Leftist absurdities and islamic atrocities. SNAFU: Links 1 for June 29 – 2015

1. If thine eye offends thee, hire a Mexican to look at it for thee. (But dress him like thyself first)

(There is no monopoly on religious and logical absurdities. Just a clear winner)

2. Fires and suspect bomb in new Malmö unrest

Stock photo of Swedish bomb robot

Fresh violence erupted in Malmö in southern Sweden overnight, with several cars set on fire and suspected explosives found in a grocery store.

Police were called to the shop in Lindängen in the south of the city just before 1am.

Bomb technicians analysed what police described as a jar-like object, believed to contain explosives.

But Kim Hild, a press officer for the TT news agency said on Monday morning that following their investigation, “nothing suggests it was explosive”.

The suspect bomb was discovered following a new wave of unrest in the city’s suburbs, in a month already punctuated by several large fights, shootings and explosions.

(Yesterday in the same city, Malmoe, 15 or 20 classical liberals came to protest the horror islam brings to Western nations and they were met by multiple thousands of leftists screaming and booing at them. I wonder where they are on today’s attack?)

3. Nuke talks to miss target; Iran foreign minister heads home

(Iran has pulled the exact same stunt on at least 2 and possibly 3 administrations now. The fact that they fall for it every time suggests that US leaders are exceedingly stupid, they don’t really care, or there is another agenda at work or all three)

4. Alleged Canadian Hussein Bassam Abdallah pleads guilty to numerous charges associated with alleged Religion of Peace

(Why successive Canadian governments continue to cheapen Canadian citizenship remains a mystery. Unless its about gratitude votes and they will go to the person most likely to facilitate sharia anyway)

5. CCTV installed at mosques in Saudi and Bahrain

(Could it be that the Saudis and Bahranians are faster learners than Canada and the US, the UK, and frankly everywhere else save possibly Egypt?)

6.”Liberty in the fin de civilisation west means sexual liberty and nothing else” – Mark Steyn

7. And on a related note, a sociology essay (in effect) on why the end of straight marriage means the kind of social chaos we are actually watching on TV

8. Israeli PM tells some blunt and unfashionable truths about the now intercepted flotilla bound for Gaza

(Yiddish is the prime language for sarcasm and insults. So its no surprise Netanyahu did both so well)

9. According to an Al Jazeera poll, over 80% of respondents support the Islamic State

Thank you Maria J., M. Liberty Dk and all who sent in materials. This week may be interesting. It is Canada day and US independence day (although one might question its independence at this juncture in time)

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