While unarmed Marines stop deadly terror attack in Europe, the US pressures them to lower standards. Much more as well Links 2 on Aug. 21 – 2015

One: CNN Video on interrupted terror attack in Europe by US marines, one of whom is in critical condition.

(The one surprise is that Obama congratulated the Marines instead of apologizing to the Islamic State, which one has to suspect was his next call)

2.  Unarmed US Marines foil suspected terrorist attack onboard high-speed train between Amsterdam and Paris after they take down Kalashnikov-wielding Moroccan gunman known to intelligence services

A group of unarmed US Marines on board a high-speed train between Amsterdam and Paris foiled a terrorist attack after a gunman opened fire with an assault rifle, wounding three people.

The 26-year-old Moroccan national, who was known to security services, came out of the toilet brandishing the gun and opened fire. Fortunately, two US Marines were nearby and overpowered him before he could massacre passengers.

The suspected terrorist had at least nine full magazines of ammunition holding almost 300 rounds. He was also carrying a knife.

Unfortunately, one of the Marines was shot and is believed to be in a critical condition.

French police recovered at least nine full magazines of ammunition from the suspect’s backpack, containing almost 300 rounds Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3206426/U-S-Marines-armed-gunman-onboard-high-speed-train-Amsterdam-Paris.html#ixzz3jUHDrEh6 Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


Gunman injures three after firing Kalashnikov on Amsterdam-Paris train: latest

3. Under Pressure from North Korea, U.S. Cancels Annual Military Exercise with South Korea

The Associated Press reports that annual military exercises with South Korea have been halted–indefinitely–due to rising tensions on the DMZ and threats of war from Pyongyang. Is this a concession to North Korea’s threats, a bid to reduce tensions on the peninsula, or is it necessary to give American and South Korean units a chance to prepare for possible combat?

“North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Friday declared his front-line troops in a ‘quasi-state of war’ and ordered them to prepare for battle against South Korea in response to an exchange of artillery fire on the border Thursday,” the AP reports.

4. Pressure grows on Marines to consider lowering combat standards for women

(Yes lets lower the standards for Marines and make enemy combatants officers in our armies like Maj. Nidal Hasan. I can’t see anything going wrong with any of that at all)

5. Judge lifts injunction on hidden cam Planned Parenthood videos. Medical Progress immediately releases another

6. Afghan ‘terrorist’ is free to roam the streets of Britain as hero interpreters are abandoned to Taliban: Man who has been stripped of British citizenship is embroiled in battle to fight deportation 

(Just so long as the UK has its priorities straight)

A suspected Afghan terrorist is living freely in London as former British Army translators are abandoned to face Taliban hitmen, it emerged last night.

The man had been stripped of his British citizenship over alleged links to Al Qaeda but made it back into the country.

At huge cost to the taxpayer, he is now embroiled in a legal battle to fight deportation – a process which could take months or even years.

Military translators such as 'Shaffy' pictured beside Prime Minister David Cameron face massive obstacles in moving to the UK despite their service, while suspected terrorists such as M2 cannot be easily removed

Military translators such as ‘Shaffy’ pictured beside Prime Minister David Cameron face massive obstacles in moving to the UK despite their service, while suspected terrorists such as M2 cannot be easily removed

Translator Wahid's daughter, seven, received this letter from the Taliban threatening her father 

NEW YORK — The United States is closely monitoring an escalating military confrontation between Israel and military forces in Syria, and calls on all parties to avoid further jeopardizing a long-held ceasefire in the Golan Heights, a State Department official told The Jerusalem Post on Friday evening.

Israel conducted a second round of strikes in Syrian-controlled territory on Friday, reportedly hitting a vehicle and killing six. The Israeli government says its targets are militants responsible for firing rockets into Israeli-controlled territory the day before.

The four rockets fired from Syria marked the first such exchange of fire since 1973.

8. Tens of thousands displaced by Boko Haram in two weeks in Chad

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Around 40,000 people have fled their homes in Chad in the past two weeks following attacks by Islamist militant group Boko Haram, according to an aid agency, as the insurgency stokes an escalating humanitarian crisis in the region around Lake Chad.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) said many of the displaced people have gathered in makeshift camps where its staff were treating patients with diarrhea, malaria and respiratory infections, as well as malnourished children.

“Some pregnant women have walked several kilometers in searing heat to seek medical attention,” said Federica Alberti, MSF’s head of mission in Chad. “People are living without proper shelter, and do not have access to food or clean drinking water.”


Thank you M., Sassy, CB Sashenka, Gates of vienna, and so many people who have sent in materials. Its been a very busy day for videos and titling. More still to come, so the posting of news has suffered a bit. But for those of you curious about why Canada took away people’s right to own firearms, this interesting video from the New York times might tell you, even if that was not the intention of the makers.

Personally, I think all people who believe in freedom need to band together temporarily and reinvent that most basic right.

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  1. 4 – Every nation that has ever placed women in ground combat units has pulled them out because of the damage to troop moral and cohesion due to the dual physical requirements. The fact that Obama and company are willing to risk what remains of our military effectiveness to appease a small number of activists who want to deny nature shows that they are living in a fantasy world where facts and biology don’t matter and no one will ever attack the US.

    In the real world actions like this one and Obama’s backing down to Fat Crazy Boy are insuring that there will be a major war and in this war North America won’t be spared the damage of combat. There will be major fighting in the US and our infrastructure will be damaged during the fighting.

    If you want to know the timing it will probably start before Obama is out of office, my best guess is between the election and before the new President is sworn in.

  2. Richard,
    If Obama expect the U.S. to be hit with war after have it purposefully left it weak, it seems to me that maybe he wants a caretaker position like Quisling had.

    Obama (1) would still be in control, (2) could remake America without constitutional opposition, and (3) cut America down to size so it won’t be unfairly preeminent or special.

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