Iran, Taqiyya, more threats and the new way of things: Links 3 on July 17 – 2015

1. Ordering further mental assessment in Via terror case ‘complicated’ issue: judge

(A former Muslim from Iran who spent time in Evan prison put it this way regarding this article: “I was born in Iran and lived the Islamic horror’ Taqiyya is part of their daily routine. Do we want to be “politically correct” and not offend people, or do we want to be free and safe? Fairly basic choice.” -Shab.  I tend to agree)

TORONTO — A Toronto judge said he needed more time to consider whether a further mental health assessment was necessary for a man found guilty in a terror plot to derail a passenger train, calling the matter a “very complicated” one during a court session on Friday.

The issue of Chiheb Esseghaier’s mental health, which came up during his sentencing hearing, has brought into question whether the Tunisian national is fit to participate in the legal process.

That followed an assessment from a psychiatrist who testified she believed Esseghaier is unable to participate in his sentencing hearing because he is likely schizophrenic.

2. Islamic State video threatens Algeria, Spain

A new purportedly by the extremist group has warned Algerians “will pay a heavy price” for a crackdown against jihadis in the North African country, and it also threatens Spain.

Entitled “A Message to the Algerian People”, the five-and-a-half minute video was posted to IS’s website.

In the video, two purported Algerian fighters vow the group will conquer and Andalusia in southern Spain. “We won’t be satisfied until we reach Andulusia,” say the two Algerian militants, promising a “massacre”. They call themselves by the battle names Abu al-Baraa al-Jazayiri and Abu Hafs al-Jazayri.

The slickly produced video bearing the IS logo was purportedly filmed in the group’s stronghold of Raqqa province in northern Syria.

(This must be the sequel to the threat videos on France and the UK. “Jihad! We’re back and we really mean it this time!”)

3. Iraq violence: Dozens killed in car bombing

4Security beefed up in Puri ahead of chariot festival as terror threat looms large

(Article here)

5. Islamic State used poison gas in northeast Syria: Kurds, monitor

The Islamic State group used poison gas in attacks against Kurdish-controlled areas of northeastern Syria in late June, a Syrian Kurdish militia and a group monitoring the Syrian conflict said on Saturday.

Two UK-based organizations investigating the attack said they had confirmed Islamic State’s use of chemical weapons against Kurdish forces and civilian targets in Syria and Iraq, where they said chemical agents were also used in an attack on an Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga position on June 21 or 22.

Kurdish forces are playing a vital role in the fight against Islamic State in both Syria and Iraq. The ultra-radical group has seized wide areas of both countries, declaring them part of a cross-border “caliphate” claiming to rule all Muslims.

The Syrian Kurdish YPG militia said Islamic State had fired “makeshift chemical projectiles” on June 28 at a YPG-controlled area of the city of Hasaka, and at YPG positions south of the town of Tel Brak to the northeast of Hasaka city.

It was the first Islamic State attack of its kind against the YPG, said Redur Xelil, spokesman for the militia.

6. ‘Islamic State told foiled terror attack suspect to hit France,’ says prosecutor

When it became clear 17-year-old Ismael K could not go to Syria because he was being watched, the order was given to attack France, says Paris prosecutor Francois Molins

One of the suspects in a foiled attack on a French military base was instructed by an Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) militant in Syria to “hit” France, a prosecutor said on Friday.

The youngest of three suspects in custody – aged only 17 and identified as Ismael K – was given the order when it became clear he would not be able to leave the country to wage jihad in Syria because he was under surveillance, Paris prosecutor Francois Molins said.

Four young men, including a formal naval signalman, were arrested in dawn raids on Monday, suspected of “planning to commit a terrorist act” at a French military base in the south of the country.

The youngest, 16, was quickly released, but the other three were plotting to kidnap and behead a member of the military on film around the end of December or beginning of January 2016, according to Mr Molins.

7. UN Security Council to vote Monday on endorsing Iran nuclear deal

(It appears his highness Obama is skipping congress altogether now)

REUTERS – The United Nations Security Council is due to vote on Monday on a resolution that would endorse a deal placing long-term curbs on Iran’s nuclear program but would retain an arms embargo and ban on the supply of ballistic missile technology, said a U.S. diplomat.

The vote will be scheduled for 9 A.M. EDT (1300 GMT) on Monday, said the diplomat.

According to the draft text, seven previous UN resolutions on Iran will be terminated when the International Atomic Energy Agency submits a report to the council verifying that Iran has implemented certain nuclear-related measures.

The language of the resolution was negotiated as part of the deal agreed on Tuesday in Vienna between Iran, the five veto-wielding Security Council members – the United States, Russia, China, Britain and France – Germany and the European Union.

8. Guns Don’t Kill People, Gun-Free Zones Kill People

Those signs at the Naval reserve center and the armed forces recruitment station are the greatest outrage of the Chattanooga jihad story. Or rather, they should be, but — given the universal government and media devotion to “gun-free zones” — they won’t receive enough attention to dial up public opinion to the point of outrage.

The clearest photo of one of the signs was from the location where the Marines were killed:

Despite the distortion caused by the fracture lines in the bullet-riddled glass, the image is of high enough resolution that the text is quite readable:


Thank you M., Gates of Vienna, Shabnam, Wrath of Khan, and so many more. This is going to be a difficult and volatile year. All of our readers, please stay vigilante. Try to find the stories that are indicative or conclusive of the new way of things and send in the links to the daily posts or by email straight to the site. Awareness is powerful. Knowing what is taking place and understanding it and talking about it can and does change things. Remember Poland and its revolution against the Soviet tyrants.

Lastly, our tipster who sends in the odd thing and most of what we publish here on Iran on a regular basis, asked me to add the following to her bio:

At age 13, under the evil Ayatollah Khomeini. I renounced Islam, the religion which I had not chosen but was born into it. Age 16, I ended up being arrested for being an enemy to (their) god and was locked up for 18 months in Evin, the most notorious prisons in Iran. Yes, I lived the horror of the Islamic Sharia law and do not want my Canada to be contaminated with it.


Hallelujah sister.



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  1. It looks like Saddam’s poison gas store is being raided again, once again the LSM will ignore where the gases come from.

    Yes Obama is trying to make an end run around congress.

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