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  1. How support for a Chinese rights lawyer could have led to crackdown

    BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s state media last month accused Wang Yu, the country’s most prominent female human rights lawyer, of “blabbering about the rule of law and human rights”.

    Two weeks later, she met a Reuters reporter, saying she thought her arrest was inevitable.

    Wang has defended Wu Gan, an online free speech advocate, Li Tingting, a prominent rights activist, and Cao Shunli, an activist who died in detention after being denied medical treatment.

    In doing so, Wang became the focus of an unprecedented crackdown on human rights lawyers in China.

    Although the government has not disclosed the reason for the crackdown, lawyers say the widespread support for Wang in the rights community appeared to be the catalyst.

    State media said on Saturday police had criminally detained Wang and some colleagues. Four lawyers taken in for questioning said police had warned them not to advocate for Wang, according to accounts by them and other activists.

  2. Out of the frying pan, into the fire: Migrants escape Croatian police on border, met by Slovenian

    Around 500 migrants managed to break through a police cordon on Croatian border, but had to face Slovenian police, who prevented them from entering the EU.

      • These soft focus vids of baby tards disinform the public and bore the [ahem!] discerning viewer.

        ~~ Teasing, Martin. I marvel at your strong stomach – that it tolerates all this stuff. ~~

        • … that ‘s exactly what we were talking here a few minutes ago – they focus on the children to confuse people and to obfuscate the fact that 95% are male invaders … the level of bias and propaganda everywhere now is unprecedented

          • Yes and no, the German propaganda efforts during both world war was very good the allies on the other hand were notoriously bad at propaganda.

          • As an example the German radio broadcasts to Britain would often say that the clock at some railroad station was so many minutes fast or slow. The clock wasn’t but only the people in that town knew this, the rest of the nation thought that there were German spies everywhere that reported everything.

    • TURKEY Scuffles as migrants test Greek border

      Turkish police have stopped a crowd of several thousand migrants marching on the border with Greece in their efforts to reach north and west Europe.

  3. Austria: Refugee crisis requires US-Russia cooperation and global funds – Sigmar Gabriel

    Speaking at a joint press conference on the European refugee crisis with Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann and Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, Gabriel added that Europe has to review its relationship to Russia and vice versa. “We cannot declare Russia as our main enemy on the one hand, and vice versa, and on the other hand the need for cooperation,” the vice chancellor stated. Speaking on directly on the refugee crisis, Gabriel said €5 billion Euros are needed in the next five months to effectively tackle the tense situation. “I am telling you, what is imminent here in Europe, if we do not act together – it is more dangerous for the existence of the European Union than any Greek or financial crisis,” Gabriel argued.

  4. SYRIA -Militants execute 56 Syrian regime soldiers at captured airbase

    Islamist insurgents shoot dead 56 members of Syrian government forces in a mass execution at airbase captured from the army earlier this month in north-west Syria, says monitor

    Islamist rebels operating in north-west Syria executed at least 56 government troops after overrunning a strategic military airport, a watchdog group confirmed on Saturday.

    The soldiers had been captured after the fall of Abu al-Duhur airbase in Idlib earlier in September.

    On Friday, opposition supporters on Twitter uploaded a video depicting soldiers lined up on the tarmac as militants walk nearby.

    Subsequent pictures show the soldiers killed, their bloodied corpses on the ground. A bearded fighter triumphantly poses before the camera, one foot placed on the head of a dead soldier.

    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), a pro-opposition monitor based in the UK with a network of activists on the ground, confirmed the executions on Saturday, raising the death toll on the government side to 71 loyalists, according to SOHR head Rami Abdul Rahman. […]

    pic :

  5. Japan’s parliament passes changes to pacifist WWII constitution allowing troops to fight abroad

    Japan’s parliament has voted into law a defence policy shift that could let troops fight overseas for the first time since 1945, a milestone in prime minister Shinzo Abe’s push to loosen the limits of the pacifist constitution on the military.

    Mr Abe said the shift, the biggest change in Japan’s defence policy since the creation of its post-war military in 1954, is vital to meet new challenges such as from a rising China.

    But the legislation has triggered massive protests from ordinary citizens and others who say it violates the pacifist constitution and could ensnare Japan in US-led conflicts after 70 years of post-war peace. Mr Abe’s ratings have also taken a hit.

    The legislation “is necessary to protect the people’s lives and peaceful way of living and is for the purpose of preventing wars”, Mr Abe told reporters after the bills were approved by the upper house.

  6. Since Obama has destroyed our ability to defend Japan they are getting ready to defend themselves, another flash point we can blame on Obama and the left.

      • I know, a retired Air Force pilot says that the last time he flew over Japan at one Island there were miles of uncommissioned warships waiting for crews. Some of the Japanese have been preparing for a major war since Clinton was in office.

  7. Libya coast guard seizes tanker, detains 12 Russians

    Tripoli (AFP) – Libya’s coast guard said Thursday it had intercepted a Russian-flagged tanker suspected of carrying an illegal shipment of petrol and detained 12 crew members from Russia.

    “We received a signal on the presence of a ship transporting an illegal cargo of petrol near Zuwara,” 160 kilometres (100 miles) west of Tripoli, on Wednesday, Captain Taoufik Mohamad Assakir, operations chief for central Libya, told AFP.

    The ship loaded with five million litres (one million gallons) of petrol was boarded 14 nautical miles off Zuwara and diverted to the naval base in Tripoli, he said.

    The captain said its 12 Russian crew, including a woman, were detained.

    Moscow said it was working to secure the release of the Russian nationals.

  8. Wake Up!”: Muslim Persecution of Christians, July 2015

    He was told that his daughter refused to change her religion, so she was buried from the neck down, and then stoned to death. — Nigeria.

    Nearly 300 Christian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram last year were being beaten, forced to convert to Islam, and indoctrinated into believing that their mission is to “slit the throats of Christians and to carry out suicide attacks.” — Nigeria.

    Christians kidnapped and held for ransom continue to be slaughtered even after their ransom is paid. — Pakistan.

    “In most instances the victims are minors, young adolescent girls. They suffer sexual violence, forced prostitution, domestic abuse and even sold to human traffickers.” — Sardar Mushtaq Gill, human rights lawyer, Pakistan.

    “If the West wants to do something about the present crisis, the most effective thing would be to support local governments, which need sufficient armies and forces to maintain security and defend respective populations against attacks.” — Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II, Patriarch of Antioch.

  9. Over 4,500 migrants rescued off Libya in one day

    Rome (AFP) – Twenty-one rescue operations Saturday picked up more than 4,500 people off the Libyan coast, according to the Italian coastguard, as calm seas sparked a flurry of attempts at the perilous Mediterranean boat crossing.

    Among those taking part was Doctors Without Borders ship Bourbon Argos, which told AFP it had rescued more than 800 people, who were expected to be brought to safety in Italy along with the rest of those saved.

    “We started before first light this morning with our first rescue. We rescued two wooden fishing boats and two rubber dinghies,” said Simon Burroughs, emergency coordinator for search-and-rescue missions by the medical group — commonly known by its French initials MSF.

    Burroughs said those rescued included Eritreans, Nigerians, Somalis, Libyans, Syrians and west Africans.

    The 21 operations took place between 30 and 40 nautical miles off the Libyan coast, and saw rescue workers pluck people from nine boats and 12 dinghies. The body of a woman was also recovered.

    The mass effort was carried out by an Italian military ship, the MSF’s Bourbon Argos, the MAOS search and rescue Phoenix, a Croatian vessel operating under EU border agency Frontex, two vessels operating within the Eunavfor Med mission — one British, one German — and the Italian coastguard.

    In videos sent to AFP by MSF, hundreds of people in brightly coloured clothes could be seen sprawled out on the Argos, a nearly 70-metre-long Luxembourg-flagged ship which typically carries around 700 people.

    “It’s quite a big boat, but at the moment every inch of deck space is covered. People are extremely relieved to be off of their sinking boats,” Burroughs said.

    – Large operations now typical –

    “We’ve had about a week of bad weather that stopped any kind of rescue operations, but last night and this morning weather changed,” he said, with crying children heard in the background.

    “There are multiple nationalities… Thankfully, everyone is in good health,” said MSF spokesman Sami al-Subaihi, who is seen aboard the ship in the video.

    Launched in May, the Argos has been handling large rescue missions due to the growing waves of people seeking refuge in Europe.

    “It’s a large operation, but unfortunately it’s becoming quite a typical operation… Our last rescue was over 1,000 people,” Burroughs said.

    The Bourbon Argos has a staff of 26 people on board, including medical specialists.

    According to Yazan al-Saadi, MSF’s regional communications officer in Beirut, the three MSF search-and-rescue vessels are equipped to treat migrants for various medical issues.

    On Friday, 102 migrants were rescued in the Mediterranean by Libyan authorities, and seven other bodies were recovered. The Italian coastguard said it coordinated the rescue of a total of 1,013 migrants.

    Another 124 people were detained by Libyan coastguard officials Friday as they were preparing to cross to Europe.

    The leader of Italy’s anti-immigrant Northern League party, Matteo Salvini, said the high number of arrivals showed the rescue ops were encouraging crossings and corrupt practices.

    “Yet more business in sight for the cooperatives, more ‘kindness’ from the (political) left. The invasion continues,” he said on Twitter.

  10. UK – Muslim plane passenger turns abusive after flight staff run out of HALAL food

    A MUSLIM plane passenger has been ordered to pay £1,400 after he threatened cabin staff on a flight – because they had run out of HALAL meals.

    Convicted drug dealer Ibrar Zada, 25, verbally abused two air stewardesses as he returned to Birmingham on a Thomson flight from Hurghada International Airport in Egypt.

    Shortly into the flight, the cabin crew ran out of hot food but continued to serve the passengers with meals left in the kitchen.

    But when a staff member approached Zada he demanded Halal food, which staff told him they didn’t have.

    Later on during the flight on March 27 this year, Zada used the attention button to call cabin crew and again demanded a meal killed in the Islamic tradition, which directs that animals must be alive and healthy at the time of slaughter and all blood drained from the carcass.

    Despite being repeatedly asked to calm down, the defendant started to use foul and abusive language towards staff and continued to show aggression.

    As the Boeing 757 touched down at Birmingham Airport in the early hours of March 28, Zada was arrested by waiting police.

    Zada was found guilty of using “threatening, abusive or insulting words” towards members of the crew in breach of the Civil Aviation Act 1982, after a trial at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court.

  11. Why the presidential primaries will not be a normal process

    Columnist Mark Steyn analyzes the Republican and Democratic fields on ‘Hannity’

  12. Louisville – Kentucky – Hundreds turn out to rid mosque of graffiti

    The vandals’ message of hatred that marred the outside of the Louisville Islamic Center earlier this week was relatively easy to paint over Friday by a massive outpouring of volunteers, but the problem of religious intolerance is a much more difficult stain to remove.

    As hundreds gathered Friday afternoon at the defaced mosque on River Road, Mayor Greg Fischer told the crowd: “There is a lot of extremism in the world today. But today I’m seeing a lot of extreme love and support and I love it.”

    The Islamic center, 4007 River Road, is the oldest mosque in Louisville, and vandals left graffiti including messages such as “Stop terrorism” and “Moslems — leave the Jews alone.”

    Instead of expressing anger, members of the mosque asked on Friday that the vandals come forward and help clean up the graffiti. They said they would welcome them and invite them to learn more about their religion and their mission.

    Attendees at Friday’s rally, young and old, took turns applying brush strokes as the group collectively painted over the graffiti. Children made art about peace and equality, using their paint to tell a much different story than that of the vandals.

    “Luckily we have seen a lot of support from media and everyone,” said Farhart Hameed, Islamic Center board vice president and the person behind organizing Friday’s rally. “It’s been quite scary and disturbing for the kids.”

    Compassionate Louisville, a volunteer organization committed to making compassion a real part of daily life, dedicated a “compassion bench” at the center Friday, with co-host Tom Williams proclaiming: “Today we pray with paint.”

  13. Germany: Refugee hunger strike solidarity march breaks out in scuffles

    A far-right protester was arrested as Antifa took to the streets of Nuremburg on Saturday, where a group of refugees have been holding a hunger strike for the past six days.

  14. CANADA – CBC – Conservative government aims to resettle 10,000 Syrian refugees by September 2016

    Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announces $25M plan to deal with refugee crisis

    The Conservative government said Saturday it will speed up the processing of refugee applications in an effort to bring in “thousands more” Syrians and Iraqis by the end of 2015.

    Immigration Minister Chris Alexander said the new measures mean the 10,000 Syrian refugees the government previously promised to resettle in the next three years would instead be brought to Canada by September 2016 — “a full 15 months earlier than anticipated,” he told reporters in the Toronto suburb of Scarborough.

    Syrians and Iraqis fleeing civil war and sectarian conflict will no longer have to prove they are convention refugees under the United Nations Refugee Agency, but will be presumed to be refugees by Canadian authorities for the purposes of vetting their applications.

    The UN has conceded it has been overwhelmed by claims for refugee status in recent months, resulting in a considerable backlog of applications.

    “Today, by designating them differently, we are greatly expanding the potential for candidates and sponsorship with the private partners across Canada,” said Alexander, who’s running for re-election in the riding of Ajax, Ont., for the Oct. 19 federal vote.

    “We will move quickly and above all responsibly — security screening will remain the top priority,” he added.

    Alexander also said the government would deploy additional officers to missions abroad and that applications from Syrians and Iraqis will be handled within six months of being filed.

    “Some of our officers have already reached the missions that are most involved in the resettlement efforts,” he said. “We will have more human resources hitting the ground in the coming days and weeks.”

    “We will do all of that by cutting red tape,” the minister said in French, adding that a special co-ordinator will be appointed to handle the overall file of Syrian and Iraqi refugees by working with community partners and other levels of government.

    On the Canadian side, Alexander said the government is doubling the size of the workforce at the Winnipeg processing centre where all applications are handled.

    The government would also allow groups of five and families to sponsor those who have not yet received convention refugee status.

    The cost of these measures, Alexander said, will be $25 million over two fiscal years.

    more on the page :

    Baloney Meter: Has the UN asked Canada to take 9,000 refugees by Christmas?

    Tom Mulcair accuses Stephen Harper of ignoring a UN request for refugee resettlement

    The UN has asked us to bring in 9,000 refugees before Christmas; you won’t do it. They’ve asked for 46,000 over the next four years, you won’t do it.

    During Thursday night’s federal leaders’ debate on the economy, a segment that was supposed to be about the impact of immigration levels suddenly veered into the Syrian refugee crisis and whether the current government should be doing more.

    Conservative Leader Stephen Harper was attacked by both Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and NDP Leader Tom Mulcair. Mulcair accused Harper of ignoring a UN request that Canada resettle 9,000 refugees before Christmas and a further 46,000 over the next four years.


    • TORONTO SUN – Toronto rally calls for Canada to do more for Syrian refugees

      TORONTO – Protesters gathered at Avenue Rd. and Bloor St. Saturday afternoon to demand Canada do more to help Syrian refugees.

      About an hour later — and no doubt a coincidence — Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced the government’s plan to resettle 10,000 Syrian refugees 15 months sooner than originally planned.

      One Syrian refugee who was top of mind at the rally was Alan Kurdi, the toddler who drowned with his mother and brother in a flimsy boat headed for Greece. Photos of him face-down on a Turkish beach helped focus the world’s attention on the migrant crisis.

      “Alan should be here with us today,” Syed Hussan of No One Is Illegal-Toronto said.

      The rally called for an overhaul of the immigration system to protect the rights of refugees and give permanent residency to migrants.

      The United Nations has asked Canada to take in 9,000 refugees before Christmas and another 46,000 over the next four years.

      The protesters said Canada has failed to do its part.

      “We are here with the hopes of seeing a massive shift in refugee status in Canada,” Hussan said. “Canada needs to do a lot more. There are miserably small numbers that are getting in.”

      Tings Chak said Canadians don’t want to see any more migrant deaths.

      “These are people fleeing wars the Canadian state is involved in. The people are displaced by many reasons and we are here today to say they are welcome here. Canada has to accept its responsibility.”

      Canada could open its borders without fear, Sylvie Letourneau said.

      “There is so much false rhetoric about the dangers to us if we allow refugees in.”

      • Given a large enough causality list or long enough between major wars and the can’t we all just get along types will gain control of nations and set the conditions where the wanna be dictators will decide they can take on the softies and take control of a major portion or the entire world.

  15. DENMARK – Danish group ‘to display Muhammad cartoons’

    Leader of Danish anti-Islam group says he will display images later this month

    A Danish anti-Islam group says it will display controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad on Sep. 26 in central Copenhagen.

    “We will do this as no one has the courage to display those cartoons,” Anders Gravers Pedersen, the chairman of ‘Stop Islamization of Denmark’, told public radio on Saturday.

    “The Danish press does not want to show. Teachers do not exhibit them while talking about the cartoon crisis. This is a huge problem for free speech,” Pedersen claimed.

    The visual depiction of Muhammad is considered offensive by most Muslims. In May, two men who attacked an exhibition of the cartoons in Garland, Texas, were shot dead by police.

    Pedersen said he would display the cartoons no matter what.

    “We have to pay a price. The visual depiction is not allowed in sharia [Islamic law]. Are we going to follow sharia? We do not accept this,” he said.

    Ten years ago, Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad which resulted in violent demonstrations across much of the Muslim world.

  16. Migrant crisis: Austria sees fresh influx (BBC, Sep 20, 2015)

    “Austria saw the arrival of at least 10,000 migrants on Saturday, amid bitter rows among EU nations on how to handle the growing crisis. The migrants were initially sent into Hungary by Croatia, which said it was unable to cope with the 20,000 who had arrived since Wednesday. Hungary in turn shipped them on to Austria, accusing Croatia of breaking rules by failing to register migrants. However, some told the BBC that Hungary had not registered them either…”

  17. Turkey air strikes ‘kill’ scores of Kurdish rebels (aljazeera, Sep 19, 2015)

    “Turkish fighter jets carried out a new barrage of cross-border airstrikes early on Saturday against Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq, killing at least 55 rebels, according to the state-run Anatolia news agency.

    The strikes by F-16 and F-4 jets targeted caves, houses and camps used by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), Anatolia said, citing unnamed security sources.

    “At least 55 to 60 terrorists” were killed in the operation, which destroyed munitions depots, the report added.

    Turkish security forces and the outlawed PKK have traded fire on a near daily basis since a two-year-old ceasefire fell apart in late July with Ankara’s launch of a two-pronged “anti-terror” offensive against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) fighters in Syria and Kurdish rebels in Iraq.

    Around 150 soldiers and police have been killed in PKK bombings and shootings since the return to open conflict in June, compared with around 1,100 in the rebel camp, according to pro-government media.

    The PKK does not give figures for its dead, making it impossible to confirm the government’s claims to be inflicting huge losses…”

  18. Kabul rejects army’s claim of PAF attack being planned in Afghanistan (tribune, Sep 19, 2015)

    “ISLAMABAD .: A day after Pakistan Army said the air base attack in Badhaber was “planned and controlled” from Afghanistan, the Afghan presidency has strongly rejected the claim.

    “We vehemently reject baseless claims that the attack in Peshawar was planned or controlled from Afghanistan,” the president’s deputy spokesperson Sayed Zafar Hashimi, said, according to Pajhwok Afghan News.

    On Friday, DG Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) told a news conference in Pakistan had ‘evidence’ to substantiate that the attack on PAF base had links in Afghanistan…”

  19. Meet Pakistan’s first female truck driver (tribune, Sep 19, 2015)

    “Breaking stereotypes and driving through gender-based obstacles, Shamim Akhtar from Rawalpindi is Pakistan’s first female truck driver.

    The 53-year-old single mother said “Nothing is too difficult if you have the will, however if women make themselves believe that they can’t do certain tasks then nothing works for them.”

    Driving cars for many years, Akhtar decided to step out of Pakistan’s traditional domestic rule which requires women to stay home, when she saw her family going through financial hardship…”

  20. ISIS chemical weapons: Islamic State launch mustard gas attacks in Syria and Iraq (express, Sep 19, 2015)

    “It is understood the militant group is making its own as there is no evidence they have acquired mustard gas from government stores in the Middle East.

    News of the chemical attacks came after US officials said they suspected ISIS were making and using crude chemical weapons in Syria and Iraq.

    Peshmerga fighters in northern Iraq have reported at least five attacks on their positions in northern Iraq in the past two months with mortar shells or Katyusha rockets filled with sulphur mustard, a blistering agent first used during the First World War.

    Four Kurdish fighters were killed in an ISIS mortar attack on Tuesday at the Mosul dam. Three died as a result of gas inhalation.

    Kurdish forces reported “considerable yellow smoke” at the scene of a similar attack on August 31 in the same area in which one fighter was treated for gas inhalation.

    German officials confirmed that traces of mustard gas were detected after as many as 40 mortar shells containing a blistering agent were fired at a Kurdish position near Sultan Abdullah, 34 miles southeast of Mosul, last month.

    More than 120 people were injured in two ISIS mustard gas attacks in Marea, near Aleppo, on August 21 and September 1 said Tarek Najar, the director of a field hospital in the area.

    Their symptoms, including difficulties breathing, streaming eyes and nose, skin blistering and first and second-degree burns, were consistent with a blistering agent, he confirmed.

    The blistering agent appeared weaker than expected – possibly because it was old, according to former chemical warfare expert Zaher al-Saket.

    There was speculation that militants might have found usable supplies of old mustard gas shells from stockpiles retained by Saddam Hussein at the al-Muthanna complex, which was occupied for several months by ISIS.

    However, many experts have said it is far more likely that the militant group were producing their own basic mustard gas….”

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