Islam: Attacking the present, obliterating the past and threatening the future: Links 2 on July 4 – 2015

sonia1. Oped by Sonia Bailley in American Thinker on government disinformation that is costing the lives of the disinformed.

2. ISIS wants to destroy Egypt’s Sphinx and pyramids

As tensions rise in Egypt, the ISIS has said the nation’s cultural icons, like the pyramids and the sphinx, should be destroyed.

Britain’s The Telegraph reports members of ISIS have stated that objects shouldn’t be the subject of idolisation or worship.

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi reportedly said destroying the monuments was a “religious duty”.

British Muslim political activist Anjem Choudary told presenter Dan Cruickshank: “When Egypt comes under the auspices of the Khalifa (Caliphate), there will be no more Pyramids, no more Sphinx, no more idolatry. This will be just”.

(Telegraph link)

3. Tunisia beach attack: State of emergency declared

The state of emergency gives security forces more powers and limits the right of public assembly.

Authorities had already tightened security in the wake of the attack on 26 June, deploying more than 1,400 armed officers at hotels and beaches.

Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi is due to address the nation later.

Security forces were criticised for not responding more quickly to the attack in Sousse, when a gunman opened fire on tourists on a beach and in a hotel before being shot dead by police.

4. UK: Politicians Urge Ban on the Term “Islamic State”

The BBC has rejected demands by British lawmakers to stop using the term “Islamic State” when referring to the jihadist group that is carving out a self-declared Caliphate in the Middle East.

Lord Hall of Birkenhead, the BBC’s director general, said that the proposed alternative, “Daesh,” is pejorative and using it would be unfair to the Islamic State, thereby casting doubt upon the BBC’s impartiality.

Prime Minister David Cameron recently joined the growing chorus of British politicians who argue that the name “Islamic State” is offensive to Muslims and should be banned from the English vocabulary.

During an interview with BBC Radio 4’s “Today” program on June 29 — just days after a jihadist with links to the Islamic State killed 38 people (including 30 Britons) at a beach resort in Tunisia — Cameron rebuked veteran presenter John Humphrys for referring to the Islamic State by its name.

5. Both NASA and NOAA caught fixing Global Warming Data

Scientists at two of the world’s leading climate centres – NASA and NOAA – have been caught out manipulating temperature data to overstate the extent of the 20th century “global warming”.

The evidence of their tinkering can clearly be seen at Real Science, where blogger Steven Goddard has posted a series of graphs which show “climate change” before and after the adjustments.
When the raw data is used, there is little if any evidence of global warming and some evidence of global cooling. However, once the data has been adjusted – ie fabricated by computer models –  20th century ‘global warming’ suddenly looks much more dramatic.
(This may require some research before I can accept this story at face value. If this is as reported, it is a massive violation BOTH ASPECTS of these people’s 1st amendment rights. Freedom of speech, and freedom of the free exercise of their religion. I must be misunderstanding this somehow.)

In the ruling, Avakian placed an effective gag order on the Kleins, ordering them to “cease and desist” from speaking publicly about not wanting to bake cakes for same-sex weddings based on their Christian beliefs.

“This effectively strips us of all our First Amendment rights,” the Kleins, owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, which has since closed, wrote on their Facebook page. “According to the state of Oregon we neither have freedom of religion or freedom of speech.”

7. A VIOLENT rapist who launched a terrifying attack on a young student before beating a brave stranger who came to her rescue is today behind bars – thanks to a selfie.

8. UK Muslims decry move to host Prophet Muhammad exhibit

Muslim organisations in the UK have condemned a move by an anti-Sharia campaign group to host an exhibition featuring cartoons of Prophet Muhammad in London in September.

Azad Ali, chair of the Muslim Safety Forum based in London, told Al Jazeera on Friday the proposed “Muhammed Cartoon Exhibit” by UK-based Sharia Watch was an attempt to taunt the tolerance levels of British Muslims, and described the move as a cheap attempt to create disharmony in the UK.

“They keep on pushing the boundary, testing the levels and always upping the ante … this is what this is about: getting a reaction from Muslims and looking for a justifcation to demonise us,” Ali said.

“We are looking to find ways for a positive discussion to come out of this, but no one thinks the planned event is anything but racist,” he said.

The exihibit is set to feature controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders as a speaker. Wilders is known to be vehemently anti-Islam.

Thank you CB Sashekla, M., Richard, and all, More to come but let us all hope nothing more than the usual.

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  1. 1 and 6 are both part of the left trying to censor everyone that disagrees with them, the LSM is helping them in this effort.

    2 – The islamists have been wanting to destroy the ancient Egyptian sites for a long time but didn’t really have the technology to achieve their goal. They did try, the main damage to the face of the Sphinx was done by Turkish artillery, yes some of Napoleons troops did the same thing but the big damage was done long before the French invaded.

  2. 4 – Banning the title of “Islamic State” means nothing to Muslims (napalm be upon them all). They call it the “Khilafa” (Caliphate). Islam is nothing more than a primitive welfare state for muslimes built on the backs of all of us “kuffar” (anti-muslims who reject Islamic bullshit) and the leftists (dhimmis that submit to Moooooohammad’s [radioactive piss be upon him] alter ego Alluh).

  3. 6. Those who practice resentment to its fullest manifestation, are new creatures, and the most offended and the most venomous.

    Islam is the soft front of Mohammedanism (the fear of women) as Socialism is the window to Communism (the fear of men). Their cultures exclude the natural voices of mothers and fathers. They are anti-success, destructive and envious, loving death more than they love life. Inventing paradises in Heaven or on Earth as their forced-submissive’s only offer of salvation into the next life.

    In their bitter worlds the same-genders become polarized into super-fem or hyper-masculine, Then in Pride they attempt to copulate and mate with one another, where babies are there for the taking.

    A human being may never never be able to, let alone permitted, to think clearly again.

      • Hi Yucki,

        Stalin and Mao had childhood experiences of patriachy violently abusing mothers. So like Obama is dismantling colonianism, they dismantled and inverted equality to propagate the assurance that we are all better off with female dominance. Both men unfaithful husbands but faithful open-partners screwing multiple women like mommy’s boys. They had rejected their fathers, fatherhood and their own ancestry, to begin a new world at Ground Zero like being born inside the matriarchy of a Pride of Lions where the sperm-bearer is inconsequential. The denial of the mind of Man.

        This is the why Occupy Wall Street and Left Wing organizations contain no men, just pony-tailed fe-men from such schooled backgrounds.

        Yet, Hitler too was abused by a violent father, but his trauma turned him to become violent towards women as well. He was imprinted by his father’s fear of women getting power. As was Muhammad afraid when having had to marry his boss nearly twice his age as her toyboy so that when she died, Aisha was his revenge to catch up for the all the youth sucked out of him – and resulted in his cruel treatment of them and perverse behavior of dressing up in women’s clothes. To fantacise in replacing her identity. The denial of the mind of Women.

        International Socialism has nothing but the voice of the Motherland… and National Socialism nothing but the voice of the Fatherland. The same gendering of their Gods as well.

        This is why these utopias fail as half-brained and half-balony and to sustain them from bankruptcy they have to steal from those within and around them destroying man, woman and child.

        If we can use our gift to perceive the single and the infinite then we won’t be blindsided and sold to our vanity. Resentment has propelled our narcissists to power.

  4. TURKEY – ISTANBUL Turks protesting against China attack Koreans ‘by mistake’

    Turkish nationalists protesting China’s treatment of ethnic Uighur Muslims attacked a group of Korean tourists in the heart of Istanbul’s old city on Saturday, mistaking them for Chinese nationals.

    Hundreds of angry protesters marched towards the Topkapi Palace on the banks of the Bosphorus Strait in a show of solidarity with the Turkic Uighurs, who complain of cultural and religious suppression under Chinese rule.

    Shouting “Allahu Akbar” (God is the Greatest), they attacked some Koreans outside the Topkapi Palace, which is visited by thousands of tourists every day.

    The tourists were rescued by riot police, who fired tear gas to disperse the attackers, members of the notorious far-right Grey Wolves closely affiliated with Nationalist Movement Party (MHP).

    Video footage by Dogan news agency showed a distraught Korean tourist telling reporters: “I’m not Chinese, I’m Korean.”

    The incident came amid a row between Ankara and Beijing over Turkish media reports of restrictions on Muslim Uighurs worshipping and fasting during the holy month of Ramadan.

    Turkey this week summoned the Chinese ambassador to convey its concern over the alleged restrictions. Beijing in turn denied the allegations and demanded that Turkey clarify its statements.

    A total of 173 Uighurs arrived in Turkey from Thailand on Tuesday where they were being held after fleeing China. Beijing expressed displeasure with Turkey on Friday for accepting the group.

    Over the last week hundreds of Turkish nationalists across the country have demonstrated to protest China’s alleged Ramadan bans.

    A popular Chinese restaurant in Istanbul was attacked on Wednesday and had its windows smashed by a group protesters who did not realise it was Turkish-owned and that its chef was an ethnic Uighur.

    A predominantly Muslim country, Turkey shares linguistic and religious links with the Uighur community, which has several associations here.

  5. Missing UK family ‘safer than ever with Islamic State’ (BBC, July 4, 2015)

    “A UK family of 12 who went missing have joined so-called Islamic State and feel “safer than ever”, according to a statement said to be on their behalf. The statement, purportedly sent by a British member of IS, said it was “outrageous” to suggest the Mannan family from Luton had been kidnapped and forced to join the group. The BBC has not been able to verify if the statement is genuine….”

  6. Eurotunnel increases security over migrant activity (BBC, July 4, 2015)

    “Eurotunnel says it is preparing for a “difficult night” and has increased security after 150 migrants tried to storm the Calais terminal. Services were disrupted after migrants accessed restricted areas on Saturday.

    Keith Vaz, chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee said the EU must tackle the “problems of people arriving in the EU itself”. Calais’s deputy mayor, Philippe Mignonet, wants the UK to introduce ID cards and employment controls.

    Freight services are also delayed, Eurotunnel said, and freight lorries queued on the M20 in Kent for the second time this week. Mr Vaz, who met Mr Mignonet in Calais to discuss the problem, said a solution to the migrant issue must be collaborative….”

  7. Bombings Kill 19 People in and Around Baghdad (abcnews, July 4, 2015)

    “A series of attacks, mainly car bombs, in Iraq killed at least 19 people and wounded dozens on Saturday, authorities said.

    Police officials said the deadliest attack occurred Saturday night when a car bomb exploded on a commercial street in Baghdad’s western neighborhood of Amil, killing nine people and wounding 24 others. Several shops and cars were damaged.

    Earlier, police said a car bomb blast near a bus stop killed three people and wounded 15 in southern Baghdad. A bomb explosion near an outdoor market killed three people in Mhamoudiya town, just south of Baghdad.

    Another car bomb went off near a row of restaurants in the Shiite town of Balad Ruz, killing four and wounding 14. Balad Ruz is 70 kilometers (45 miles) northeast of Baghdad.

    Hospital officials confirmed the casualties from all the attacks. All officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to talk to reporters….”

  8. McCain: US Must Reassess Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal (abcnews, July 4, 2015)

    “The ongoing Taliban offensive in Afghanistan demands a reassessment of the Obama administration’s current plan to drawdown U.S. forces, U.S. Sen. John McCain said Saturday during a visit to the country’s capital.

    The Republican told reporters that Afghan national forces are fighting bravely, but suffering heavy losses in the field.

    American and international troops have already stopped playing a combat role, remaining as trainers for local forces. The international numbers will be reduced further at the end of 2016. But McCain said reductions should be based on conditions on the ground.

    “With the rise of ISIS and the distinct fighting season that is marked this year, the threat environment continues to evolve in ways that clearly, in my view, demands a reassessment of the administration’s current calendar-driven drawdown of U.S. forces with a plan that must be based on conditions on the ground,” McCain said….”

  9. Following Hitlers footsteps… Fools…

    Neo-Nazis Rally in London, Outnumbered by Rivals (abcnews, July 4, 2015)

    “A small group of neo-Nazis have staged an anti-Semitic rally in London, but were hugely outnumbered by counter-demonstrators.

    About 20 far-right activists protested in central London against Shomrim, a Jewish neighborhood watch group. They had planned to rally in north London’s Golders Green area, home to a large Jewish community, but police decided to move them because of the disorder that could ensue.

    The group, WAVING PALESTINIAN and Confederate FLAGs, stood surrounded by police in a fenced-in area near Downing Street on Saturday. A counter-demonstration drew more than 100 people, who chanted “Nazis off our streets” nearby.

    Police said they could not ban a static demonstration and have a duty to safeguard the right to protest.”

  10. #4 UK: Politicians Urge Ban on the Term “Islamic State”

    seems quite ironic. Imagine had the British refused to recognize and react to the rebellion of 1776. This day in history, July 4, 1776/2015 is commemorated in the United States for the Declaration of Independence which officially kicked off the American Revolution.

      • Find a copy of the movie 1776, with the exception of the singing it is the most accurate account of how the Declaration of Independence pass that I have seen in movies. The only line in the move when Adams scratches out the slavery clause and tells South Carolina “you have your precious slavery little good may it do you”, what he really said was “you have your precious slavery but mark my word within 100 years it will tear this nation apart”. The authors of the play changed it because they didn’t think anyone would believe that the line wasn’t fake.

  11. *Afghanistan: Men throw acid into girls’ faces ‘for going to school’ (CNN, July 4, 2015):*

    “Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN)Attackers on a motorbike threw acid in the faces of three teenage girls on their way to school in Afghanistan’s western Herat province on Saturday, an official told CNN.

    The girls, age 16 to 18, are students at one of the biggest girls’ schools in Herat city, the provincial capital, said Aziz-ul-Rahman Sarwary, head of the education department for the province.

    All three girls were admitted to Noor hospital in Herat city before their parents took them elsewhere, said hospital head Jamal Abdul Naser Akhundzada. Two of the girls were in critical condition after the acid was thrown in their faces, he said.

    Akhundzada quoted the girls as saying that their assailants were two men on a motorbike.

    “This is the punishment for going to school,” the men told the girls after pouring the acid on them, according to Akhundzada.

    Abdul Rauf Ahmadi, a spokesman for the provincial police chief, said police were working very hard to find the attackers.”

  12. Czech tourists robbed and killed in Albanian mountains (reuters, July 4, 2015)

    “Two Czech tourists were shot on an Albanian mountain road on Friday, and the killers rolled their car down a ravine to portray the deaths as an accident, police and eyewitness reports said on Saturday.

    Michael Savos, 27, and Anna Kosinova, 36, were gunned down as they took a turn to a tent camp in the Alpine area of Theth, a favourite haunt of Czech tourists despite the disappearance there of three youths in 2001.

    A police spokesman said they had found an automatic weapon inside the car, and an ammunition magazine and two bullet casings nearby. “One of the attackers might have been travelling with the victims,” a police spokesman said. Reports said the killers stole the tourists’ possessions….”

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