The invasion of Europe. The West reacts despite itself: Links 2 on July 30 – 2015

1. State of Palestine: Hamas relaunches ‘Vanguards of Liberation’ youth camps

(If past events are any indicator, this Hamas training camp is paid for by UN and US tax dollars)

2. The man behind the videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s activities speaks out in this one minute video. 

(There is perhaps another reason why PP is handling it the way they are. Normally, a business would sue in civil court showing damages and losses due to false allegations made by a defendant in such a case. But here, PP wants to suppress what they make and how they make it altogether, meaning a civil suit would basically destroy them, even if they won it)

Here is an article about the main issue which is the one the video maker claims is the one that has PP on the ropes. 

3. a fascinating article demonizing Gates of Vienna, mixing wild fiction with mild truths and trying desperately to equate them.

(Notice how they equate making bomb manuals and training for paramilitaries, which aren’t on the site, with promoting an art show, which is on the site. Of course the art exhibit is of depictions of the war lord and mass murderer-rapist, Mohamed, founder of the religion of islam. But still, its just an art exhibit. Clearly the intent was to equate it with the fictional accusations)

4. Chad reintroduces death penalty for acts of terror

MPs in Chad have voted to reinstate the death penalty for acts of terrorism six months after it was abolished.

The unanimous vote by 146 of the 189 members of parliament present followed recent attacks by Boko Haram Islamist militants from neighbouring Nigeria.

Officials in the mainly Muslim nation have already banned the full Islamic veil in response to suicide bombings.

Chad has been instrumental in helping Nigeria recapture territory from the insurgents earlier this year.

(Its still applying a law and order solution to a military problem and therefore, can not work)

5. ISIS in New York: FBI Arrest Man Suspected of Providing Material Support to Terror Group




A 44-year-old man from Lackawanna, New York, near Buffalo, was arrested this week suspected of providing material support and resources to the Islamic terror organization ISIS. Federal agents have been tracking Arafat Nagi since 2012 as he has traveled to Turkey and Yemen on multiple occasions.

Officials believe Nagi, who has family in Yemen, was able to enter Syria undetected and join with ISIS operatives, states the Center for Security Policy. Before his travels, the man purchased body armor, combat clothing, a tactical vest, night vision goggles, and two shahada (Islamic Creed) flags. Nagi’s messages on Twitter praised ISIS and its caliphate Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

This is not Nagi’s first run-in with the law, either. In 2013, he was arrested for threatening to behead his then 19-year-old daughter. A WIVB 4 report states that Nagi pleaded guilty to holding a military-style knife to his daughter’s neck and saying, “I’m going to behead you and shoot you.” The penalty for this “harassment” charge only got him separated from his daughter for a year.

6. Handcuffed ultra-orthodox Jew ‘who hurt six in knife rampage’ rants in court, as it’s revealed he vowed to stop ‘abomination’ gay pride parade shortly before his release from prison

(Lots of essays deserve to be written about this guy. But at the moment, it may well deserve to be thought of as a genuine lone wolf attack. Even so, one cannot say that there is no doctrine that justifies or calls for such an act. Ever read Deuteronomy? Holy cow!)


7. SodaStream CEO Gives Amazing BDS Testimony To Congress: ‘Manipulation, Violence and Destruction’

(For those of you that don’t have one, go out and get a Soda Stream right away! It is a life enhancing device. Try putting a tablespoon of frozen pink lemonade in a glass and filling it with the soda from a Sodastream. Pure bliss)

8. Czech Police Use Tear Gas Against Asylum Seekers

Czech police say they used tear gas to stop migrants who were trying to flee a detention center in the country’s northeast on July 31.

“A hundred migrants revolted. A special forces unit had to intervene because of the intensity of the protest,” a police spokeswoman said.

The migrants, who were mainly from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq, have been held in the detention center awaiting deportation from the Czech Republic.

Thank you M., Richard, Wrath of Khan, Gates of Vienna, Buck, and all who wrote in today and commented.

There are several literary devices that are often used on TV shows or movies to make an evil character more sympathetic to an audience, or to make it clear that a person is likable and a good person. One of them is called, ‘pat the dog’, where a character stops on route to somewhere to do something and pats a stray or a dog tied up somewhere, or looks after a cat when he thinks no one is looking etc. I’m sure if you think back on much you have seen, you can spot the device even in retrospect. Of course it could be a child they help or any other version of this device but its clearly a device.

It occurred to me that often when a film maker translates ‘allah’ as ‘God’ he may be doing exactly the same thing as they do here in this Vice video at around 2:00 minutes.

There are pretty much no attributes that who is referred to as, ‘allah’ and who is referred to as ‘god’, have in common. To translate one as the other could be an honest error by someone who doesn’t know, but one can’t help but be suspicious given VICE’s track record on these issues, that they are using it as a device to make the person seem like someone we can relate to, and therefore find him sympathetic.

Just a thought.


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  1. 6. yes, there are a few groups of Jewish people that go strictly by their book. They don’t interpret as most do. Jewish Defense League is the most well known group.

    Please don’t say he is a lone wolf. There are other Jewish people that believe this crap. Himself and others like him are no different the Islamic extremist.

    The important thing to understand are their numbers. The JDL claims to have 13,000 members but in reality they have a few dozen devoted followers. Again, they’re no different the Islamic extremist and should be treated as people that want to dominate the world and should be dealt with accordingly.

    These groups are the primary source for all the Jewish conspiracy theories and really does give Jews a bad name.

  2. 2. David Daleidan video on CNN: Is this the video you’re have?
    I removed Flash from my computer a while back it’s more of a problem then it’s worth. You’re video uses flash I think?

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