Tommy released 2 days after end of sentence, EDL demo and much more: Links 1 on July 25 – 2015

1. Interesting series of videos from CNN on islamic terror threats and converts plans to attack us

2. Belgium arrests two ex-Guantanamo inmates on jihad terrorism charges

3. Turkey confirms attacks on PKK militant camps in Iraq: Statement

(And makes second round of attacks on Kurds)

Turkish broadcasters later reported a second round of air strikes against Islamic State and the PKK shortly before midnight on Friday.

4. Interesting tweet by president of Iran 

5. Salman Rushdie says he could not depend on fellow writers for support to write Satanic Verses today

Sir Salman Rushdie has claimed that the people who defended his most controversial work would not have done so today because of creeping political correctness.

Leading literary figures rallied to Rushdie’s defence after The Satanic Verses incurred the wrath of Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini, who issued a fatwa for blasphemy against the author in 1989, which forced him into hiding.

Rushdie said he was dismayed by the protests that followed a decision by the American branch of the PEN writers’ association to award a prize for courage to Charlie Hebdo after many of its staff were murdered by two Islamists.

6. Chrysler recalls 1.4m hackable cars to prevent ‘cyber carmageddon’

(I think anyone buying a new car needs to know what part is responsible for receiving internet and cover it in copper tape or break it right off)

Fiat Chrysler ordered on Friday the recall of 1.4 million vehicles to upgrade their security systems after two researchers revealed that they took control of a jeep SUV over the Internet, with absolutely no physical access to the car.

Imagine your brand-new car slipping out of control, steering itself into oncoming traffic or braking suddenly while you’re driving at high speed. This is exactly the kind of disaster Fiat Chrysler is hoping to avoid by recalling 1.4 million vehicles in the United States after cyber security researchers managed to take remote control of a Jeep Cherokee for the first time.

(And setting the radio to hip hop…. brrrrrrr)

7. Mike Wallace interviews Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood. She explains a few things that may be surprising to some. Related article.

12) “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population,” Sanger wrote. —Letter to Dr. Clarence Gamble on Dec., 10, 1939

8. Ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson released from HMP Peterborough just over a week after recall

FORMER EDL leader Tommy Robinson has been released from prison just over a week after he was recalled to HMP Peterborough.

He announced his release on Twitter this afternoon, posting a copy of a letter saying he would be released on July 22 when his licence expired, however he was ultimately released two days later (July 24).

Speaking to Luton on Sunday, Mr Robinson said: “Given who I am, I shouldn’t be put in with Muslims.

9. Today there was an EDL demo in which Red Fox Blogger, the host of the show which invites me to join them at the end of each month on Blog Talk Radio, was a participant, and I believe she was asked to give a speech as well. Hopefully the video of that will turn up soon.

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40 Replies to “Tommy released 2 days after end of sentence, EDL demo and much more: Links 1 on July 25 – 2015”

  1. Hi Eeyore
    A few years back I edited a far better copy of Pakistani Gen S K Malik’s ‘The Quranic Concept of War’ as a ‘Word’ Document. I think the visitors to your site would find it a whole lot better to read. Drop me an email and I will attach a copy in my reply (size-2.3Mb).
    Kind regards,
    Terry. from Sydney Australia.

  2. 7. ” “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population,” Sanger wrote.”

    Oh, for sentences taken out of context! In the previous paragraph in the letter she was arguing for employing a Negro doctor who would allay cultural superstitions and fears, and thus would be better than an unapproachable white doctor – because they are white – because unexpressed ignorance becomes rumours and warns, (that today typically kills vacination workers in Africa), “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population,”

    She is giving women health and control of their lives when they are young and have little more than hormones and God in their lives – that both let them down.

    • Thank you PC. It is indeed stunningly dishonest if that is the case. However there seems to be a fair amount of evidence that she was a harsh racist eugenicist. I have not looked into it to the degree where I would make any claims. But if you have, then thank you for setting the record straight.

      • It does highlight how people can be character-assassinated when they are not measured accurately against products of their own culture.

        Margaret, interview by the man promoting millions to die horrible untimely deaths with cancer-sticks, said she mixed resentment, (feminism), with emancipation for women.

        Birth-control from contraception to evacuation, could be a force of liberation for women being screwed for God, and for young men regretting the day after the night before.

        Puberty at aged nine to 13 does not allow much time for the brain to develop, and if raised in fatherless socialism with low IQ, then the generations of unwanted children becoming gangstas for some muhamad-syndicate around the world are extremely high. (Socialist Propaganda Extortion
        Communism Totalitarianism Religion and Extinction).

        Now, I’m all for mistakes being cleaned up, but I expect rubbing a cat’s face in their faeces made on the stairs to set them straight. This means if you don’t show abortions with the complete body-parts beloved by researchers beforehand to young girls in “sex education”, then you damned well do afterwards to see where her ‘Chantelle’ ends up in the food chain.

        Intervention to do good, often causes a lifetime of suffering for millions because it absolves them of responsibilty.

        Intervention for the freedom of individual choice, often makes a lifetime of sufference upon that one person only – unless another government tzar is set up to ameliorate that.

        For the rest of us, forewarned is forearmed in the journey of increasing enlightenment.

      • The man wants to have and protect his family, though love it’s a dream, through islam it’s a selfish scheme.

        The woman wants to nurture here family, through love it’s a dream, through Socialism a selfish scheme.

        This is why in America they have the American Dream, of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and not the heart of Obama.

  3. This wasn’t the first time she talked about aborting black babies, she often used that to get donations from the racist Democrats.

          • The argument being, Margaret was able by logical persuasion to have Martin Luther King and the finest of Community Leaders support her work. It is only now, in the modern era of hysterical hypnosis she is called a racist, when she was hot about the ideas of Darwinism, a healthy humanity and the plight of what we now fondly call “baby-mothers” handled as credit work-slaves by Socialism or Allah’s Plows.

          • Sanger wrote in The Pivot of Civilization, “my purpose is not to depreciate the efforts of Socialists aiming to create a new society, but rather to emphasize what seems to me to be the greatest and most neglected truth of our day: unless sexual science is incorporated … and the pivotal importance of birth control is recognized in any program of reconstruction, all efforts to create a new world and a new civilization are foredoomed to failure.”

            The revelation of Darwinism, a sudden enlightenment, seems like the events post-Jesus, (‘love your god with all your heart mind and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself’), did, 30 or 50 years later.

            Communists hated evolution because Mankind was no longer at the top of the tree, and Socialists hated eugenics because there would be no one to cripple to look after.

            The deliberate removal of of any reference to eugenics and the ‘snap your head out of resentment’ teaching of Jesus, has left us with the reliance on big-pharma, the Diversity of Actors and a vodoo personality-cult Christianity.

            Why wouldn’t muhammad and his mutts invade?

          • Please tick the box.

            1. I am won over by your investigation – there is no evidence she was racist and she would go to any community where women were infantalized.
            2. She was White, Privileged, wanting the poor to achieve self-sufficency while exposed to the comprehension of Ruyard Kipling, Enid Blyton and had a gollywog as a child. That makes her raycist.
            3. She’s Hillary! Riding it out for herself. We can do with a little bit of that… We can go with The Program. Amen.

          • Why labor over dead woman accused here of racism?

            Because you must be able to discern the intent to be either that of selfish gain, ignorant philanthropy to feel good, or genuine empathy of ‘there but by the grace of god go I.’

            Communism, Socialism or Capitalism respectively: I win – you lose, you lose – I win, or win – win.

      • Thank you Richard.
        However, nothing I could find was linked to specifically identify her desire to irradicate Black babies.

        Certainly, she declared herself a propagator of eugenics, a popular pseudo-science banding around Europe and America at the time, such as the popular subscription called “The Theron Method,” that also undoubtedly supported Hitler’s views of race, but they aren’t the same – to analyse IQ for science and to claim superiority – and it seems too easy to draw this conclusion by creating out of context quotes.

        All minorities and poor whites living in squalor overburdened with children that they could not afford to feed and educate, she wanted to help those women and in doing so help the State. If they were rich and educated Blacks, I have yet to find evidence their race was held against them. Hers, I suspect like all Socialists, was purely vain intellectualism. The audacity of arrogance of the spoilt priviledged to socially engineer towards their sense of perfection. (Diversity as a maxim was unknown then). So therefore, in the google-searches made, I would equate Margaret with Obama, to them both holding similar views on women’s rights and State leadership in affordable healthcare, and not those of King Edward VII getting his daughters to Nazi salute.

        I look forward to your evidence of the charge raycist being levelled at her. (And telling KKK members about Planned Parenthood and probably not to inbreed does not count). 😉

          • Look at the modern left, in public they advocate equality and bortherhood for all races, in private they live in gate communities with strict membership requirements work to keep the minority races poor and uneducated.

            Actions speak louder then words look at the results of her actions..

              • If you read the following article you will discover the the vast majority of abortion clinics are either in minority districts or within walking distance of minority districts. This allows the groups say that the majority are in white districts while still allowing the minorities easy access to the clinics. The fact is that most abortions in the US are black abortions. Margret Sangers plan to abort the blacks out of existence is semi working.

              • The video shows the Planned Parenthood assistant administrator not caring about where the money to assist a young minority girl gets funding for an abortion.

                The prejudicial bias on this subject is like I would expect on a Muslim website, it is flimsey and tenuous.

                Margerate had nothing to do with the conversation. Civilized educated people don’t get abortions because they birth control.

                If Satan paid to save a young girl’s life, I’d take it. If he paid for her education, I’d take it.
                If Satan thinks He is causing suffering and poverty, let him think it.
                That girl has a chance to get a job and raise a family that will outdo those Rednecks.


        • One of the last links I put up were letters she wrote where she advocated putting birth control chemicals in the water in the minority districts and making them pass a genetic and health test before they could receive a permit to have a baby. In them she also advocated allowing minority families to have only one child.

          No matter what she wrote in her public documents or how many civil rights leaders she got to support her abortion and eugenics plans her private correspondence showed her true feelings towards the minority races. It was much closer to Hitlers and the KKK then to the tolerant attitude that she showed to the world in her pubic writings.

          • Thank you Richard,

            I will go away and now reflect on what we have discovered about Margaret Sanger. I can only imagine this problem of poverty, disease and criminality was what all Eugenicists talked a lot about. There was no Welfare State that would house unwanted children onto sprawling Housing Projects creating criminals, hoods and hoes poppin’ those disrespectin’, the sub prime mortgage collapse, and the biggest recruited demographic into islam. So she thought about fluoride in the tapwater…

            Someone had to think what America will become in the future with gated communities living the Mexican Dream afraid of delinquents and organized crime.

            The solutions of Socialists were far worse. Cops with army weapons and training. Your privacy and freedom of speech taken away. You paying taxes for their imported voters.

            Margaret argued that without civilized breeding, a chance that every child would be welcomed and have a successful place in the home, we wouldn’t have a civilized society. The Socialists simply side-stepped this, destroyed every home, and created abortion on demand for the Revolution to come.

            I think Margaret had some feminist views, like not perceiving infidelity as sin because I assume she thought couples who experiment with one another are broading their minds, but then, this may have been the way that once all females behaved in a society before Moses came along, that we are simply tapping into the female-psychi that was kept unknown and suppressed, that is the acting to type yet again in the forests and jungles, for best gene survival of the human race, when males no longer controlled their economic survival. A throwback, before tea and china, has now made a comeback. The game of primates has gone full circle and then some.

            And though racial genocide is a very common human trait too, I’m still not convinced she would have joined Britain First – to first ask migrants to voluntarily leave, and then forcefully deport.

            As an evangelist she was promoting the new found freedom babylessness brought to women and to society.

            I therefore don’t think she was an intellectual or narcissist, but someone to be commended for lifting women out of their misery and poverty.

  4. Turkey will never let the Kurds get a homeland of their own, they are still dreaming of recreating the Ottoman Empire.

  5. #8.

    Not even speaking of the dubious “reasons” for his imprisonements (and their timing) the repeated, seemingly deliberate putting Tommy Robinson in unprotected and close proximity to those who mean him serious harm, looks like attempted murders. And I feel that this should be seriously investigated all the way down to the chief of dhimmitude, CamOron.

    • It should be investigated but who would be appointing the investigators? The same people who are putting him in danger in the first place, that’s who. It is the same situation that we in the states are facing with Hillary and her email server, 2 separate Inspector Generals have recommended a criminal investigation into her actions but it will be Obama’s people appointing the investigators and the end result we be what Obama wants. Since Hillary knows a lot of dirt on Obama nothing will come from any Justice Department investigation.

  6. #6 I’ve done a lot of hacking with GM computers up to 2004 when they still used the VPW standard. Basically reverse engineer the software logic so I can reflash them with my own custom operating systems and calibrations for my hotrod. Now they are on CAN bus, and I guess its time to start again if I want to take back control of my new car when the zombie apocalypse comes 🙂

    Although truth be told I always thought the whole idea of allowing full access via the OBD-II network to ALL the cars functions was a bad idea. Not one thing in the car is “mechanical” or analog anymore. The dashboard with “analog” gauges is actually a digital display. All the data displayed on the gauges is actually obtained by the dashboard requesting the data frames from the VCM and other modules and displaying them. The radio is also networked in so the driver information center and satellite radio/mobile hotspot functionality can be added in. Even the throttle and steering in a lot of new cars is controlled (or *can* be) entirely over the network. A lot of this is added in to give the factory test functionality or the ability to disable the car remotely, but if you know the security algorithms and the relevant standards (I have some of them up to about the 2010 MY), you can get in and take control, even wirelessly since the car communicates over the cellphone network. My Impala reports typical vehicle data back to GM, which arrives as an email. Even scarier was the GM thanksgiving On-star advert that actually came in automatically. I was driving along, and all of a sudden the driver info center in the dash went blank and then said “One moment…” Then the radio came on BY ITSELF out of NOWHERE and started advertising the On-star functionality. Scared the living shit out of me since it happened in the middle of the night on a dark deserted road on the way home.

    In the short term I’m definitely putting in a RF contactor relay in line with the antenna coax to cut mobile access should it be needed. Long term I would ultimately like to reflash and remove all the remote functionality for the throttle/engine/locks, etc. Id rather have to call a locksmith than be a prisoner in a runaway car. I don’t need any Toyota “unintended acceleration”.

  7. Thank you all, who are participating in the Planned Parenthood debate for making it interesting, informative and non hostile. It is a whole thing unto itself it seems and part of an issue which is highly emotionally charged. So thanks for keeping it civil and interesting.

    Overall on the abortion debate, no matter how anyone feels on it, the problem in Canada is a polarization of the issue to the extent that nothing can be done whatsoever. A reasoned discussion with people usually results in an agreement for a 3rd trimester guideline I find, but as the sides are so binary on it, we are locked into an abortion for all at any time with full public funding for any reason right up to the time of natural birth.

    So its great to see this issue being discussed intelligently and with those emotions well in check.

    • We have however, skitted around the Elephant in the Room – simply by painting Margaret Sanger as a witch and my defending her until proven otherwise, makes this unseen.

      It is the issue of killing a fetus.

      Magaret is considered the instigator by bringing birth control for the poorest of women. Their liberation giving them independence and the demand for equality with the right over their own body to keep or reject after a fun evening out, ignoring any rights of the father. Then the take up and use of sperm banks, the propegation of the negative effects of patriarchy.

      Sex became casual for the youth to be with whom they liked. Abortions, routine and sanitized.

      Marriage became a signed paper in and a signed paper out, with no fault divorce. Mothers kept the children and their house, fathers had to pay to feed and shelter her new boyfriend.

      Schools took on new parenting responsiblities with fathers now commonly out of the home, employing political advisors to counsel children on emotional outbursts, diet, lifestyle and correct speech.

      Islam promises to bring this power-balance back. Women will have only half the say of a man. Men automatically get the house and children.

      Socialism or Islam.

      Did Margaret cause all this?

      • The next subject of debate is the inventor of the tampon. Did he he not realize the dangers of menstruating women and how it has directly caused the rise of Islam to jihad against the West?

      • The point is, the truth is always hijacked by the Left and the Right.

        Jesus’ escape from the dangerous and ignorant fantasy of religion is entombed in Pharisee and Saducee versions of the Christian Religion today, serving the males in the pulpit or the females respectively; as sure as you can say Sunni, Shiite and their baby Sufi pacifists making peace not war.

        If liberating Christ is fraught with such widespread oppression of people in the name of Good, how much has liberating poor women turned into the ghettoised single-parent baby-farm estates and the deviant sexual playground of the decadent?

        It’s what you do with your freedom. Freedom is not evil in and of itself.

        • And we are back to the funding of abortion and STD clinics… If there was no public funding… no Welfare even… Would neighbors challenge the feckless? Or would the shanty towns suddenly appear all over America?

          It seems the poor are always with us. It’s simply an endless battle of education and vaccines trying to stop them harming the rest of humanity.

          Communism and Islam thrives of them.

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