Spain, Islamic State, France, pretty much everywhere is being ruined by islam: Links 2 on July 22 – 2015

1. End game of the socialist state. Government of Venezuela orders farmers to hand over food.

(You can print money with no wealth but you can’t print food without resources)

As Venezuela’s food shortages worsen, the president of the country’s Food Industry Chamber has said that authorities ordered producers of milk, pasta, oil, rice, sugar and flour to supply their products to the state stores

Venezuela’s embattled government has taken the drastic step of forcing food producers to sell their produce to the state, in a bid to counter the ever-worsening shortages.
Farmers and manufacturers who produce milk, pasta, oil, rice, sugar and flour have been told to supply between 30 per cent and 100 per cent of their products to the state stores. Shortages, rationing and queues outside supermarkets have become a way of life for Venezuelans, as their isolated country battles against rigid currency controls and a shortage of US dollars – making it difficult for Venezuelans to find imported goods.

2. House Republican: Obama Administration Won’t Release Full Iran Deal to Congress

(And there is nothing to worry about in that at all. no sir ree bob)

President Obama won’t allow Congress to review two key aspects of the Iranian Nuclear deal, Republican lawmakers learned from international partners last week. Under the terms of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the International Atomic Energy Agency would negotiate separately with Iran about the inspection of a facility long-suspected of being used to research long-range ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons. “The Obama administration has failed to make public separate side deals that have been struck for the ‘inspection’ of one of the most important nuclear sites—the Parchin military complex,” said Representative Mike Pompeo (R., Kan.) in a statement Tuesday. “Not only does this violate the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, it is asking Congress to agree to a deal that it cannot review.”

3. Kurdish Anger manifests over suicide bombing in Turkey

4. Islamic State makes another beheading video threatening France. Again. Which is odd after the Caliph announced he would order no more of these sorts of videos for some reason.

5. UK PM. David Cameron seems to be inching towards reality. But is it enough or in time?

6. Obama is a Really Big Fan of Nigeria’s Muslim Dictator

Obama did everything he could to undermine Nigeria’s Christian president Jonathan Goodluck in his fight against the Islamic terrorists of Boko Haram. The administration kicked and screamed against even naming Boko Haram a terrorist organization. Every offer of aid was undermined with more claims that Nigeria was violating Muslim civil rights.

Finally Obama got what he wanted. Nigeria’s former Muslim dictator was “elected” and began promptly Islamizing key portions of the military. Then he came to Washington D.C. for a victory lap.

Obama on Monday offered strong support for Nigeria’s new president, Muhammadu Buhari, saying he had a “clear agenda” for defeating the militant Islamist group Boko Haram and was working to root out corruption.

Obama told reporters in the Oval Office that Buhari has integrity and “a very clear agenda in defeating Boko Haram extremists of all sorts inside his country.”

Yes he certainly has a “clear agenda”. As does Obama. As for defeating Boko Haram… don’t ask, don’t tell.

7. Shocking Images of Dead Kurdish Fighters: Turkey Accused of Using Chemical Weapons against PKK

By and Yassin Musharbash

German experts have confirmed the authenticity of photographs that purport to show PKK fighters killed by chemical weapons. The evidence puts increasing pressure on the Turkish government, which has long been suspected of using such weapons against Kurdish rebels. German politicians are demanding an investigation.

It would be difficult to exceed the horror shown in the photos, which feature burned, maimed and scorched body parts. The victims are scarcely even recognizable as human beings. Turkish-Kurdish human rights activists believe the people in the photos are eight members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) underground movement, who are thought to have been killed in September 2009.

In March, the activists gave the photos to a German human rights delegation comprised of Turkey experts, journalists and politicians from the far-left Left Party, as SPIEGEL reported at the end of July. Now Hans Baumann, a German expert on photo forgeries has confirmed the authenticity of the photos, and a forensics report released by the Hamburg University Hospital has backed the initial suspicion, saying that it is highly probable that the eight Kurds died “due to the use of chemical substances.”

Did the Turkish army in fact use chemical weapons and, by doing so, violate the Chemical Weapons Convention it had ratified?

8. Spain: Man suspected of recruiting women for Islamic State arrested in Melilla

Spanish police, with the help of Moroccan authorities, have arrested a man accused of distributing propaganda and recruiting for the Islamic State group, the Interior Ministry said on Wednesday.

The 29-old-man, a native of the Spanish North African enclave Melilla, was arrested as part of a police operation against networks dedicated to capturing and sending girls and young women to Syria and Iraq, the ministry said.


Thank you Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, and all who sent in materials, I know there are people I am forgetting that took the time and trouble to send in links, but its a busy day today and no one has ever accused me of being overly organized.

By the way, here is the end of the month, Blog Talk radio show that was pre taped Saturday for ‘broadcast’ last night as Red Fox, the host of the show, is away this week traveling to the UK.


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  1. 1 – Socialism/Communism/Marxism/Progressive-ism always end up unable to feed their population, it is only the arrogance of the left that prevents them and others from learning this lesson of history.

    2 – Well duh, a lot of members of Congress are patriots who want to ensure the survival of the US.

    5 – We can wish this had happened earlier and was going further, but we will have to wait to see if after we secure North America we have to invade and rescue Europe and this time Britain also.

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