Iran emboldened, Islamic State metastasizing, leftist front groups continue pretending they are against ‘fascism’ links 1 on July 18 – 2015

1. Libya: ISIS imposes strict rules of attire in Sirte

(ANSAmed) – CAIRO, JULY 15 – The Islamic State (ISIS), which has strengthened its presence in Libya, has laid down stricter rules for women’s clothing. Local media sites say that the jihadists have put up a billboard with a list of seven rules, accompanied by a photo of a woman wearing a black, full Islamic veil. The rules include a prohibition on transparent, tight, namebrand and revealing clothing, as well as an order to ”not wear masculine items or items worn by faithless women” and to avoid perfumed clothing and those with attention-attracting designs. (ANSAmed).

2. Protesters waved Pakistani flag after Eid? al-Fitr prayers Indian Army Terrorism In Kashmir

3. ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi BANS extremist group from releasing any more graphic execution videos to ‘spare the feelings of fellow Muslims and their children’

(Or, he could ban the actual executions and torture sessions and so on to spare people the unimaginable suffering of the people who endure it and the friends and family of those people. That would really win some PR points)

4. Protesters clash with police at Australian anti-immigration rally

MELBOURNE (Reuters) – Several hundred Australian nationalists and anti-racism activists clashed with police in Melbourne on Saturday in a rare display of violence in a country where immigration is an increasingly emotive political issue.

Police used pepper spray to try to keep the two sides apart after the anti-racism activists attempted to keep the nationalists from holding their “Reclaim Australia” rally.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott made blocking migrants trying to reach Australia by boat a key plank of his victorious election campaign in 2013.

Fear of young Australian Muslims being inspired by militants such as Islamic State and traveling to fight in Iraq and Syria has underpinned support for right-wing groups like Reclaim Australia and the United Patriots Front.

“The message is very clear: you come here, embrace our way of life,” Daniel Nalliah, National President of the Rise Up Australia Party and Reclaim Australia rally organizer told the crowd.

(More here which includes a video

5. Czech Republic: Prague hit by anti-Islam demo as govt welcomes asylum seekers

6. Immigration to Swell U.S. Muslim Population to 6.2 Million

(Know anyone who voted for that?)

According to U.S. Census Data, the United States admits roughly 100,000 Muslim immigrants legally each year, representing the fastest growing block of immigration into the United States. Tennessee, in fact, is home to one of the fastest growing immigrant populations in the country, causing the President to give a recent speech there in favor of expansive immigration. The Mayor of Nashville has launched a New American Advisory Council to help facilitate the legally-sanctioned transition from the previous inhabitants of Nashville to the new ones. Both of Tennessee’s Senators, Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN)

 24% and Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) 51% helped pass the Senate’s Gang of Eight bill which would have tripled the number of green cards issued over the next ten years.

7. 3 French arrested in IS-inspired plan to attack base

PARIS (AP) — Three young men plotted an attack on a French military base after receiving orders from an Islamic State group contact in Syria to strike in France, prosecutors said Friday.

The accounts investigators say they gave underscore the role of the Islamic State organization’s savvy social media machine in recruiting Western youth. All three had high school diplomas and quickly radicalized watching grisly IS group videos, the prosecutor’s office said.

The men, arrested Monday, went before an investigative judge Friday. The prosecutor’s office opened an investigation June 23 on suspicion they were preparing terrorist acts to harm people.

8. Saudi arrests 431 ISIS-linked suspects

Saudi Arabia arrested 431 people as part of a crackdown on a cluster of cells linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militant group, the kingdom’s Ministry of Interior (MOI) said.

Authorities also thwarted seven mosque attacks that had been planned by the suspects in the capital Riyadh as well as the Eastern Province, MOI Spokesman Maj. Gen. Mansour Al Turki said in a press conference carried by Al Arabiya News Channel.

Among the arrested were Saudi nationals and suspects from nine other nationalities, he said adding that the cluster of cells was divided by tasks and target, he told reporters.

In one cell, made of five members, their task was to prep suicide bombers while another five-member cell had the mission to manufacture explosive belts.

(I bet amnesty international is going to howl so loud over this they get a nose bleed)

9. Iran leader says policy against ‘arrogant’ US ‘won’t change’

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