Attacks in Turkey, Copenhagen and elsewhere. The left continues to deflect: Links 2 on Aug. 9 – 2015

1. NBC implies that US gun culture responsible for horrific amount of killing in Afghanistan, even though their own article shows that under US control, murders by gun etc. where lower than before and after.

(I would tend to think Islam’s view of the value of life has more to do with Afghan murder rates than access to guns or American culture)

2. Shiia-waves YT channel video on FBI overflights of Dearborn Mi.

3. Please watch this video with the captions on (unless you speak Swedish) about the totalitarian left’s contribution to the rise of the Swedish SD party

4. Pakistan….

What is this about?

Pakistan child sex abuse scandal: Hundreds of children filmed being sexually abused in the Punjab

Officials in the Pakistani state of Punjab have called for a judicial inquiry to be launched, after 400 video recordings were found showing more than 280 children being sexually abused.

In what may be the worst child sexual abuse scandal in the country’s history, thousands of copies of the videos are believed to have been sold from Hussain Khanwala village in Kasur district, for as little as 50 Rupees (£0.31).

In some cases, the tapes were used to blackmail victims’ parents, Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper reported.

In many of the videos the victims were forced to abuse each other, with most of them under 14, and one boy six years old, police chief Rai Babar Saeed, district police chief of Kasur told reporters.

(Were these BBC Asia employees?)


Massive child abuse scandal unveiled in Pakistan

Pakistan is reeling from the aftermath of a huge child pornography scandal, which came to light a few days ago when protesters clashed with police in Kasur, a town close to the country’s eastern city of Lahore.

The demonstrators were protesting against the police for allegedly failing to arrest members of a gang suspected of raping hundreds of children, filming them and blackmailing their parents, Pakistani daily “Dawn” reported.

“Abusers filmed young children, blackmailed them and their parents. Many children tried to hide from the camera.”

5. Isis’s war on democracy: Militants execute 300 civil servants from Iraqi electoral commission

The Isis militant group has reportedly executed more than 300 civil servants from the Iraqi electoral commission, as part of a crackdown on those accused of promoting democracy and “ideas that distorted Islam”.

An Iraqi security official told Spain’s EFE news agency that the executions were carried out by firing squad on Saturday in the militant group’s stronghold of Mosul.

Mahmoud al-Sauaryih, a spokesman for the National Multitude militia in Nineveh province, said that those killed included 50 women.

6. Lincoln County commissioner walks out during Muslim prayer

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  1. Things are heating up all over as the left and the Moslems decide they are winning and the rest decide that they have no choice but to fight for their survival.

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