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12 Replies to “DHS Chief: It’s “Critical” We Don’t Call ISIS Islamic Or American Muslims Won’t Help Us”

  1. “…(Islam) is about peace.” — Jeh Johnson at 1:47

    No It’s most certainly NOT about peace.

    This fellow is telling the US public that we do not call ISIS “Islamist extremist” because it will alienate Moslems who are residing within our borders. German Americans, Italian Americans and Japanese Americans manned-up in their hundreds of thousands during the Second World War and were able to make the distinction between the evil that was being promoted by their erstwhile countrymen and the good that was in their own lives, particularly as a result of living in the US.

    Stop the BS, Mr. Secretary. The US public has had enough. Make the Moslems choose: the US or repatriation to any number of the Moslem enemy states arrayed against us.

    • ““…(Islam) is about peace.” — Jeh Johnson at 1:47

      No It’s most certainly NOT about peace.”

      And yet, it is all about peace, just as Socialism is about peace.

      It is a trade off: you will live peaceably if you totally submit or else pay the dhimmi-tax; or you can never be employed if you utter thought-crimes or else psychologically squeeze into a Preferential Group and to get a pass.

      Then tighter and tighter the prohibltions become, the child to slice your neck or denounce you to the School Counsellor.

      • And conversations with friends who have school age children grow increasingly hushed as they reveal how their children have been assigned the job of looking for inefficient appliances and reporting their parents to the teacher if they are not up to scratch.

        I remember as a kid how people flipped out when US schools were training children to report their parents if the parents smoked marijuana. The excuse for that, thin as it is, was that smoking dope was at least illegal. But now kids are being trained to rat out parents for ideological crimes against the environmental narrative and to shame them etc.

        Many of my friends like to do a display of electrical waste on ‘Earth Day’ and maybe that can work. They may give up on it if they see that people mock it enough that it has the opposite effect. But from a personal psychological point of view, I prefer to not be affected at all by these kinds of people or they win in any case. By action or reaction. Do nothing different. Change nothing. Be unaffected and you score a personal win. Even so, the thought of lighting up a few fresnels and shining them heavenwards when my unusually sanctimonious neighborhood goes dark is appealing.

        • “But from a personal psychological point of view, I prefer to not be affected at all by these kinds of people or they win in any case. By action or reaction. Do nothing different. Change nothing. Be unaffected and you score a personal win. ”

          Bullys use favoritism and injustice to intimidate try to get inside you. That is their way to reproduce into another dhimmi clone their ideology of peace. They will fight hell and high water not to admit they have been taken over.

          The secret is not to try to win… just don’t lose.

          The teaching of Jesus is the same: do not resist evil.

          “Your shoes are stupid”

          “If you say so, I think they’re fine”

          “You are homophobic, islamophobicand racist”

          “I’m talking to you aren’t I?”

          If they want your jacket, give them your shirt. They want to grapple to pull you over and nothing gives them purchase, so they get madder and madder.

          Then they will insult you, like a slap on the cheek. Simply turn the other cheek.

          Then if they actually try to hit you physically on the cheek punch their lights out in self defence, because you didn’t give them permission.

          That’s what these evil people are looking for: preferential treatment.


        • Reminds me of how the kids in the USSR were taught to turn in family if they made comments that showed they disliked the Soviet Union or its leaders.

  2. If there are large numbers of Moslems in the US who oppose ISIS and think it isn’t Islamic why aren’t they out talking about this and defending their religion? They aren’t doing this because they know the “extremists” in ISIS are practicing the religion as Mohammad told them to.

    • One of the prime rules in any type of warfare but especially an asymmetric war is no sanctuary, you deny the enemy having any location where they feel safe, you even deny them sanctuary in their own minds. Allowing them to dictate the words used to describe them allows them to dominate our minds rather then us dominating them.

  3. That “overwhelming majority” of North American Muslims who say they believe that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam, are all practicing the same taqiyya at the same time. They’re lying! They have to be. On the one hand, they say that Islam is such an important part of their lives that they can’t live without it, while on the other hand saying they have no idea what the Quran even says. Bullshit! They know. Just like the Germans knew about the bloody concentration camps. I’ve read the Quran. It clearly states that Infidels are to be hated, feared, and killed in the name of “Allah”, as It clearly states that Muslims are forbidden to be friends with Christians and Jews or to take the side of an Infidel against a fellow Muslim – forbidden on pain of hellfire!

    If the “moderate” Muslim “majority” had a problem with militant Islam, don’t you think they would have eliminated it years ago? Don’t you think the mosque attendance and the funding would have dried up by now? Don’t you think some of those endless millions of violent protest-prone Muslims would have approached the radical Imams and told them to put a sock in it by now? Think about it. They all know and they’re all lying.

  4. Obama has packed his presidency with PC fools and yes men. And Obama is a Muslim practicing taqiyya in order to deceive stupid infidels, while helping the spread of Islam.

    Only the PC wonks believe this crap about “peaceful Islam”.

    Will we make it to the end of the Obama presidency without a major war in the Middle East? Even if we do, war is coming. And it will be Obama’s war.

    • He ha packed his administration with radical leftist and undercover Moslem Brotherhood members, they aren’t fools they are very competent in their goals of destroying Western Civilization.

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