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15 Replies to “Angela Merkel. Protecting the interests of everyone but Germans”

  1. angela’s reply was perfectly clear. but by the end i could not remember what my own name was .. some kind of time erasing warp going on here ..

  2. What the what?
    Learn about your own religion and History and everything will be ok?
    Was that the message?
    There are 4 million muslims in Germany so everything is fine? Was that the message?
    What was she on about?

    • She was about talking all around the question rather then answer it, this is a technique the Dems to a lot and not many reporters call them on their not answering.

  3. What a complete buffoon! She doesn’t know anything at all. Not one word she said made any sense. And what playbook is she reading from that says that one should never be guided by fear, anyway? She says that as if it were common knowledge amongst the enlightened, but I look both ways before I cross the road because I’m afraid of getting hit by a car, not because I’m enlightened. But Angela’s too cool to be afraid, isn’t she…

    I predict, with utter confidence, that this oh-so-obvious blunder is going to start blowing up in the Chancellor’s face sooner rather than later, as this stampede spirals out of control and the Muslim numbers pile upward and upward into the millions. Next to “Palestinians”, I can think of no group of Muslims that I would less like to see coming into my country than the bunch that are headed for Germany today. Those are anti-secular Arab Sunni Muslims, folks, mixed with Muslim North Africans. Stay tuned for the rioting and the car burnings and the bombings and the shootings and the hostage taking and the stone throwing… Allahu Akbaaaaaarrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and Angela? You’re about to become one of the most hated names in German history. So sorry…:)

    • Merkel’s obfuscating bullshit put me in mine of America’s own Susan Rice. They’ve figured out that the stupid aren’t listening anyway – ’cause they don’t even know how to listen – so they can just go ahead and string together any combination of educated-sounding words-that-mean-nothing, and the stupid, fearful of being revealed as the dunderheads they are, simply tune out, grunt stupidly, and move on to another topic. David Cameron is pretty good at it too. And Obama? Get out of town!!!

  4. Angela’s a Bureaucrat. Why are they asking her? She is saying she doesn’t know, cannot discern, how to deal with it. Removing the fear of the fear is all she can offer.

    It is the Relianceof the Straggler with the same-old, same-new Marxist Way. She was raised and indoctrinated under the East German Stasi with allegiance to industrialized socialism: automated welfare issued on a points system. Human liars and deceivers in, good productive citizens out – and peace shall surely reign throughout the world.

  5. Her ‘response’ was super disturbing to me. First and foremost, she did NOT answer the question “How will you protect Germany and its culture”.

    Her first point was that fear is irrational, there’s nothing to protect, everyone who’s afraid is just an unenlightened stupid person.

    Her second point was that it’s basically OUR fault that there are people from EU countries fighting at ISIS, and therefore WE need to do more to help these poor young men.

    Her third point I found to be the most disturbing one and I haven’t even heard obama accusing American Christians yet of not practicing their faith enough. What she is basically saying is ‘Christians, shut up, you’ve had your chance, now it’s someone else’s turn.’

    If there was a diffusion of culture and religion going on in Germany prior to this refugee chaos, then she is directly responsible for it. If people lost and forgot about their roots in Germany, then the blame can be layer squarely at her feet.

    Helmut Kohl never forgot what Germany was, where it came from, and he celebrated its “rich” history, that Merkel disses. He was a proud German and didn’t let himself be told that because you’re German, you have to walk around with your head hanging in shame, while Merkel tells every German they should be ashamed to have even been born Germans.

    Very disturbing. But oh so familiar when I think about the buffoon we have in office here in the White House.

    • The left thinks we are so stupid we will not realize that the question hasn’t been answered, the LSM normally lets that leftist politicians get away with this.

  6. ‘It’s been our misfortune to have the wrong religion. Why did it have to be Christianity, with its meekness and flabbiness?” – Hitler

    Islam was a Männerreligion—a “religion of men”—and hygienic too.

    The “soldiers of Islam” received a warrior’s heaven, “a real earthly paradise” with “houris” and “wine flowing.” This, Hitler argued, was much more suited to the “Germanic temperament” than the “Jewish filth and priestly twaddle” of Christianity.


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