Modern Fatwas to let muslims sign contracts they do not intend to obey and much much more: Links 4 on July 22 – 2015

1. Some Americans still have the spirit of resistance it seems. Times Square protest against Iran deal. (Some great signs also)

2. Road rage and fight complaint leads to murder charge against person in Ottawa who had a 9mm behind the drivers seat

A man ran from the crash scene before officers arrived and left a loaded nine-millimetre handgun behind in one of the vehicles, Saunders said.

As a result of the collision investigation, police say a violent assault involving a gun on Saturday was solved. Saunders said no shots were fired in that incident.

Khalif Shahareen, 20, was arrested Tuesday and faces charges including attempted murder, theft under $5,000, and numerous weapons charges.

3. Here is a sanitized version of the Islamic State snuff film where they threaten to kill lots of people in France again. Daily Mail article here

All the relevant text is there, just the murder and grotesque treatment of the corpse has been removed along with the seemingly endless chanting and intoning and allah-bothering

4. Israeli Ambassador discusses Obama

5. For anyone still uncertain about muslims’ honoring their contractual agreements that they may make with you or your agent when it might violate islamic principles, you might want to read this, especially the end where they come right out and tell you what to do about it

We all know that at present there is no worldwide Islamic court to which the Muslim could refer in the event of disputes with regard to such global contracts. The one who signs this agreement is not abandoning referral for judgement to the laws of Allah, may He be exalted, because those laws are not being applied in most Muslim countries at all, so how about in non-Muslim countries? If it is permissible for the Muslim to refer for judgement to those courts in order to obtain his rights or ward off harm from himself, then it is more appropriate and will make things easier for him to say that it is permissible for him to sign this agreement without intending to approve of that clause and disapproving of it. The believer’s heart should be at ease with faith and he should intend in his heart not to agree with invalid clauses (from an Islamic perspective) in their contracts. We hope, after that, that this matter will be permissible.

And Allah knows best.



Thank you Gates of Vienna, M., spahn of satan, Wrath of Khan, Richard,  Oz-Rita for her work and all who contributed today. More soon. But it may take some time to absorb the material posted today. So no rush.


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    • I waved!
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      It wasn’t publicized much, but there were enough good people to make it work.
      Thanking always the ~~ wonderful ~~
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      • Thank you for the wave.

        I have heard several people say the only thing lacking for a second revolution is a leader we can rally behind. Some people are coming close to calling for one but for the moment are willing to wait and see what happens in the election. Of course looking at what is happening all across the nation they might not be able to wait.

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