and Samaria in response to a boycott, that “We will continue with our moves against the settlements, and the labeling of products will only be the beginning.”

9. Did Merkel cover up Volkswagen scandal? As car maker’s boss quits, German leader accused of accepting trickery ‘with a wink’

(I vote that we should all call the Volkswagen, ‘The Merkel Gas Chamber’ in her honour)

Shares in VW rose 7.3 per cent on the news but, since the scandal broke at the start of the week, the firm has lost around one third of its value, or £20billion.

Germany’s Greens claim Chancellor Mrs Merkel’s Conservative-led government admitted knowing about Volkswagen’s emissions test cheating software in an answer to a parliamentary question in July.

10. Ben Carson argued evolution was ‘encouraged by’ Satan

(And thats what happens when you go against the narrative. You get flown over the Cuckoo nest at Mach 2)

In a speech delivered in 2012, Ben Carson said the big bang theory was part of the “fairy tales” pushed by “high-faluting scientists” as a story of creation.

Similarly, Carson, a noted creationist, said he believed the theory of evolution was encouraged by the devil.

I wish I could say that’s an exaggerated description, but it’s really not. The retired right-wing neurosurgeon, known for his off-the-wall ideas about a great number of issues, called the science surrounding the big bang “ridiculous,” and added in reference to evolution, “I personally believe that this theory that Darwin came up with was something that was encouraged by the adversary.”


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13 Replies to “How the narrative is the template for all things: Links 4 on Sept. 23 – 2015”

  1. #10 Sure this is as close to hell as you can get (and who knows, it might even be hell), but in the common x,y,z,t reference frame we call reality evolution is a fact. I suppose if we go on the presumption that this is hell then you *could* argue its from Satan, but that would only make it a fact put here to deceive us. Its not doing his campaign any good with rational people to go on rants. But then again, who is rational these days, so maybe its really a clever Trump-inspired strategy to break out?

  2. My feeling is, once a person goes against the narrative the way he did, the media will do double time to find anything he has ever said or done to destroy him. Look what they made news out of when Bush was president. I know people to this day that make fun of the way he says “nuclear” and when I point out that they are racists for mocking his Texas accent, as that is how all people there pronounce it, they shut up and then I show them this: and they literally stammer. The fact is, Obama makes gaffs like this every day. I gave up keeping a list but imagine if Bush or Trump flew a 747 over Manhattan at rooftop altitude escorted by an F14 or two and gave specific instructions that the civilian population was not to be told about it, including the mayor. Would they have won a second term?

    The media bias goes beyond bias. There is a strategy at work.

    • There is indeed a strategy AND a goal: to advance the progressive project/agenda.
      As our friend Ezra Levant assumes, it is groupthink. And at the media level, among the majority of the pravdavians writing the stories/news(?), that is likely true. But I have no doubt in my mind that the owners and executive editors are fully on board with the globalist initiative.
      Once seen through that lens, everything comes into focus.

  3. 9. The rigging of German cars to defeat the law of another country… It seems so…so socialist… olympian in it’s strategy… That the end will always justify the means.

  4. 9. “Similarly, Carson, a noted creationist, said he believed the theory of evolution was encouraged by the devil.”

    For a brief moment rising above these writers of Pravda, Carson is not a “noted creationist” but an amateur Christian, which is why he spent a lifetime as a noted neosurgeon and not as a theologian evangelist.

    • Well said indeed. It should be noted at this point that the Vatican, some time ago and not under this pope, made it clear that the Church accepts evolution as fact and says the bible supports it if ‘read correctly’. This can be found on the Vatican’s own websites.

      • Jewish day-schools: Modern Orthodox teach dinosaurs, Ultra O don’t. It’s perfectly possible to teach evolution without trashing Genesis.

        I got in trouble once for describing my amber necklace to a rabbi’s child.
        [I only learned about it in college. Friends still call me ‘Tyrannosaurus Regina’ when I’m really out of the loop.]

  5. Evolution is a theory. There is no empirical evidence — and remember what empirical means — to support this so-called scientific “fact.”
    I’m not a fan of Ben Carson’s candidacy. He’s not my guy.
    But the scientific community has a notorious reputation for claiming “settled science” on a myriad of “facts” which are later dismissed and proven to have been, well, what do you know, mistaken.

    Foam and fume all you like. I believe God before I believe the conclusions of man’s rationalism and so-called *objective* scientific enquiry. Don’t get me started.
    Bottom line: special revelation trumps natural revelation every time. When man says one thing and God says clearly another, man loses — and you would understand how that is so if you understood that man’s entire existence — the whole of humanity — is in rebellion against God.
    The God who created the laws of physics can overturn them at will, by a mere word.
    You have no idea who you’re dealing with and who you blaspheme.

  6. 6 I would love to have the results of the extended interrogation of this man, if/when he breaks (which won’t occur under what now passes as rational interrogation) he will know a lot about the organization of the coming war. Of course by the time he breaks the war won’t be coming it will be going full bore.

  7. “The European Union will start labeling Israeli products that are manufactured in Judea and Samaria and the Golan Heights next month, reports United with Israel, singling them out for boycotts.”

    I read an interview with the CEO of a company called “Soda Stream” an at home soda making machine not too long ago. This company was singled out for boycott due to their West Bank location. After some deliberation, they moved the company inside the 67′ borders of Israel. This put 200 West Bank Palestinians out of work. These were good jobs with equal pay and health benefits for all employees.

    Do you think the Palestinians that lost their jobs were happy about the boycott?

  8. 3/ Rule [from media handbook for journalists covering Israel]:
    Never call it a fence when you can call it a wall.

    8/ Well, they might as well go all the way. Slap a big YELLOW STAR on all of it.

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