Women escaping IS describe its reality, Greece goes for gold in rioting, Canada makes 2 sane decisions: Links 1 on July 16 – 2015

1. Segment of Channel4 Dispatches documentary on what life is like in an Islamic State captured city. The whole documentary is to be aired tonight. I hope someone uploads it for us all soon.

(If you are in the UK this will let you watch the whole program)

(Near the end, they try and let Islam off the hook for this horror as to be expected. But also as usual, they do not give any support for why this islam is aberrant while people who do not obey koran and the example of mohamed are somehow the real muslims)

2. Dem. Rep. Sherman blasts Iran deal

3. Planned Parenthood launches defense against group who exposed their trafficking in fetal body parts.

4. Quebec judge rules that once parents have accepted that photos of their young veiled daughters be displayed on the web, they are in the public domain and they may be reproduced by a newspaper

(Here is a small victory for us all. If a photo of a cloth bag with a kid inside is put on the public web then its public and they can’t claim damages when people use the photos. So, like everyone else in the world.)

4. Meanwhile, back in Athens…

5. Another dreamer who was deported 9 times beat and burned a woman to death in the USA

6. ‘Cultural gap’ not a reason for lighter sentence for Iranian immigrant guilt of raping wife, beating children: court

TORONTO — An Iranian immigrant who regularly raped his wife and beat his children during their 16-year marriage is going back to jail after Ontario’s top court on Wednesday increased his sentence.

In doing so, the Court of Appeal said the lower court judge who handed the man an 18-month term was wrong to assume cultural differences were a mitigating factor — even though the defence never raised the issue.

Shannon Kari/National Post

Shannon Kari/National Post

The man, who cannot be identified by court order to protect his now ex-wife and children, will instead have to serve a four-year term, the Appeal Court decided.

“Cultural norms that condone or tolerate conduct contrary to Canadian criminal law must not be considered a mitigating factor on sentencing,” the Appeal Court ruled. “To hold otherwise undermines the equality of all individuals before and under the law.”

(If Canada is the only sane country left on Earth we had better invest in a fence and throw away the keys)

7. Garrett responds to thin-skinned Obama’s public scolding

(This would appear to be Obama’s use of the dialectic scam or a variant thereof)

Thank you Richard, M., Gates of Vienna, ML., CB Sashenka, Wrath of Khan, Bains and so many more who helped out with materials today.

This post except for item 7 was set up to be posted last night, but accidentally was not. So technically its post 5 for the 15th which may explain any temporal word contradictions that might be in the post.

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5 Replies to “Women escaping IS describe its reality, Greece goes for gold in rioting, Canada makes 2 sane decisions: Links 1 on July 16 – 2015”

  1. 3. Will “Planned Parenthood” now have to pay women to be ‘surrogate mothers who don’t go full term’? Isn’t it their right?

    • It is hard to believe that after so many hidden cameras catching so many leftists showing what they really think and do that a higher up at Planned Parenthood would be so stupid.

  2. 7. The Hegelian dialectical formula: A (thesis) versus B (anti-thesis) equals C (synthesis).

    This makes sense.

    Fat (A) exposed to Skinny (B) creates new realization to the concept of what is variable weight (C).
    No person can be fat-skinny, because thesis and antithesis cannot exist together (except in a glutton with a gastric band), and so (C) is a the moderate conclusion of not adhering exclusively to either (A) or (B).

    In otherwords, we need to be exposed to a counterpoint to become conscious.

    A dialectic needs to examine A and B as direct opposites. Solid and space make the universe identifiable, and identifying black and white creates the perception of shade.

    “For example: If (A) my idea of freedom conflicts with (B) your idea of freedom then (C) neither of us can be free until everyone agrees to be a slave.”

    This i-robot conclusion that humans must have no freedom at all if they are to maintain thesis (A) and antithesis (B) coexisting together, is not the deployment of a dialectic at all.

    Because, to repeat, Thesis and Antithesis do not exist together. That is their definition. To hold matter and antimatter in proximity without annihilating each other takes infinite force to keep them apart.

    The Golden Dialectic therefore has the same premise: “love your G-d with all your heart mind and soul (A) and love your neighbor as yourself (B)”

    The Allah-Submitter invited simultaneously to be equally loving of the Homosexual Communist, and vice-versa. The result is the annihilation of both. The mind of either holder, realizing and understanding the mind of the other, lets go of their heavenly and earthly imprints. A free human being. http://www.biblehub.com/mark/13-31.htm

    Only a society that tolerates and protects from ridicule both National Socialists and International Socialists in their midst has to use “Hate Crimes” to enslave the whole population to keep them apart until all the prisons and resources are used up and it then it implodes. Foreigners can then colonize with ease.

    Pointing out the flaws of fascists and communists (when it was not illegal) allowed people to see the fruit of the full range of human traumatized psychology and psycho-sexual conditioning.

    Thesis (A) “yes comrade” meets Antithesis (B) “yes boss” means “howdy neighbor, innocent until revealed to have no self control” (C)

    • So, should you now write to your cowardly politician and Reverend Pastor of the clear and present danger they both have put the country in? The fact you are now presumed guilty until proven innocent? That if you have nothing to hide you should not fear those in authority coming into your home to have a look at all you possess and every contact, friend and communication you have made.

      This state of emergency came when they took away free speech from the individual so the internet became the only place to try to hide and discuss the false dialetics of halal and haram, blessing and damnation, compliance and punishment that came from the blade of a sword, bullet of a communist and the pen of a liberal holding it all together.

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