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23 Replies to “Analyst, Sebastian Gorka, Ph.D. on The Islamic State”

  1. Eeyore you don’t stint when you assign homework do you? Two books to read that should be required reading for all politicians, with tests and those who fail the tests should be removed from office.

    • Richard the thing of it is, civilization comes mostly from division of labour so that each of us can specialize in an area that benefits the whole, advances your field, and allows leisure time for individuals as you can trade the product of your specialty with other people, leaving you more free time and less money, or you can do it yourself and have more money and less time. Everyone picks and chooses at that buffet and it works out spectacularly.

      Evil people have managed to get to the top of the chain and adjust the parameters on specialists so they are not able to do their functions for civilization. This has left major gaps and vulnerabilities for us all. So now its down to us. We have to know things and do things if we want to survive, not because of bad policy, but because of good policies designed to destroy us.

      • Very good explanations.

        My original comment was in the way of dry humor, I should know better since most people don’t understand when I am making a joke.

  2. Police Warn of No-Go Zones in Germany


    When an ethnic group sets up(no go zones) in a nation the conquest is well underway and it is highly unlikely that anything but military force will restore control of the areas that have seceded from the nation. Failure to address these successions from the nation will only lead to more areas seceding and the expansion of these areas, usually by force but possibly by buying the neighboring areas.

  3. Fighting Muslims on the ideology of Islam is fighting them on their terriotory. Moreover, no matter we defeat the Jihadi ideology, the very fact that the West is figting a stupid ideology, gives the ideology unnecessary and unmerited Brownie points.

    My feeling is that we keep beating the crap out of the Jihadis, and let Muslims figure why “their” boys are losing the fighting war.

    • Yes DP I agree with you 100%. This isn’t really about that though. This is about strategy Vs. tactics and why we are losing and we are losing large. I do not think we should fight them on the ideology, I think we should leave that to Robert Spencer and a handful of others. As the playing field was designed by them and for them, its a guaranteed loss for us unless you have someone like Spencer who is that capable.

      But understanding their strategy, that is another thing and knowing that their strategy is based on the religion is just helpful to know. The books by Malik and this new one deal with the strategic approach and once understanding that we should be able to beat them in the kinetic one.

      • Our western gov’ts have dangerously complicated the war to defend against Islam by importing mass numbers of hostile ideologues, who become voters, who them need to be placated on matters of “religion” and foreign affairs and policy, all of which align with our enemy.

        While it is vital to understanding the ideology of Islam, our concern should begin when the actors of that ideology bring it to life through their acts of murder. At that point we shouldn’t give a rat’s *** about “public opinion” since we would understand the sinister elements of Islamic definitions of slander/facts, offensive/defensive, war/submission … and know they are designed to advantage the Muslim and are not neutral in any way; we should act to protect and project.

        But straight forward answers are no longer possible with mass numbers of Muslims living among us; there are at least 50,000 (!) living in my hometown and there isn’t any other group that compares in numbers or ideology … even the police/military.

        How large a group could any one of us get together at a moment’s notice?

  4. Thank you for posting the Heritage program featuring Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a treasure trove of plain speaking revelations regarding the threat posed by Islam.

    Noted at the end of his segment :

    If, after viewing the video, there is interest in acquiring copies of material mentioned such as:
    * the report specifically featured in this Heritage Foundation video clip, from the “Threat Knowledge Group Report” titled, “The Islamic State and Information Warfare: Defeating ISIS and the Broader Global Jihadist Movement”
    *The ISIS Playbook – the “anti-FM 3-24”, Abu Bakr Naji’s “Mastery of Savagery”
    *Article written for the Greenberry Magazine “Special Warfare” available on his SCRIB link…

    shoot Dr. Gorka an e-mail at …… seb.gorka@gmail.com

    For Dr. Gorka’s lectures, videos and articles are available for public consumption his website: http://www.TheGorkaBriefing.com

    Dr. Gorka recommends a commercial site that supports the government = http://www.ThreatKnowledge.org

    And lastly, Gorka’s wife has a not for profit that maps the growth of the jihadi ideology which is http://www.CouncilOnGlobalSecurity.org

  5. Calais migrant crisis: UK and France urge EU action (BBC, Aug 2, 2015)

    “The UK and France have urged other EU nations to help address the root causes of the Calais migrants crisis. In the Sunday Telegraph, Home Secretary Theresa May and her French counterpart Bernard Cazeneuve said the situation was a “global migration crisis”.

    Migrants in Calais are making nightly bids to cross the Channel. The appeal comes as more details emerge of bolstered security measures agreed between the UK and France, including extra private security guards.

    The measures planned for around the French end of the Channel Tunnel, which also include more CCTV surveillance, French police reinforcements and extra fencing, were agreed in a phone call between Prime Minister David Cameron and President Francois Hollande on Friday….”

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