2015 when an exodus and the plague of locusts seem as if combined into one: Links 3 on Sept. 7 – 2015

1: David Cameron fertilizes the public with vague promises of a referendum on EU membership by the end of 2017. His govt. has promised this before and failed to deliver.

2. In the spirit of joining with European values and culture, new dreamers to Europe have invented what will almost certainly be the next Olympic event, the ‘DuTardAlon’. The idea is you sprint for 30 seconds and then pelt a train full of unbelievers with rocks.

3. Video of a throng of muslims in Hungary

4. Austria: EU Commissioner visits refugee camp deemed ‘”inhumane” by the UN

(Many locals I bet couldn’t even afford a  place like that)

5. Hungary. Muslims block highway. (Much easier to throw stones at cars if they stay still as any 10 year old can tell you)

6. Greeks evacuate refugees from Lesbos as island overflows

(Island population 4000 people. Fake refugees from Islamic areas now are over 18,000 people)

7. Three links from Spain on Islam related matters from terrorism to accepting refugees

8. Syrian refugee crisis: Quebec triples number of refugee sponsorships

9. Giant swarm of illegals crash through police line up on highway in Hungary

10. What appears to be the 6th in the thoughtful series on the Rotherham child sex slave scandal and history of Rotherham.

11. Neo-Nazi gang attacks Spanish teen, carves swastika into arm

(Hey Europe how is that gun free thing working out for you?)

Thank you Richard, Buck, M., Maria J., Buck and all who sent in material and there are many of you and all are appreciated even if I dont remember to tag you here. Its either my own lack of organizational skill or sometimes its to protect your safety when I am not sure if you want to be named.

Another policeman in the US was murdered while on duty but not in the act of stopping a crime. Clearly something is going on.

Lastly a picture tribute to David Cameron

Look Butterflies



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14 Replies to “2015 when an exodus and the plague of locusts seem as if combined into one: Links 3 on Sept. 7 – 2015”

  1. You bastard Eeyore! Re the “Look butterfly”s for fricking locusts.
    Count yourself lucky that the North African/Sub Saharan shites are not invading your lands!

    • Oh they are. I think per capita we take in more than anyone in the world. We just arent allowed to talk about it much. Ill need to check the numbers on that though.

      • Obama is working hard to bring more into the US, I don’t know if he can get enough into match the British and Canadian percentages but he is trying.

  2. Some thing I see every day is that all these so called “Refugees” are you fighting aged muslim men. Where are their families?
    Now Frau Meerkl has said Germany will take as many who survive the cross med trip. How will Geremany survive? Its going to take 10 billion euros just to house and feed them FFS!
    And Now David Cameron (CaMoron) has up’ed the UK’s intake of these illegals from 4K to 20K
    What is the figure going to be by the end of the week?

  3. Re: The police shooting in Vegas. Fortunately he was only hit in the hand and suspect was caught. Still unnerving to have that happening with such regular frequency.

  4. #11 – Swastika carved into arm…

    Now, I could be barking up the wrong tree here, but I couldn’t help noticing that the swastika and the number “88” were carved in the precise spot that they would be in if they were carved there by the victim himself – the left forearm, left-to-right, right way up. Interesting…

    Bearing in mind that the Holy Quran actually commands its Believers to always pretend to be victims while in reality being the aggressors – in order to confuse the Infidels – we should always be extremely careful about “false flag”-type events. I’m not saying I know anything for sure, but it looks suspicious to me…

    • Given the lack of prior attacks by people other then Moslems any attack on Moslems must be looked on as a false flag operation unless there are major injuries or some deaths, even then wait for evidence.

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