Screws are both tightening, and in some cases, getting rather loose, in many quarters. Links 1 on July 19 – 2015

To get some idea of how the true liberals are beginning to rally for the preservation of real individual human rights and equality before the law for all, which of course means a specific opposition to islam by name as it would also mean opposition to Nazism and Marxism by name, please check the post below on the rallies held across Australia in several cities by ‘Reclaim Australia’ and the violent, classically jack booted thuggish far left wing extremist response typical of the left since Marx invented that stuff.

Many new videos have been added to the comments and a couple to the post itself since it was published a few hours ago.

Clearly there are signs of a people ready to risk their comfort to protect what is good about our civilizations.


1. Dinesh D’Souza promo video on his new book about what motivates President Obama.

2. Daniel Greenfield makes an excellent case for no longer tolerating islamic immigration or teachings within liberal democracies. Or for that matter anywhere.

When there’s a hole in a boat, you stop drilling. When a bunch of people named Mohammed keep killing Americans, it’s time to tell the next million Mohammeds applying for a visa, “Sorry, no.” America does not need immigrants who view mass murderers as role models. On the list of the least desirable immigrants, Mohammed should rank somewhere below a leprous beggar, a convicted rapist with AIDS and Piers Morgan. In a country where the Dukes of Hazzard is now a hate crime, we seem bent on importing people who model racist murders, slavery and rape as the highest of all human virtues. And then we’re baffled when a Mohammed acts like a Mohammed. The clue is right in the name.

3. The Islamic State released this video of their attack on an Egyptian naval vessel 

4. Hanoi Jane Fonda gets busted in Canada

5. Seattle debating setting up more housing especially for muslims including setting up sharia compliant loans

6. Algeria attack: Soldiers die in Islamist ambush

(Didn’t the Islamic State just publish a video warning of imminent multiple attacks in Algeria  and Spain? I could swear they did)

At least 11 soldiers have been killed in an attack by Islamist militant gunmen west of Algeria’s capital.

The ambush took place on Thursday night at the start of celebrations marking the end of Ramadan.

Armed groups were active in the region, Ain Defla, in the 1990s.

Correspondents say although Algeria is now much more stable, gunmen with links to al-Qaeda and Islamic State operate in parts of the country, mostly in remote mountain areas.

Thursday night’s attack took place in a forest in Ain Defla, 240km (150 miles) from Algiers, a police commander told Associated Press – speaking on condition of anonymity as an official statement has not yet been released.

The attack was also reported by a security source and the local media, although they gave few other details.

7. Washington Post managed to do a full frontal assault on logic and evidence in order to contort a story that Mohamed Abdulaziz’s actions in the murder of multiple armed servicemen in Tennessee last week, was not motivated by islam in any way.

(Now I know why Mark Levin refers to it as the Washington Compost. I think at this stage though, it would even poison the plants. Read The Right Scoop analysis here)

There is a lot more material to process and post. Please stand by.  And thank you M., Gates of Vienna, Wrath of Khan, and many more.

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2 Replies to “Screws are both tightening, and in some cases, getting rather loose, in many quarters. Links 1 on July 19 – 2015”

  1. 1. Resentment is the comfort of the envious.

    Communism offers them legal and guilt-free revenge. Blame it on outsiders, the Whites and anyone else happy and successful as “privileged”. It is the envy of underachievers declaring “you didn’t make that” and claiming that is their Human Right to steal and share everything. They imprison dissent as Hate Crime. Farmyard rules apply.

    Islam offers them legal and guilt-free revenge. Blame it all on the Kuffar. It is the envy of underachievers shouting our their empty space “is greater” giving them the Divine Right to plunder. Submission is the only gift of life.

    America. The ememy within and the enemy without. And they are both telling you what they are doing so you will too. A licence to kill.

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